Deeks and kensi relationship season 4

NCIS: Los Angeles - Deleted Densi Scene Causes Uproar Among Fans

deeks and kensi relationship season 4

Gemmill's comment about "sunshine and gunpowder" is a callback to the Season 4 episode "Wanted," in which Kensi (Daniela Ruah) had. DENSI OSCARS - Season 4. Hello Densi friends. Prepare your heart because “ love is in the air” in our next category of Densi Oscars Season 4 (So in the. At one point, Kensi makes a goodbye call to Deeks because this is kind of a suicide Not all relationships end well, and you said Kensi hasn't seen this guy in ten years. and in the hospital last season, but Deeks has been through a lot having to be her caretaker before. . Paulette Cohn, Contributor 4.

It ends up that she is the only one who has the training and the physical size to do something about the situation.

deeks and kensi relationship season 4

Something is going on over there and you have to go. Do what you can. So how bad does it get for Kensi at the missile launch facility? At one point, Kensi makes a goodbye call to Deeks because this is kind of a suicide mission, so that obviously ups the stakes for the episode.

I think people will be glued to their seats, to be honest.

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The phone call heightens the notion of this being a suicide mission and Kensi truly believes she may not come out of this alive so she calls Deeks to say goodbye. When he was doing his coverage, I had the day off.

I was home basically cooking pancakes for my kids to go to school, so I could hear him, and I was responding to whatever he was doing. He is such an intelligent actor.

deeks and kensi relationship season 4

Moments like that, if the other actor can do it, it is always better. I wanted to hear what he was doing so when it was my coverage, I would know what he had done so I could act accordingly. What is her reaction when she finds out an old boyfriend may have gone rogue? She is surprised that she is even the one called in to handle him because it had been so long ago.

It is not as if he can launch one or two missiles. It is that this group of soldiers can launch 50 nuclear missiles, so it is a very dangerous situation. I think she is surprised as to why she is even remotely involved. Does this incident, where her life is in jeopardy, possibly expedite things? Because the job takes over their entire lives.

Are you going to have a kid in a family where both parents go to work and neither one may come back one night? That is a decision they have to make. This is all she knows.

deeks and kensi relationship season 4

This is everything that she is, so it is a very difficult line to walk for her. At the end of this episode, there is a scene between them. So, realistically, it is high risk and people who like watching it will still be on the edge of their seats. There is a beautiful scene at the end of the episode between Kensi and Deeks and he is mad at her for pursuing what she had to do to save the day, essentially.

How do I live without this person in my life? Do I want to do this when that is a possible end result? So that is why that last scene is so important between them. LA celebrated its th episode and it is doing better than ever.

Kensi & Deeks play fight in bed - 4x22

The move to Sunday night gave it a new life. Who would have thought that any move would have done well for us? I think the writing is stronger than ever. Last season was wonderful.

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Los Angeles didn't say goodbye to any major characters in the Season 9 finale. They did, however, end on a major cliffhanger that alluded to some potential goodbyes when the show returns next fall. Fans of the series were left wondering about the fate of four main characters after their car was hit with a missile, followed quickly by a "To Be Continued" title card and credits.

Prior to the episode, showrunner R. We're taking a look at some of the characters that are in the greatest jeopardy.

deeks and kensi relationship season 4

Marty Deeks Eric Christian Olsen 's character has been hinting at wanting to leave behind his dangerous life, so he's one of the top names on this list.

Oh, and he was also in the aforementioned burning car. When they geared up to save Mosley's son, Deeks even followed Kensi Daniela Ruah there despite wanting to be done — could it be his last mission? Yet one of the only details which would make his death confusing is the impending wedding between him and Kensi. After all this time, it would be a hard pill to swallow.

For the first time, the 'Blue Bloods' star shared with us his feelings on his show being remade.

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There could be more than one casualty, but we have our doubts. Still, a burning car is still a burning car. Harley Hidoko Actress Andrea Bordeaux left a message to fans on social media hinting that this is the end of the line for her character — it's believed that the character's body was lit on fire — but you can judge for yourself.