The value represents the local department administrator domain global group that has administrative control of the station. Prior to installation, an administrator could set the backup variable equal to YES on the setupenv. Some variables are dependent upon other variable values, which requires them to be out of alphabetical order. There is a common location for all configuration scripts, and the script for a particular application is installed there with the application. Year issues will ultimately require some of these systems to be replaced in the calendar year. Using the detect option with other network cards will cause the install process to fail during the boot disk phase.

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It allowed the full range of boot disk options on the same floppy, by changing the boot method, using method.

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However, faculty, staff, or anyone who wants an in-depth understanding of the rapid and automated NT installation method developed at LSAIT will find this document a valuable resource.

Release 2 now uses an extensive set of environment variables for its setup. If true, once the boot disk makes a network connection and drive mapping, the backup script menu will be executed. Faculty that want to maintain data on their local computers should purchase an additional hard drive. Most of the files were relocated to the new RAM drive. When Windows is released NT 5. Prior to installing application packages, the base NTFS file permissions are modified. These areas are hardware drivers, research and scientific computing applications, and laptop support.


This configuration will not work well for CPU wk applications such as statistical or mathematical computing. It contains the path used by both options.

The end users rely on the network staff to deliver all their applications, with the operating system. All necessary administration for the database is managed through a web browser, which makes the management simple.

This configuration also introduced an unintended element of fault tolerance: LSAIT also sought to eliminate all overt configuration of applications by the user—applications should 3c589e-tp work when started. Using Network printer or locally attached printer.

Faculty can install NT and applications themselves. This variable is used to 3c589e-tp the long file name of the Source Path folder for NT files. For this reason, the main script checks to see if the user is logged into the domain.

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This 3c5889d-tp is dependent upon other variables, it must be set after the other variables. Each effects a different portion of the Windows component installation options. The process involved in creating a new package is fairly easy.

The sum is then added to the local Power Users group of the computer, in the Phase 6 SetPermission4 section. A staff or faculty user should always contact the CSG to determine if an NT reinstallation is necessary.


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Support information is displayed to the console as well. The NT install process uses these two means primarily, to achieve the required goals of automating the install process and customizing the desktop configuration. The value is used to set the working DOS path.

Use the CD Key for the Organization. This source server is separate from the actual NT Installation source server. The sum is then added to the local Administrators group of the computer, when in Phase 6 SetPermission1 section. To build a computer without any Core Applications, set this value to NO. BAT files, a custom script, used to modify the default help desk options.

The web disk method is the easiest to use, and the default boot method. The NT install process uses a few environment variables that contain the source path information.

This device driver will detect most IDE drives automatically. This variable will be used on a command line, as part of a UNC path, so the backslash is needed. Enable office applications to transfer data to each other.