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Make Up · Eric Calleigh kiss Ncis, Movie Tv, Miami, Make Up A CSI Miami meme I came up with while attending a lecture on fossil sea urchins. Kelly Zainer. Emily Procter (Calleigh Duquesne) and Adam Rodriguez (Eric Delko) were left wondering if this means the end of their romantic relationship. Nov 1, CSI Miami: Eric Delko flirting with Calleigh Duquesne. --The very first Make Up · Eric Calleigh kiss Ncis, Movie Tv, Miami, Make Up .. Horatio Csi Miami Meme, Cop Show, Ncis, Favorite Tv Shows, David Caruso · Csi Miami .

No midnight tiptoe, a hug between friends and the season ends. Season 2 — again with the flirting, but it backs off a little when Hagen comes into the picture. Season 4 — Hagen kills himself, Peter betrays Calleigh, and she who shall remain nameless attempts to con Eric into parenthood. Season 5 — bring back the flirting, Eric almost dies, he figures out he has feelings for Calleigh…and Jake comes back.

Are Things Over Between Eric & Calleigh?

Season 8 — After failed contract negotiations, Adam Rodriguez leaves the show. Season 9 — YAY! Eric is back full time. Calleigh loves him like family….

Season 10 — The cold shoulder treatment continues, but slowly fades. A little bit of flirtyness comes between them. Calleigh falls in love with the North children, she adopts them. Eric offers to help her out, she decides its not a good idea. He says we are family…. Season 11 — still being determined in other family-related news, Calleigh Emily Procter will finalize her plans to adopt.

And once again…utter disappointment | The Eric & Calleigh project

Ryan watched Lindsay walk away and took a deep breath. That was some kind of woman. Eric Delko "You can see him now," Calleigh said. There was a slight waver in her voice as she spoke the words, and Ryan knew that she was on the verge of tears. He didn't want to ask, he should stop himself, he should— "Is he, you know, how—" "The bullet's still lodged in his temporal lobe.

There might be brain damage. We won't know until he wakes up. You need to be there," Calleigh replied softly. Almost as if no time had passed, and later Ryan would have no recollection of the walk from Calleigh to Delko's hospital room, he stood next to Eric's bed. The bandage that was circled around his temple was an all too unfriendly reminded to Ryan of how close Delko had come to death.

Of how close he had come to losing his friend. And it surprised Ryan that he had come to see Delko as his friend, because there were so many times when something had come between them. Speedle, who was constantly in the way, even as a dead man. Natalia and Calleigh and even, Ryan had to admit, his own penchant for saying too much when he shouldn't say anything. But Delko was always there, this one constant in his life, and who was he to question it?

As Ryan couldn't stay here. He just couldn't, and he felt weak for it. He turned and started to walk out of the room, but then he stopped and turned back quickly, if only for a moment. He stood silently for a moment with his arms crossed across his chest. He couldn't believe that Natalia hadn't seen him when she was turning the corner — the walls were made of glass, for God's sake.

And that coffee was really hot. And this was his favorite shirt. And I always thought that you didn't believe in that sorta thing. He found it attractive, in a strange sort of way— He shifted uncomfortably. Calleigh came around the bench that divided the lockers into two rows and stood in front of him. As she examined the damage, Ryan really wished that he hadn't said anything at all. Being alone with Calleigh made him nervous in the worst sort of way. And then, honestly, he had the nerve to ask me into his place.

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