Chicago fire casey and dawson relationship poems

Chicago Fire's Jesse Spencer on Whether or Not Gabby and Casey Will Make It

chicago fire casey and dawson relationship poems

Jesse Spencer as Matthew Casey (Photo by: Elizabeth Morris/NBC) Jesse Spencer, who talks about the Casey/Dawson relationship, what it's. This relationship takes a turn in the second season after a traumatic case caused Dawson to "accidentally" blame Shay and it sends her At the beginning of the series, Dawson had a huge crush on Matthew Casey. . Memorable Quotes Edit. A Chicago Fire love story based on Matthew Casey and Gabriella Dawson with Gabby starts off being in a relationship with this abusive guy who she has be.

Dawson No regrets by dawseyfan reviews One night. It's one decision after another for Matt and Gabby.

chicago fire casey and dawson relationship poems

Chicago Fire - Rated: Casey] Pathways by Justicerocks reviews While on the road to becoming parents Matt and Gabby receive help from family and friends. My take on the fourth season finale.

But a gang war in a neighborhood could change everything K - English - Chapters: As a politician he is trying to make friends with the people of Chicago. But no politician manages to make no enemies. Can he protect his new family? One-shot based on the end of episode 3 and on the sneak-peeks.

Gabby and Matt wake up together the next morning. Not only are they mending their relationship, but they are also trying to figure out their new future now that there is a baby on the way. Dawsey One-shot Chicago Fire - Rated: Gabby is pregnant with his child.

Gabriela Dawson

What will happen to them? One-Shot about my idea of the Season Premiere. She decides that if Matt is moving on, then she should do the same. She agrees to have a girls' night with Brett, but Gabby then runs into someone from her past.

Someone that she never wanted to see again. Matt wishes that he could take back what happened and be with Gabby again, but is it too late? Has she already moved on? Matt is still missing and the prime suspect in the murder of Katja. Gabby is just waiting for him to come home now there is a baby on the way.

But even if they do find him, how is it going to end. Casey is worried because of the previous experience that they are going to end up with a daughter.

It is definitely a concern. He wants to have children. He wants to start his own family, so it is going to come up again. But he does love her? He can forgive her these things?

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They definitely love each other. It certainly feels like it when I am doing the scene. She is great to work with. She can be very strong but she can be very accessible as well. It is a great mix, being vulnerable to being very strong. I think it is just tension between two personalities and the direction you are meant to be going in the relationship, which is normal.

chicago fire casey and dawson relationship poems

Are they going to make it? I feel like they hold each other in check.

Sometimes Gabby is going to be in danger and sometimes I am going to be in danger. It is part and parcel of the job.

chicago fire casey and dawson relationship poems

It is what they signed up for. It is good because it is a two-way street. Paramedics are out there on the street. That can be dangerous. Firefighting inherently is a dangerous occupation. But they love it.

chicago fire casey and dawson relationship poems

Is it true love? Casey and Severide have a great relationship on screen. What is it like working with Taylor? We work together much better than we probably used to. We are much more of a unit now, having years of experience as actors on this show.