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She'll want to know what you are trying to say, but you don't want to give your position away. If you want to know if she's right for you - match your personalities. Move your body through a series of curves like you would a dance partner across a dance floor and you'll be flirting with the Zone in no time. How to Stretch to Improve Posture. If you spend too many hours sitting in front of a computer or you have a job that requires standing for.

Look at your partner when they look at you and look away when they don'tand you'll be squarely inside the level of eye contact they feel comfortable with. It really is that easy. Mastering Good Eye Contact Of course, there are a few details to take care of. It's ok to instantly match their eye contact on occasion, but in general, you should wait a few seconds before copying them. Wait about one second before looking at them, and about two or three seconds before looking away.

Those numbers are just rough guidelines, of course. Feel free to experiment to find what feels natural for you. The exact timing of your pauses is less important. Also, be aware that eye contact rules change somewhat when you're having an emotional conversation.

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It's sometimes easier to discuss emotional issues when you're not looking at someone, so when people are sharing something very personal or emotional, they will sometimes look away from the person they are speaking to. If that happens, you still need to look at them to show that you care. If your gaze wanders, that communicates that you don't really care about what they're saying, which is bad at any time but especially hurtful when they're sharing something emotional.

Eye Contact Rhythm As you start to practice matching your partner's eye contact, you'll start to develop a sense of how much eye contact feels "natural. If you want to speed that process, there's an easy way to get a better sense of the "rhythm" of eye contact. Just watch some movies and pay attention to the eye contact given between the characters.

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That will help you see what kind of eye contact matching looks natural. Bear in mind that different settings lead to different kinds of eye contact. Two flirting lovers might match eye contact shifts instantly and have more prolonged eye contact, whereas two acquaintances might take several seconds to match each other and look away often.

This is totally ok. All you need is a similar level of eye contact. There's no need to match their eye contact perfectly. If on occasion you feel like looking at them even though they're not looking at you, or you feel like looking away before they do, that's fine. The important thing is that you are "in general" matching what they do. As long as you're in the same ballpark as them, then your eye contact will be fine.

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Lead with your eyes and shoulders and your motorcycle will willingly follow your lead. Body positioning is useful on all types of motorcycles. Try it on whatever motorcycle you ride. There are three levels of body positioning for cornering: The basic body position. This position involves simply leaning your upper body off-center, towards the inside of the turn. Position yourself as if you are kissing your mirror. Keep your inside shoulder low and forward while your eyes look through the curve.

Your butt stays more-or-less centered on the seat. The basic position is easy to do and is not intimidating, making it good for people just learning to hang off.

It is appropriate when riding more aggressively, but is no where near the level of extreme positioning typical of racers. Learning this is quite simple. All you have to do is lean your upper body into the turn while rocking your hips so your inside sit-bone supports most of your weight. Rocking onto your inside butt cheek just before the corner positions your arms perfectly to countersteer with your inside arm and shoulder pressuring on the inside handlebar and your outside arm slightly extended and relaxed.

Rock onto the inside butt cheek just before the corner so that your body is in position as you countersteer.

Body Position Tips for More Effective Cornering

This is a very simple and effective technique. Hanging off has a lot of benefits, but can cause problems if not done correctly. Here is a basic tutorial: Use your legs a little of your arms to lift your body into position with your butt on the inside edge of the seat.

Rest the inner thigh of your outside leg against the tank. Support a little more than half of your weight with the inside foot. Relax your arms by supporting your weight with your legs and torso.