Genkai and toguro relationship

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genkai and toguro relationship

Once a great martial arts master and Genkai's lover, Toguro is psychologically scarred when a demon named Kairin kills all of the students at his dojo. Toguro. Genkai is an old chi-master who, main protagonist, Yusuke Urameshi, is sent to train Toguro the Younger, Toguro the Elder, Team Toguro, Sakyo, Rando, Sensui, .. Mind-Body Restoration- Genkai is able to manipulate the connection . Read Genkai/Toguro from the story Yu Yu Hakusho ships by LivCipher2 Ok, they had a really good relationship AS FRIENDS back then, but obviously he had .

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Genkai had not excepted anyone to fight Baldok, he was supposed to be a deterrent to keep them from taking the quickest route. In-light of Yusuke's skill to fight survive and even defeat Baldok and only be late by about a minute, she decides to make an exception and tells Yusuke's he is still in the contest. The next fight has all eight remaining fighters taking on each-other in one on one fights.

One of the contestants asks if they may kill each-other.

YYH- Toguro's Past

Genkai states that it will be acceptable. The contestant double checks and says that he is a professional assassin, he does his best work when going for the kills and wants to makes sure their isn't some sort of ethical disqualification, Genkai assures him that she does not care about the ethics of the winners and simply wishes her technique to be in the hands of the most capable one among them.

Botan arrives to check in on Yusuke and observe the fight, seeing Botan, Genkai realizes that Yusuke is acting on behalf of spirit-world. The battle is down in the darkness and part of the fight is to see if they can handle themselves when sight is not on their side. Yusuke has low precognition so the fight is particularly tough for him but he manages to just barely complete it.

genkai and toguro relationship

With just four remaining fighters Genkai takes them out-back to a part of her land that is surrounded by swamp. Genkai tells them that the spiritual taint of the land would actually restore the energies of the truly gifted and allow them to fight at their best. Yusuke though previously exhausted finds he is completely recharged and fights the ninja, Kazamaru.

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Yusuke is able to just barely beat him thanks to a fit of pure dumb-luck that had Yusuke wall into a swamp-hole while evading Karzamaru's homing shurikans which promly go after Kazamaru as the strongest spiritual user in the area once Yusuke is out of the line of fire. Though Yusuke was trying to kill them both and was only saved because he didn't see the marsh-hole Genkai states it still counts for her purposes and tells him he passes.

Since Kazamaru did not transform into a demon for his fight and Yusuke knows Kuwabara is human, he becomes certain the reamining fighter Shorin is Rando in disguise. In the last match "Shorin" fights Kuwabara.

Kuwabara isbeaten soundly when Rando shrinks him down and then crushes him. Botan and Genkai start tending to the near-dead Kuwabara during the fight.

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In the fight Yusuke beats "Shorin" by counter his tecniques but to make a comeback Rando sheds his "Shorin" disguise and fights in his demon form at full power. Even when Rando is revealed Genkai refuses to disqualify him.

Botan makes sure she knows that Rando, in addition to murdering one-hundred chi-masters before he arrived, intended to kill her once he learned The Spirit-Wave. Genkai makes it clear that she doesn't care. Genkai states that she is old and will die soon anyway, she needs someone to succeed her if only to keep the techniques she worked so hard to develop alive after she is dead.

Yusuke is pulls together in his toughest fight so far and appears to be on-par with Rando even at his best. Rando not wishing to deal with the fight uses his shrinking technique again but this time the ability shrinks Rando instead.

Genkai calls Rando an idiot for not understanding his own techniques, the shrinking technique only works if someone hears the chant that activates it. Yusuke had fallen and gotten some swamp scum in his ears and couldn't hear it so the technique turned back on the only other person close enough to be affected, Rando himself. Yusuke, with the last of his strength, finishes the fight by rolling over on Rando and defeating him. Yusuke awakens to find he is the winner. Botan takes Rando into custody and goes to tell Koenma about the news.

Kuwabara had made a recovery too and so Yusuke was all too happy to be finished so he could go to Tokyo Dome. However Genkai stops him. Genkai makes it clear that while Botan and Koenma were concerned about the demon and Yusuke was mostly just in the tournament for the tickets Genkai still needed an heir and like it or not Yusuke would be that heir, She makes Yusuke stay with her to learn the technique.

Over the course of six months of agonizing training Yusuke is beaten to within an inch of his life several times as Genkai preps him for the technique. By the end Yusuke has not actually learned the technique, Genkai views it mostly as prep-work and that Yusuke is to return later once he is ready for the final stages.

Yusuke is in no hurry to return but has be granted a phenomenal spiritual boost from his training with the cruel sensei.

