Draupadi and arjun relationship tips

Yudhisthira, Bhima, Arjuna and Draupadi | Mahavidya

draupadi and arjun relationship tips

Draupadi nursed her forbidden love for Arjuna in the innermost recesses of her ARJUNA'S LOVE - HATE RELATIONSHIP WITH SNAKES . Shodasi: Secrets of the Ramayana says that the Mahabharata is a replica, one to. All Arjuna saw were proud, angry tears, that streaked Draupadi's fiery But a woman, a woman just like her in so many ways, how could she. Draupadi is a central character in the story and her relationship with her . the Mahabharata: A Reader's Guide to the Education of the Dharma.

Fact is, though Arjun loved Draupadi very much, he had a wondering eye and had other wives to occupy his attension. They loved her very much and Draupadi mothered them with her affection.

Instead, she asked for Yudhisthir to be freed first. If she had loved Arjun more, would she not have turned to him? Indeed, had she turned to Bhima, she may have had a better chance of getting instant justice! Instantly, Drupadi came forward to offer a bowl of cold water to staunch his blood flow.

Who loved Draupadi the most Arjuna or Bheema -- Arjuna and Draupadi -- Bhima and Draupadi

If Drupadi had loved Arjun more, would she not have gone to greet and congratulate Arjun rather than help Yudhisthir? Yudhisthir always felt that Drupadi loved Arjun more — despite evidence to the contrary. By not verbalising it, he kept it as a smouldering complaint in his own heart. Yudhisthir vented his frustration when it was too late for Drupadi to answer his charge.

draupadi and arjun relationship tips

Drupadi married the Pandavas for their strength and unity. At her svayamvar, her only condition was, she will marry a brave and capable archer. She was happy to marry a brave pauper rather than a soft prince. After Yudhisthir's defeat at the dice, when Karna advised her to chose a Kaurav prince as her new Lord, he was mocking her for having rejected him and Duryodhan at her svayamvar.

Bond between Krishna and Draupadi

People who choose to stand with you in your dire-most circumstance, are hardly going to abandon you at other times. Drupadi refused to abandon her husbands and indeed, for the second time she was the one who rescued them from a hopeless situation. After her marriage and after the gambling match, it was Drupadi who helped Pandavas regain their lost rights. Of all the wives of Pandavas, Drupadi was the only one who chose to share their 13 year exile with them.

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Drupadi worked hard to please her husbands and her mother-in-law. She also worked hard as an empress and made sure the palace ran like clockwork. Even during their exile in the jungle, where she had fewer maids and servants to contend with, Drupadi was in charge of feeding several hundred brahmins per day.

Taking her duty very seriously, she made sure everyone — including the servants — were fed first before taking her meal.

Such attention to detail and leadership charmed all those who met her. Draupadi and Krishna were best friends and loved each other as friends.

All stories about him being a like a brother comes from analyses and interpretations from historians who cannot accept a woman and man just being friends.

They were not in love, nor did they have feelings of siblings for each other, they were very good friends. They were always there for each other. She was called Krishnaa not after Krishna but because she was of dark complexion. So, the love they had was nothing more than the love for friends.

And if we suspect their relationship because Krishna robed Draupadi when she was being disgraced by Dusshasana; I think it just shows how shallow our thinking can be.

Historical accounts are subject to frequent disagreement and most of the disagreement are due to the fact that accurate history is difficult to obtain, for a variety of reasons. Much information regarding the past has been lost.

Bond between Krishna and Draupadi - Dr. Vidya Hattangadi

Many cultures have a rich oral history, but lack written documentations. A man cannot marry or love every woman whom he protects to save her from humiliation. Soon many rajahs strained their arms in vain, and some fell upon the ground and groaned, while the laughter of the people pealed around the barriers. The gods had assembled in mid-air and looked down with steadfast eyes.

draupadi and arjun relationship tips

At length proud Karna strode forward; he took the bow and bent it and fixed the bowstring. Then he seized an arrow. Drupada and his son were alarmed, fearing he might succeed and claim the bride. Suddenly Draupadi intervened, for she would not have the son of a charioteer for her lord. She said, speaking loudly: He cast down the bow and walked away, gazing towards the sun.

A buzz of merry voices arose from beyond the barriers. Meanwhile the Pandava brethren, disguised as Brahmans, looked on with the others.

draupadi and arjun relationship tips

Then suddenly silence fell upon everyone, for Arjuna p. The Brahmans applauded him, shaking their deerskins.

Strange Relationship Between Draupadi and Pandavas | Victoria Club Hotel

He would not go forward if he were not confident of success. He strode forward like to a stately elephant and bared his broad shoulders and ample chest.

He was nimble as a lion, and calm and self-possessed. Ere he lifted the bow, he walked round it; then he addressed a prayer to the gods. He stood up unmoved and serene as a mountain peak, and he bent the bow and fixed an arrow in it.

All eyes watched him. He drew the cord, and the arrow flew upwards with a hissing sound; it hit the target eye, and the golden fish fell over and clashed upon the ground.

Yudhisthira, Bhima, Arjuna and Draupadi

Like distant thunder arose the plaudits of the multitude; hundreds of Brahmans shouted in ecstasy and waved their scarfs; a thousand trumpets clamoured in triumph, and the drums were beaten loud.

Vyasa has not mentioned anything about Krishna and Draupadi being Lovers in his Mahabharata. She was called Krishnai, because of her color was black, like Krishna.