Funny and interesting questions to ask a guy relationship

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funny and interesting questions to ask a guy relationship

If you're out of ideas and topics to verbalize while talking to a guy, here it's always fun when conversations keep going with lots of interesting. Questions to Ask a Guy ― Every woman, at the beginning of the relationship, should ask a guy Hence, it is another good question to ask a guy. Not a very serious question, and therefore can be easily taken as fun questions to ask a guy. Now when someone is looking for weird questions to ask a guy, well that can But it could be interesting depending on how into scifi and future stuff the guy is.

How many remote controls do you have in your house? Have you ever been in a hot tub or sauna? Have you ever had chicken pox?

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Do you own a lava lamp? Are you glad these are almost over? Do you prefer metric or imperial measurements? What was the last thing you ate? Whats your favourite farmyard If you had to describe yourself as an animal, what would it be? What compulsions do you have? What makes you angry? If you could see any band, which would you like to see? Who would you say are more attractive, English or Europeans? What would you say is your favourite album of all time? Do you dislike hairy people? Are you much of an adventurer?

Do you like your own name? Rebound relationships, good or bad? Have you ever owned a slinky? Teenage parents, good bad or indifferent? Pirate downloads, good or bad? Democracy, good or bad? Where do you see yourself in 10 years time?

funny and interesting questions to ask a guy relationship

What was the best thing about your old school? What was the worst thing about your old school? If you could change your name to anything what would your new name be? Do you watch too much tv? Have you ever planted a tree? Whats the heaviest thing you can lift? Whats your favourite musical instrument beginning with the letter H?

Whats your favourite song beginning with the letter I? Whats your favourite actress beginning with the letter J? Have you ever got sweet revenge on anyone? Have you ever been to a live concert? Have you ever been to see stand up comedy? Which Celebrity do you find the most annoying? What potential talents do you think you might have if you worked at them? Who was better, Flipper, Lassie or Skippy? If you could be trained up in any profession of your choice by top professionals what profession would you choose?

Do you believe in kharma? Have you ever needed stitches? If you could invent brand new baby names what would they be? Do your dreams ever tell you to do anything?

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Whats your favourite actor beginning with the letter K? Are you of the naughty or nice variety? What celebrity do you have a secret crush on? What would be the one meal you could eat every single day and never get bored?

Have you ever been caught in your birthday suit accidentally? What is the most hilarious childhood memory you can think of? Sexiest animal on the planet? Can you remember the funniest thing you ever did or said? You show him your playful side and give off the vibe that you have an idea on how a guy thinks. It shows your smart side.

If you had to choose an athlete to practice with, who would it be? For example, if he chooses something in red then he wants to see your wild side.

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This also opens him up to romance with you. What would you say to your President if you ran into him randomly? If you won a trip to go anywhere on earth, where would you take me?

Can you think of a movie title that best explains your life currently?

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Who would you have lunch with if you could choose anyone whether living or not? What is your current goal at the moment? If you had to become an inanimate object for a month, what object would you choose to be and why? What was your dream job when you were a child? Which is better to listen to, your heart or your brain? On a scale ofhow old are you? If you had a disease named after you, what would be the symptoms?

If you were to die tomorrow, why not now? What is the funniest joke you know by heart? What is something that you used to know was true, but no longer is? Would you rather have noisy neighbors or nosy neighbors?

What color is your toothbrush? Why do guys have nipples? Who is your favorite villain? What rules do you make for yourself?

funny and interesting questions to ask a guy relationship

If you were given the chance to marry any fictional character, who would it be? If you were imprisoned for something bad you did, what would your crime be? How can we rob this place? Which character from any show would you want to kill if you had the chance? What secret conspiracy would you like to start? Have you ever stolen anything? Has anyone ever walked in on you naked?

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If you had to be on an isolated island with only one book, which one would it be? When was the last time you peed in a pool? What kind of cult would you like to start? Do you like waking up early or staying up late? Which actor would be best to play you in a movie about your life?

funny and interesting questions to ask a guy relationship

What would you choose as your animal sidekick if you were in a movie? You are about to get into a fight, what song comes on as your soundtrack?

What is the weirdest nickname people have ever called you?

funny and interesting questions to ask a guy relationship

Would you rather fight a horse-sized duck or a hundred duck-sized horses? Of all your pet-peeves, which one is the strangest? Would you rather be able to only whisper or only shout everything?

Which fictional character do you identify with the most? What superpower do you want to have? What song would you play on repeat if you had to torture someone with it? How would you get yourself fired if you could? In one sentence, how would you sum up your life? Would you rather eat raw egg for the rest of your life or sleep in a bathtub filled with egg yolk for a year?

What turns you on? How often does your brain go on autopilot? What would your last words be? What is the most interesting piece of trivia you know?

If you were a ghost, how would you haunt people? What do you know way too much about? What random acts of extreme kindness would you like to see? What was the last movie that made you cry? What song do you want played while your coffin is being dropped six foot below? What do you think is the most useless major in college? What is your favorite thing to wear to bed?

What game do you dominate when you play it?