Berserk guts and griffith relationship quizzes

Berserk we finally got there

berserk guts and griffith relationship quizzes

Berserk is the masterpiece manga of Kentaro Miura. Quiz covers first 6 volumes. The relationship between Griffith and Guts is probably the most important. Public Anime Lists · Surveys · Contests & Giveaways When it comes to calling Griffith the perfect villain, I'm not here to justify the inexcusable Spoiler warning for all three anime adaptations of Berserk as well as the events .. to reflect all the raw, beautiful, and terrifying aspects of human relationships. By the time Griffith stands on a hill and tells Guts of the injustice of political power and material luxury . So here it is, the unofficial Berserk Competence Quiz. The relationship between Flora and the Skull Knight can best be described as.

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Examples include the more ambient sequences of Guts gaging at the stars in isolation after being victorious in a long battle which intricately exemplifies a symbolic and metaphorical representation of the main protagonist's inner turmoil of existential crisis or alternatively, one of my favourite scenes in Manga history; Griffith's reunion with Guts after enduring a year of torture indirectly at the hands of his 'friend'.

There is an incredibly poignant and subtle gesture before they hug where Griffith attempts to choke Guts at first glance; a small action that chillingly and profoundly accentuates their relationship in exquisitely reoccurring parallelism.

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This is also where the obtrusively ostentatious aspects of Miura's writing appears. Berserk glorifies itself with over-the-top violence and intense imagery to muster up threads of drama that are lazily linked together.

berserk guts and griffith relationship quizzes

I understand that this is meant to be a tragedy, reminiscent of many Shakespearean works but unlike Shakespeare, Miura doesn't understand what makes a tragic narrative work; there is no sense of logic or cognition intrinsically correlated to any circumstantial event.

For example, it was implied that Griffith gave Guts purpose and was the reason why he ultimately decided to leave the Band of Hawks which consequently was the catalyst to every catastrophe that occurred but we never got an understanding of why Griffith was specifically crucial to Guts' ideology. Was it because of Griffith's redefinition of friendship out of mutual respect? Was it because Guts idolised Griffith? Couldn't be the former because that contradicts everything Guts aspired to be independent, honourable, tenacious etc and it couldn't be the latter because Guts wanted to be on equal terms with Griffith.

It's just moronically written nonsense. Also, why couldn't we explore any dynamic character interactions between Guts and the Hawks besides his forced romance with Caska if the climax of Guts' character arc was his betrayal of the Hawks in order to "find his own path"? There's also the suggestion that Griffith had sexual desires for Guts with no explanation during his sex scene with Charlotte.

berserk guts and griffith relationship quizzes

Once again, an example of pretentiously implemented adult subtext. Guts is assuaging his desire to go back and fix his mistakes by replacing Griffith with Casca and refusing to leave her. This chapter draws a very direct sexual connection between Guts and Griffith through Casca as a bridge.

Berserk, Vol. 4 by Kentaro Miura

By raping the woman Femto raped, Guts can get closer to him. And it is, of course, not the first time the manga has done this.

I feel like the stare the fucking stare omg speaks for itself. Ultimately my main takeaway here is that Berserk would be about x less fucked up and offensive if Guts and Griffith just cut out the middlewoman and fucked each other.

So what about pre-Eclipse? Does the same principle hold true then, back when Casca was an actual character and not just a plot device and projection screen for Guts?

Guts Kills Griffith's Torturer

And I would argue that it does. Their first emotionally intimate scene together, when they finally stop hating each other and start to bond as friends, is when Casca tells Guts her backstory, which happens to be almost entirely about Griffith.

Berserk, Vol. 4

Finally, right before Guts leaves, Judeau introduces him to the concept of hooking up with Casca. During the course of this conversation Guts does a kind of There are three possible explanations for this behaviour: Guts just wants to be a good bro and help his friends be happy together. Guts is sublimating his unconscious desire for Casca into trying to hook her up with Griffith. Guts is sublimating his unconscious desire for Griffith into trying to hook him up with Casca.

And, just to throw something out there, once we establish that Berserk has subtextual, repressed sexual desire in this love triangle it only adds more validation to the other combinations. Even if we are genuinely meant to read Guts as unknowingly attracted to Casca, it puts unknowing attraction on the table.

berserk guts and griffith relationship quizzes

Who else might he be unknowingly attracted to? Casca also apparently took some time to recognize her feelings for Griffith as potentially romantic. But lol I digress. After Promrose, that fades away because Guts no longer views Griffith as reachable, rather, he puts him on a pedestal. This is when Guts starts pushing them together.

berserk guts and griffith relationship quizzes

Feels like repression at work to me. After that, it's up to you. There's some really strong material after the eclipse, so it's not really an issue of quality. Heck, some of the best character don't show up until after the Eclipse. The issue is that there's a very real possibility that Berserk will not be finished.

berserk guts and griffith relationship quizzes

If it is finished, it will probably take many years to get there. The author clearly doesn't want to work on this anymore. The spark is gone, I think. He barely produces content. He wrote an entire short story about a younger version of his main character.

He put Berserk on Hiatus so that he could work on an unrelated mini series. These things indicate to me that he's trying to get that old inspiration back. Imagine getting one chapter of Game of Thrones a year. That's basically what it's like to read Berserk.