About a boy will and fiona relationship problems

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about a boy will and fiona relationship problems

David Walton talks ABOUT A BOY, how the season finale "goes for the jugular", why having Will and Fiona get together would ruin the show, and more. so fresh in his memory that he has no problem relating to his character, why he thinks romance between Will There's an evolution of the relationships. Will Freeman is one of the main characters in the series, About a Boy. is scared of commitment, which causes him to run when relationships get too serious. .. When Fiona told Marcus to call her if he will have any problems on the party, Will . About A Boy Key Quotes Fiona and her relationship with Marcus Shows how Fiona views herself and how Marcus can't quite understand how Marcus and Fiona aren't very close and how oblivious Fiona is to his problems at school.

Will About a Boy 's Will and Fiona soon join the ranks? I'm like, 'Sorry, dude," star David Walton told reporters at a recent screening.

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Should they or shouldn't they? Laidback, lonely and slightly cynical male who intends to spend his entire life alone meets high-strung, eternally optimistic female whose life seems to be completely defined by her deep attachment to her year-old son.

Man falls in love with boy, then man falls in love with female and the rest is history? However, instead of going the normal sitcom route and forcing these two to find common ground, so far Will and Fiona Minnie Driver have agreed to disagree on subjects ranging from her son Marcus' changing feelings towards the opposite sex to his changing read: The will-they-or-won't-they thing may be in there, but I think what's going to be cool about it is it will be this weird family forming.

No, my irresponsible phase is so fresh in my memory that I truly have zero problem relating.

about a boy will and fiona relationship problems

A lot of improv gets in. As the series goes on, you start to know your character as good as anyone. With a show like this, people immediately begin to wonder whether the two leads with get together. Where do you fall on that, especially when the idea of it tends to be better than the actual reality of it?

about a boy will and fiona relationship problems

I think it would ruin the show. It would just be this family that would be Will and Fiona, as parents of this boy. It would be a modern family, in a way. You would accept that he loves this kid as much as a dad does. I do know, however, that in the season finale, and as we get closer to the season finale, there are some touching moments between us where we start to realize our shared love of this kid, that are really touching. He really has this magic thing. You could give him a different language.

Fiona's solution was to turn to his friend, Gus, out of anger.

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It wasn't the best start for a relationship and that should have been a sign that it wouldn't work out. Fiona and Gus did hit it off, at least well enough to get married after only dating for a week. In a way, Gus and Davis represented the two types of men in Fiona's life. Gus was the single good guy, while Davis was the taken, but didn't care bad boy. However, maybe it would have been better if they had only dated — or dated for longer than a week, at least. Their time together before they got married was so brief that the chances of their relationship lasting were minimal.

about a boy will and fiona relationship problems

Fiona and Gus' relationship began after she found out the guy she'd been into had a girlfriend, which was already a mark against them. They barely knew each other when they decided to get married.

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It was a whirlwind romance, and with Fiona's history, viewers knew it wasn't going to last. After all, her family was very important to her in the early seasons of the series. Plus, by marrying Fiona, Gus had become a member of that family. However, that wasn't what happened. It didn't help that no one really knew who Gus was — nor did he know much about Fiona's family.

Fiona knew that she rushed into her marriage, and as tends to happen with the Gallaghers and those around them, chaos reigned at the same time.

When he showed up, it was only a matter of time before something happened between the two of them.

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Even when Fiona was married, that was true. Fiona and Gus had a whirlwind relationship and marriage. Gus didn't stand a chance. So, they were legally married for about a season while separated.

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Considering one of the reasons why Fiona and Gus' relationship fell apart was that she was unfaithful, this shouldn't have been surprising. In season 8, Fiona briefly decided to try out a dating app service in order to help her meet men.

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While that ultimately didn't work out — she wanted something real — it wasn't the worst decision Fiona made. However, that was actually the problem. That was how Fiona and Ford started, after all, and they only fell apart when she found out he was hiding a family from her.

He told her that she deserved better and he'd cleaned up his act.