Claire redfield and leon kennedy relationship counseling

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claire redfield and leon kennedy relationship counseling

Explore Holistic healing therapy's board "Resident evil" on Pinterest. Resident Evil 5 - Chris Redfield and Sheva Alomar, to be honest I don't like Sheva. . [ Megapost]Comic Living With Hipster Girl & Gamer Girl Chicos Hipster, Couples. His role in the film is an "in-name-only" incarnation of Chris Redfield, lacking any notable connection to his video game counterpart. As a result. Just stories about the best Resident Evil couple! Leon S. Kennedy and Has all ratings. Don't hesitate to message me about a LeonClaire story you want to add. Also if you want . Friendly Advice by Darkwood reviews. "So. My girlfriend's hot.

Claire was forced to escape from the monster, only to be nearly killed by a giant tentacle. Steve suddenly came to his senses and freed Claire, only to be mortally wounded in the process. As he reverted to his human form, he confessed his love to Claire and died by her side. Though emotionally distraught from what happened to Steve, Claire managed to give Chris instructions for initializing a self-destruct sequence, before eventually reuniting with him.

After Chris killed the mutated form of Alexia once and for all, he attempted to escape with Claire, only to be interrupted by Wesker. She also learned of Wesker taking Steve's corpse with the intention of extracting an intact t-Veronica sample from him, and ended up disgusted alongside Chris with his intention to experiment on the corpse. Once their confrontation was over, Chris and Claire evacuated in a harrier, determined to bring Umbrella down, once and for all.

That little girl will probably have nightmares for the rest of her life because of you! Chris joined the BSAA while Claire returned to Sherry's side to offer emotional support during the daily tests and experiments conducted against her. Eventually, she joined a non-governmental human rights organization called TerraSave.


Seven years after the Raccoon City incident and the Rockfort Island incident, Claire arrives at Harvardville Airport to meet a friend who was part of TerraSave as well. Claire's friend, Aunt Chawla, asks Claire to watch over her niece, Rani Chawla, as Aunt wants to bring the "limo" around front.

Claire and Rani introduce themselves and wait for Aunt to come back. Frederic introduced himself and then leaves. Ron, in disguise, and his bodyguards try to leave the airport until Rani spots him out as "The bad guy we saw on T. As Ron push past the reporters, he spots a man standing around acting like a zombie. Claire takes off the man's mask and he is arrested by the police. The Police Chief asked if Claire was involved with the protest and she responded cautiously, knowing the cop would arrest her too.

The cop then thought he spotted another zombie imposter and went to stop him. It turned out that it was a real zombie, which attacked and killed the cop instantly.

Moments later, Ron's bodyguards were killed as well.

claire redfield and leon kennedy relationship counseling

The airport was in chaos, Claire was trying to get to Rani, who was still in the rest area. She spotted her and ran in her direction until she bumped into Curtis Miller, who seemed rather suspicious. Claire focused her attention on looking for Rani again when she was stopped once again by the senator grabbing her arm and begging for help.

Moments later, a plane crashed through the terminal, and Claire threw herself and the senator to the ground to avoid being hit. The airplane door opened, and zombies started exiting the wrecked plane, leaving Claire another nightmares similar to Raccoon City. Claire sent out a call for rescue, which was received by S. After calling and waiting for help, a sudden scream followed by gunfire gave Claire the knowledge of other survivors. Equipped, ironically, with an umbrella, Claire made her way into the hallways to find the person who screamed.

She eventually came into contact with her old friend, Leon S. The group headed back to the lounge to regroup and think of an escape route.

Leon suggested they head through the lobby, seeming as if it is the widest area. Ron disagrees and protests harshly when Claire agrees with Leon, saying that the zombies are slow and the group can get around them. Ron lets out his frustration on Claire until Leon informed the senator that she was one of the survivors of the Raccoon City incident, giving the reasons why she knew they should believe her advice on the zombies.

The group run through the lobby with Leon, Angela, and Greg killing the surrounding zombies. As the group reaches the end of the lobby, Greg is bitten and tells the group to go on without him. They sheltered themselves on a part of the wrecked plane and debris. The zombies start to surround the group, and more infected appeared from the plane door and attacked the group. Ron decides to leave without them and knocks Rani off the platform and onto the airport floor's with the zombies.

