Chad and sudan relationship

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chad and sudan relationship

Following the June decision of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates and Egypt to cut ties with Qatar, many more countries. Chad and Sudan say they are resuming diplomatic ties, broken when Chad accused Sudan of backing rebels. The populations of eastern Chad and western Sudan established social and religious ties long before either nation's independence, and these remained strong.

chad and sudan relationship

However, there is limited progress and the prospects for this year are very bleak," says Wolfe. Many analysts say the Darfur conflict and rebellions in eastern and southern Chad have weakened the authoritarian Deby government. Some Chadian rebels want to overthrow the president and return the country to democratic rule, while others want a greater share of the nation's oil wealth.

chad and sudan relationship

Deby has also been criticized for not doing more to support Darfuri rebels belonging to his own influential Zaghawa tribe. Yale University's William Foltz says the Zaghawa reside on both sides of the border and are politically and militarily important to Chad.

Chad–Sudan relations

But he took the additional name of "Itno" - - an important Zaghawa name - - so he is emphasizing his Zaghawaness. But here the blood ties come to play, so that you have Sudanese Zaghawa rebelling against the Sudanese government and bringing in their brothers and cousins from Chad to help them out in their battle," says Foltz.

Last August, Chad severed diplomatic ties after accusing Sudan of backing a rebel attack on N'Djamena that killed hundreds of people. Sudan denied the charges and relations quickly returned to normal after the two sides signed an agreement promising non-interference in each other's affairs. More recently, Khartoum and the Darfur rebel groups agreed to a day ceasefire to allow for a peace conference aimed at resolving the conflict.

chad and sudan relationship

Some analysts say resolving the Darfur crisis would help diffuse tensions between Chad and Sudan and in the region as a whole. Even though that statement is not entirely true, that idea certainly needs to be analyzed.

Knowing and understanding the nature and the impact of the Sudan-Chad relationship on the conflict can be a great step to peace.

Chad - Relations with Nigeria and Sudan

Throughout the years, their relationship has mostly been cordial, but the current Darfur conflict has changed that relationship for the worse. To understand the now tumultuous relationship, it is important to examine the link between Darfur and Chad. Because colonialism focused on Eurpean interests, it did not take into account the numerous ethnic groups when dividing up Africa.

Some ethnic groups were divided by the Chad-Sudan border. Beginning of Tensions In Septemberthe Janjaweed began to intrude into eastern Chad and attack local populations as it tried to follow the Darfurian population that fled to Chad.

The attacks multiplied, soon becoming common. The breadth of the attacks ranged from stealing cattle and food to massacring and burning down entire villages.

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Omar al-Bashir claimed that his country is not involved in the interior affairs of Chad and that Chad was guilty of helping the Darfuri rebels. The Tripoli Agreement was sponsored by Libya and signed by Col. For more information on the agreement, click here.

Lol's perceived status as a Nigerian puppet contributed to mounting opposition during his short term as president in The two nations forged stronger ties during the s.

Hoping to benefit commercially and diplomatically by expanding regional trade relations, Nigeria replaced France as Chad's major source of export revenues. Bilateral trade agreements involved Chadian exports of livestock, dried fish, and chemicals and imports of Nigerian foodstuffs and manufactured goods.

chad and sudan relationship

Both governments also recognized the potential value of the large informal trade sector across their borders, which neither country regulated. In addition, Nigerian industry and commerce employed several thousand Chadians workers.

chad and sudan relationship

Chad's relationship with Nigeria was not without its strains, however. Beginning in the late s, clashes occurred around Lake Chad, where both countries hoped to exploit oil reserves. Both also sought to defuse these confrontations, first by establishing joint patrols and a commission to demarcate the boundary across the lake more clearly. Then in the early s, the low level of Lake Chad brought a series of tiny islands into view, leading to further disputes and disrupting long-standing informal trade networks.

This relationship was also complicated by Nigeria's own instability in the north, generated by rising Islamic fundamentalism.