Barry allen and iris west relationship memes

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See more ideas about Iris west allen, Flash arrow and Snowbarry. Allen and Iris West-Allen · Barry and Iris are legit one of my favorite TV relationships EVER. In honor of the WestAllen wedding, I give you a full analysis of Barry and Iris' developing relationship during Season 1, in relation to her. 17 Reasons Barry And Iris From "The Flash" Are The Best Couple On TV. In every timeline. Posted on October 22, , at p.m.. Hopefully Hope.

But what would happen if Barry tried to pull the same thing on her? An anonymous internet comedian gave us a pretty good idea of how Iris would react to Barry assuming her identity. Felicity went to ask Ray if she can borrow his jet.

barry allen and iris west relationship memes

And even though, technically speaking, he broke up with her, it was Felicity who chose Oliver over him a long time ago. Barry Allen is far from being perfect. Oliver Queen now, but before she settled down, she sure got around pretty well for an awkward computer nerd. Before getting together with Oliver, Felicity kissed Barry and almost started dating him.

Obviously, the blonde hacker has a thing for heroes.

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As a matter of fact, Sara and Felicity had some pretty cute moments together. We got this covered. Upon finding out that said fern died, she throws a tantrum accusing McConaughey of killing their love by letting the love fern die. In season three, Felicity bought Oliver a fern, possibly as a symbol of their love. Could it be that the entire Olicity breakup was about Oliver not watering a stupid plant and had nothing to do with William?

From the very beginning, it was clear that this show would rely on romance subplots and love triangles perhaps more than is needed in a show about superheroes.

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One of the love triangles we were introduced to in season one involved Oliver, Laurel and Tommy. While Oliver was surviving his five years in hell, his best friend had taken an interest in his ex-girlfriend.

The following episodes cover some brief awkwardness between Barry and Iris. Iris takes a moment too long to respond to this proclamation. Eventually, however, it all works out and it seems like smooth sailing for both couples from this point on.

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This brings us to the next major turning point: The beginning of this episode sees Barry and Linda, and Iris and Eddie, accidentally meeting up at the bowling alley and deciding to make it a spontaneous double date.

Over the course of this date, both Eddie and Linda are left off-center and off-guard by how close Barry and Iris are, especially concerning the lack of sense regarding to personal space. Things take a turn when Mark Mardon, aka Weather Wizard, arrives and starts wreaking havoc. He brutally injures David Singh and kidnaps Joe, then threatens Iris, telling her to arrive at the coast alone — where, unbeknownst to her, he will kill her via a massive tidal wave that will destroy most of Central City.

Earlier in the episode, Iris professed that she did not believe that Linda Park was the right girl for Barry — now, she admits that she believes that the right girl is actually her.

Barry admits that he never stopped thinking about her, and they kiss, before Barry reveals his identity as the Flash to her and tries to stop the tidal wave, inadvertently traveling back in time to the day before in the process.

barry allen and iris west relationship memes

However, when he tries to make a move on Iris, she rejects him — due to the absence of a sufficient trigger, Iris is still unwilling to acknowledge the confusing feelings she has for Barry. Worse, this garners Barry the ire of Eddie, who punches him at a crime scene for hitting on his girlfriend.

The episode starts off with Barry learning that in the future, Iris will marry him. This causes tension between the partners throughout the episode. Eddie asks Barry to convince Joe to change his mind, and when the tension becomes too much, Barry demands an explanation from his foster father.

barry allen and iris west relationship memes

Joe reveals that he refused to give Eddie his blessing because he believes Eddie and Iris are not meant to be. After the titular trap fails, the episode ends with the Reverse-Flash kidnapping Eddie and Iris finally learning that Barry is the Flash. Thanks to his time traveling trip, Barry is aware that Iris feels something for him, and asks her the truth of her feelings, of which Iris refuses to answer. Elsewhere, Eddie Thawne is under the captivity of his descendant Eobard Thawne. Eobard, in a bout of cruelty, shuts up his ancestor by revealing that Barry, and not Eddie, marries Iris.

Iris is devastated and confused; earlier, she had found the ring Eddie was carrying. Since the very beginning, Barry has always been a part of their relationship, and when it comes down to it, Iris loves Barry more than she loves him.

Eddie just thought he could love her enough to change that. Iris still protests this decision, but accepts it nonetheless. After a brief talk with Professor Stein regarding his presence in the current events — particularly that it was all a coincidence that Eddie is even here and now, Eddie decides to talk with Iris. Iris and Eddie become a couple again and get engaged.

It is not meant to be. After Barry refuses to change the past and returns to the present, Eobard Thawne attempts to kill him and plans to kill everyone Barry cares about.

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With his dying breath, he admits to Iris that all he ever wanted to be was her hero. The problem is, while she loved Eddie, she was in love with Barry Allen. But again — coincidence. That same night, the Particle Accelerator Explosion happened, and Barry would go into a coma that would last nine months. The incident would devastate Iris. Barry was her closest friend and one of the few constants in her life. The loss of such a significant figure weighed on her heavily, leaving her emotionally vulnerable.

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Iris and Joe would spend months visiting Barry during his unconsciousness — unfortunately, however, Joe is still a senior detective at CCPD. His time was limited. And Iris, grateful for such charity, tried to repay his kindness with some coffee. And tellingly, it was as a romantic partner. Barry is in love with Iris, will always be in love with Iris, and resents Eddie as a result.

Instead of becoming a scientist like Cisco and Caitlin and revolutionizing the world, Barry became a CSI at a city precinct.