Claire hears a scream and notices Rani is being attacked by zombies. Claire, without a weapon, jumps down to protect Rani. Leon goes to help Claire but is pinned down by a zombie. He throws Claire his gun and she kills all of the attacking zombies in an instant. Claire and Rani then rejoin the rest of the group and make it out of the airport. As Rani reunites with her Aunt, Claire meets back up with the Senator and Frederic Downing, the man she saw earlier in the airport.

As Frederic talks about a vaccination, Claire is convinced that the current outbreak is TerraSave's fault.

Leon comforts Claire and tells her that it isn't her fault. At that time, the vaccine trucks blow up, which makes Leon, Claire and Angela investigate. They meet up with Ron and Frederic and Claire tells them that she thinks Curtis Miller might be the terrorist. Eventually, Claire heads to WilPharma with Frederic. After hearing a conversation between Frederic and Ron, she learns that the G-virus was being researched in the facility, just as Frederic goes to fix the server.

As she is calling Leon, a time bomb was set off, causing a shard of glass to embed itself within her leg, severely affecting her mobility.

Leon finds Claire, and helps her get to an elevator to escape the facility and hands her his backup gun. Instead of leaving, Claire finds the control room and tries to help Leon and Angela escape from Curtis, who has mutated due to a self-injection of the G-virus.

Once Curtis was disposed of, the three survivors met up outside along with Ron. Claire finds out that Frederic was behind the whole incident at the airport.

Angela handcuffs Frederic, and the cops come and take over the rest of the situation. The next day, Leon and Claire meet up with Angela. They told Angela about Frederic's plans and that her brother Curtis was innocent.

With the threat of further bioterrorism outbreaks temporarily subdued, Leon and Claire hope to meet again under more normal circumstances. Leon rushes off to his next mission in a helicopter whilst Claire decides to leave with Rani and Aunt in their vehicle. Suddenly a military group attacked the party and abducts Claire and her co-workers and brings them to an abandoned prison facility located on an island. When Claire came to, she found herself in a prison cell with a cuff monitor attached to her arm.

The cell door housing her opened, and Claire quickly found Moira. Together they explored the Island looking for answers while simultaneously fending off attacks from the horrific, mutated inhabitants lurking in the darkness of the facility. At the same time, the woman in charge of the facility, calling herself the Overseer, watched and communicated with them through the speakers on their cuffs, reciting the works of Franz Kafka and directing them through the island.

They manage to escape from the Afflicted-infested prison and make their way to a communications tower, where Moira sends a distress message to whoever listening from the outside world.

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Claire witnesses the whole surroundings while she was at the top of the radio tower, realizing that they ended up in an isolated island. At some point in their entrapment, the two comes across a young girl named Natalia Korda, who was an attendant in the TerraSave party.

She and Moira heads to the nearby city, hoping to locate any surviving prisoners. Their search lead them to a building named Wossek, where Gabriel Chavez and Pedro Fernandez stay after being ambushed by monsters.

claire redfield and leon kennedy relationship counseling

Gabriel attempts to stealthy attack Claire but is disarmed before he can attack her. Gabriel explains that he, Pedro, Neil Fisher and Edward Thompson were awakened at the forest and Edward ended up being killed. He and Pedro are later separated with Neil during an attack by the Afflicted. The Overseer informs them that they had been injected with a virus beforehand, a virus which mutates its victims through intense fear.

The Terra Save members formulated a plan to escape the island by an abandoned helicopter. Gabriel decides to repair it while Claire and Moira volunteer to look for items required to fix the helicopter.

Alarmed by their attempt to escape, the Overseer sounds a siren, alerting all Afflicted in the vicinity. Pedro, seeing more and more monsters coming after them, can no longer control his fear, eventually mutating into a powerful Afflicted.

Claire is forced to bring down Pedro though he merely falls unconscious. Realizing that the only one who can get them out of the island is Gabriel, the two immediately sets to find him, crossing paths with Natalia along the way. Claire witnesses the helicopter Gabriel repaired before flies to their direction, knowing that they can finally escape the nightmarish island.

claire redfield and leon kennedy relationship counseling

Her feeling of joy was short-lived as she hears the Overseer calling Gabriel a cheater. The helicopter suddenly spins out of control and crashes to a nearby building.