Toguro (Younger)

Genkai has near super-human speed, strength and constitution able to keep-up with A-Class demons one on one, but only with her powers at their peak, robbed of her Spirit-Wave, Genkai can still hold her own against B-Class demons though. Genkai's physical traits go through the roof once she uses her Spirit-Wave and as part of using it, her body is restored to it's physical peak, making her appear to be a young-woman while the Spirit Wave is active, by pumping Chi through her body.

Despite the variety of demons Genkai's powers attracted to challenge her, virtually nothing surpassed Genkai at her full power, however due to old age and later giving up her Spirit-Orb to Yusuke, Genkai becomes progressively less powerful while the series villains started becoming stronger and stronger.

Despite all her impressive physical feats such as speed, strength and chi, Genkai's mental attributes are actually even more potent. Genkai has a very high intellect and is constantly employing it to try to out-wit her foes rather than wasting her precious and ultimately limited fighting power. Even higher than her intellect is her wisdom; Genkai can sum-up, out-plan and out-strategize every single foe she has come up against to the point where the only way to beat her is to overwhelm her with shear power.

genkai and toguro relationship

Genkai played video-games all day in her old age to have fun without exhausting herself physically, though a simple hobby, this has actually been shown to be an expertly honed set of skills, her favorite games are fighter-pilot and fighting games.

Any fight less than an complete overwhelming of power is almost certain to go Genkai's way. Spirit-Gun- Like Yusuke, Genkai can project chi in small direct bursts of energy expelled from her finger-tips.

Unlike Yusuke, Genkai's Spirit-Gun is near limitless if she is given the chance re-cope her powers in-between fights, otherwise she is limited to ten shots a battle, which is still twice that of Yusuke. Spirit-Shotgun- The Spirit-Shotgun, functions similar to the Spirit-Gun, but works in a much larger and stronger burst. There are two drawbacks to using the Spirit-Shotgun over that of the Spirit-Gun, the first is that it only has a close to medium range, which makes it more impractical for quick or distant foes, the second is one takes up about as much energy as five back to back Spirit-Gun shots.

Spirit Wave- Genkai's Spirit-Wave is her signature technique, one she developed herself and is famed for. The ability allows her to focus all her spirit energy at once; Doing so has a number of affects, it repairs any wounds, restores her or anyone else to their physical peak - In her case making her appear young again and can expel a massive blast of concentrated spirit energy strong enough to destroy whole mountains.

In her old age the technique can only break apart mountains, Genkai claims in her youth the mountain would have been completely atomized and it "is no fun getting old".

genkai and toguro relationship

Giving the orb to someone will permanently incorporate her powers into the new host, Once gone the energy given up by Genkai will not regenerate and she permanently loses it. Powers and Abilities Demon Physiology: Younger Toguro is a B-Class Demon but still retains his human body after being choose to become one.

As a demon, Younger Toguro can manipulate his demonic energy. The color is visible as purple with bits of blue mixed in. At full power, his appearance changes drastically, affecting even his skin color. With each increase comes a burst of demon energy and his muscles thicken and enlarge themselves.

Younger Toguro requires to feed on souls to maintain such immense power, which leads him to suck out the souls of the weaker creatures in the surrounding area through special appendages on his upper back. Despite each increase enhances the size of his muscles, Younger Toguro's speed also increases.

When increasing his power, Younger Toguro can run faster than any of his opponents eyes can follow, he demonstrated to the point he appeared behind Yusuke. Toguro uses this in order to unleash long-ranged death. All he has to do is simply flick a finger and a tiny burst of vacuum erupts from the action and leaves bullet-shaped holes in whatever it hits. Toguro simply charges energy into his arm before lashing out with a backhanded sweeping gesture.

genkai and toguro relationship

This is enough to release a cutting energy wave, powerful enough to instantly kill any lower-class demon it contacts, or an energy bomb that explodes upon impact with considerable carnage inflicted as a result. As becoming demons the Toguro Brothers wished for, they can't age. The Toguro Brothers were hired by many as assassins due to their fame.

Younger Toguro stated he and his brother have excellent hearing. During the events, Younger Toguro was able to keep it together, even when about to impaled by Kuwabara's spirit sword or Yusuke's spirit-gun mega, he was able to stay relaxed even before dying.

genkai and toguro relationship

When Elder Toguro turned into a sword, Younger Toguro was able to display great sword skills. When Elder Toguro turned into a shield, Younger Toguro was able to show great skill in using for offense. Younger Toguro has great skills in combat, he mostly uses punches to fight than relying on martial arts. Trivia Toguro's muscular appearance became a popular Youtube Poop humor, especially to those which are made by Filipinos.