Dharmendra and hema malini relationship

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dharmendra and hema malini relationship

VALENTINE'S DAY SPECIAL: Dharmendra and Hema Malini's were not giddy about her relationship with Dharmendra was the fact that he. As much as fans loved the legendary jodi of Hema Malini and Dharmendra, they also harboured a secret desire for all to be well between. Hema Malini (born 16 October ) is an Indian actress, writer, director, producer, dancer and Malini and Dharmendra have two children, Bollywood actress Esha Deol (born ) and Ahana Deol (born ), an assistant director . Malini's.

Dharmendra who was first married to Prakash Kaur and has two sons- Sunny and Bobby from that marriage, tied the knot with co-star Hema Malini 37 years ago. The two have two daughters together.

Hema Mailini reveals the truth behind her relationship with stepson Sunny Deol

And even though Dharmendra never separated from his first wife and maintains his relationship with both his families, fans have always speculated cold vibes and hurtful feeling between Hema and her two stepsons. The entire family has never really been photographed together and Sunny and Bobby always give any event related to their stepmum and stepsisters a miss.

It is very beautiful and cordial," revealed Bollywood's very own dream girl. Malini explained that it was Sunny who first got in touch with her after the incident and even took her straight to the doctor. Sep 13, at 4: I was really taken aback to see him showing so much interest. She managed to coax Hema to meet his parents, and once Hema did, things started spiralling.

I am not in love with her. She is not in love with me. But my family wants it, so I might as well. And she is such a good girl.

dharmendra and hema malini relationship

Hema, Jeetendra and their families had flown to Madras and the wedding was supposed to happen there. It left much of the industry in a state of disbelief but more importantly, it gave Dharmendra a jolt he was clearly unprepared for. But a pleading, helplessly sentimental and slightly inebriated Dharam could not be budged. Inside the room, the two were going through an emotional turmoil of catastrophic proportions.

When a nonchalant Jeetendra announced to Shobha his decision to marry Hema, apparently all hell broke loose. When Hema finally came out of the room — puffy-eyed and visibly shaken — her voice quivered as she asked everyone if they could wait for a few days. With Dharmendra and Gulzar on the set of Devdas, a film that didn't get made.

So, does she think that most of her childhood was lost somewhere in the by-lanes of Gole Market? Before she can answer my question, her phone starts to ring. What follows is the first of a hilarious round of frantic calls from the locals of her Lok Sabha constituency Mathura.

Aapko main Janardan-ji ka number deti hoon, aap unko phone ki jiye, okay? I am in Delhi right now, how can I help if a monkey has entered your house? Please call Janardan [her secretary] and he will put you on to the right person.

Now that they are becoming mothers, I will get yet another chance to relive my childhood, this time as grandmother!

God has been kind to me, so I really should not be sitting and complaining," she says.

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Her phone rings once again. Woh aapki madad karenge! It's absolutely unforgivable that someone has dumped their garbage right outside your house. But I am currently in Delhi, so it would be better if you could seek help from some local official. This is certainly a new Hema sitting before me.

Exclusive: When a drunk Dharmendra landed up at Hema Malini and Jeetendra’s wedding

Meeting, connecting and sharing life with people at the grass-roots has been a humbling experience for the superstar. They have voted for me with expectations and I cannot take them for granted," she reiterates. Going back to her younger days, she tells me, "When we sold our first car -- a green Ambassador bought by her father in Madras, now Chennai -- we all got emotional and cried! I had learnt to drive in that car. I remember getting quite a firing when my father got to know, but I was a good driver and he didn't know that.

We dispose of everything so casually, from relationships to mobile phones.

dharmendra and hema malini relationship

I am still attached to my wedding sari, and preserve it with care. There are so many little things I have kept as loving mementos of my father and mother.

But I doubt if the next generation will. Maybe they will preserve everything on a USB, to keep their own memories light. Hema Malini's mother Jaya helps her get ready for a dance recital. Her Juhu bungalow is up for renovation again; this time to welcome Esha's autumn baby. Esha's friend Noorien Jumani has been working on brand new interiors for Esha, Bharat and their first-born.