In the confusion, Natalia is abducted by a mysterious man. Following Natalia's trail, they arrive in Kierling, or as the Overseer calls it, "a place where everything comes to an end". Dodging the Overseer's traps, they make it to the tower, where Claire found Neil's guest book with their names in the guest lists. Claire now finds out that Neil is the true perpetrator behind the assault on TerraSave HQ, and that he sold his comrades to the Overseer. They continue searching for Neil, intended to question his motives until they see him through a security camera.

Claire becomes deeply emotional due to her boss' treachery. She later confronted Neil, suffering from the virus' rapid mutation, deliriously begging forgiveness from Lansdale before mutating into the Uroboros Tyrant. Claire manages to defeat the mutated Neil temporarily but is counterattacked by Neil's tentacles. Unable to reach her gun, Moira chooses to overcome her fear of firearms and pick Claire's gun to bring down the Uroboros Tyrant, saving Claire's life. Claire and Moira make their way further into the tower to confront Alex Wesker face to face.

They finally see her in person, behind a glass-covered research room, where Alex claims she will surpass her creator Oswell E. Spencer and her fellow Wesker, Albert, before committing suicide.

Her death triggers the tower's self-destruct sequence, forcing Claire and Moira to immediately flee the scene. Moira is later trapped under the tower's rubble while Claire jumped into the ocean below to escape. Claire later awakens in the stretcher and rushed into a hospital. Still, the next film, Afterlife, changed Claire's hair from Larter's natural blonde to the video game's original red, bringing her more in step with her classic design.

Why is he so beloved? Maybe it's the alliteration in his name. Maybe it's his fondness for oversized magnums.

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Maybe it's his terrible-yet-charming delivery of lines like " You were almost a Jill sandwich. After his turn in the original game, Barry returned sparingly, first for a cameo in the ending of Resident Evil 3, and then in a non-canon appearance in the Mercenaries minigame of Resident Evil 5.

It wasn't until Resident Evil: Revelations 2 that Barry finally returned to the series in a key role. Retribution, the fifth and most boring of the Resident Evil films, Barry made his long-awaited debut, where he was played by Kevin Durand X-Men Origins: In the film, Barry is part of a team which is sent to an underground facility to rescue Alice.

In the end, he sacrifices himself to save his team. However, this being Barry, the coolest guy on the planet, he somehow, through sheer force of will, gets up from being shot numerous times to take down one of his killers before being shot again, this time with finality. He's definitely one of the best parts of the otherwise underwhelming Retribution.

claire redfield and leon kennedy relationship counseling

Despite seemingly being killed by the end of that game, Wesker returned in Code: Veronica, armed with God-like superpowers. In Resident Evil 5, it was revealed that Albert was part of the "Wesker Project," which aimed to produce an unstoppable race of supermen.

Fortunately for the human race, Chris Redfield and his friends put an end to Wesker and his plans for " Complete. For his appearance in the next film, Afterlife, the role was recast; O'Mara was out, and Shawn Roberts was in. Roberts's resume isn't as impressive as O'Mara's, but he's absolutely perfect in the role.

He nails the look and the voice, as well as Wesker's insufferably snooty sense of superiority, his signature trait. Kennedy, who becomes her partner during their brief-but-exciting stay in scenic Raccoon City. A rookie police officer, he reports for duty only to find the entire city in the midst of a zombie apocalypse. As one of Resident Evil's most popular protagonists, hopes were high that Leon would have an important role in the film series.

While actor Johann Urb nailed the look and dreamy hairstyle of Leon, the movie's version of the iconic character ultimately proved to be little more than empty fan service. Despite her steely exterior, she quickly develops a soft spot for Leon. It's gotta be the hair. In Resident Evil 4, she returns, working for Wesker, who had been her boss all along. Or perhaps she had been playing him just much as he thought she was his loyal agent In the games, Ada and Leon are a complimentary pair, each enhancing the other's character, keeping each other, and the player, on their toes.

In the movie, Retribution, Ada appears as -- you guessed it -- a generic member of Barry's squad.