Gray and juvia relationship memes

gray and juvia relationship memes

Explore Fairytail Fan's board "Juvia and Gray" on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Fairy tail ships, Fairy tail gruvia and Fairy tail anime. When does Gray get feelings for Juvia in Fairy Tail? 56, Views · Did Gray kiss Juvia when Juvia was already dead? Views · Why does Gray leave Juvia. Good job mom, I'm proud of you Fairy Tail Meme, Fairy Tail . Honestly though my relationship with my boyfriend is kinda like Juvia and Gray's relationship (him .

Lucy and Natsu are perfect but they haven't really don't anything, like a kiss or anything! So if he had to pick,who would he pick?? Ok let's talk about each ship now! Gray and Juvia Unison Raid So we all are aware that Juvia is obsessed over Gray,she has posters,dolls,etc of him at her home.

How does Gray feel? Well according to him,he finds Juvia sometimes creepy.

He also always denies her at dates and ignores her most of the time,but recently he blushes sometimes when Erza talks about her. Gruvia always shares its many moments! Gray holds Juvia's hand Ex: Juvia was zapped whatever into a constellation and Gray yelled Juvia! Gray wore the scarf Juvia knitted for him.

gray and juvia relationship memes

FinallyGray said Juvia just came to his door after they lived together, but if he just let her into the door,I wonder why. Gray tries to act in front of Lucy Well this is a ship that I don't realty understand. Blah blah we all know gray has an interest in her and thinks she's cute according to his mind. She blushed when he pat her but its Lucy! Gray pats Lucy Ex: When Gemini transformed to Gray and got in tell on Lucy,Gray thought Lucy was a newcomer to the guild,pretty damn cute,and somewhat interested.

Gray and Lucy appear to be on some manga chapters just with Happy Most people don't consider manga cover stuff a moment but it could be Hiro hinting us with a clue! Finally, Gray saved Lucy in Edolas from their enemy when Natsu could have saved her as well. However, when she was sitting on a bench, she noticed that her present got stolen. Wondering what she should do, Juvia sat close to a fountain to think, until the sadness overtook her and it started raining. Unbeknownst to her, her rain destroyed a young Gray Fullbuster's bag of gold cotton, which was worth a fortune.

She then decided to keep looking for the things she lost. When Gray managed to defeat the thief and Juvia got back her possessions, feeling overjoyed, the rain began to cease, and she exclaimed that she could go meet her uncle again now. Juvia then departed on a train herself, and the girl's face brightened up when she saw that the sky had finally cleared up. Jose Accepting Juvia into the Phantom Lord Guild As she grew older, she would overhear other people commenting on the gloominess of the rain around her, making her feel increasingly depressed.

At one point in her life she was in a relationship with Bora, but he broke up with her because he couldn't stand the rain.

Eventually, she was accepted into the Phantom Lord Guild, noting that it was the first time anyone had accepted her, and formed a quarter of the guild's elite Mage team: It was love at first sight for Juvia, and later down the line, it's indicated Gray feels the same way.

He can be uncaring to the Water Mage's advances, but on the other hand, deeply cares for her. Gray currently places Juvia above comrade level Alvarez Empire arc. Usually Juvia will look for ways to catch Gray's attention, although her attempts usually end up in disaster or comically ignored by him.

She will also give her 'love rivals' her signature glare whenever she thinks they get too close to Gray, although this is used for comedy. Despite all these possibilities, Juvia is still persistent and has been persistent since her dream of Gray. Juvia's love for Gray is genuine, as shown when Meredy was able to use Maguilty Sense on her and Gray, a spell that can only work which depends on the strong bond between two people.

Erza mentions that this is Juvia's true power her strong feelings for her love. She has also sacrificed her life to save his. Gray was oddly cold to Juvia at times during the series. However, he is also kind to her, and even holds her hand saying words such as "I'm here with you".

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He also dies for her without hesitation. Gray sacrifices his life for Juvia during the dragon invasion, and is only alive due to Ultear's Arc of Time. He does have a strong reaction when Lyon Vastia declares his love for Juvia.

When Lyon attempts to take Juvia out, Gray strongly reacts against it, stating that Lyon shouldn't take his fellow guild member. Lyon then proposes that if Lamia Scale wins they will have Juvia, and if Fairy Tail wins, they'll return her back. Gray incredulously points out to Lyon that she is Fairy Tail's and Juvia reacts by saying that Gray may pick either her or Lyon.

Gray then states that Juvia had no idea what is going on, indicating that Gray really knows what he and Lyon are fighting for. Gray and Juvia win due to their teamwork, in which Gray constantly stresses throughout the fight that they Gray and Juvia can "work together better than them" Lyon and Chelia. Once they win, they never take their eyes off of each other, and give genuine smiles.

Even after meeting up with the rest of their team, Juvia is helping Gray walk with his arm over her shoulder. In the chapter that Gray and Juvia do their Unison Raid against Lyon and Chelia, the text describes it as quote "Gray and Juvia's synchronized love attack".

Gray Holding on Juvia Gray has a tendency to act tsundere. The reason being that she went through the trouble of making it. During the Grand Magic Games, Gray asks Juvia when she would let go of his hand while blushing, instead of him actually doing it.

gray and juvia relationship memes

He also tried to downplay their living together while in public and sweating, but is tender to her when they are alone. They are drawn frequently together, almost always by each other in group shots and major events.

Another note on Gray's part is when they were battling Lyon and Chelia, Gray is the one who initiates comforting Juvia by putting his hand on her shoulder, which leads them to hold hands. After the Grand Magic Games, Lyon actually gives up on Juvia knowing his feelings would forever be unrequited. Later on in the Tartarus arc, Gray's father assumes that Juvia is Gray's woman and entrusts his son to her.

In the final part of the arc, Juvia confesses to Gray that she is the one who defeated the necromancer controlling his father, thus killing him.

But instead of getting angry, Gray cries and hugs Juvia, thanking her and saying he's sorry.

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Following this, in the Avatar arc, Gray and Juvia have their own house and live together for 6 months. It's shown that after living together, the two picked up some of each other's habits. For example, Juvia now strips in battle and Gray makes adorable faces at cute things. During the Alvarez Empire Arc, Gray tells Juvia he is grateful to have her, that she's always by his side, and he will give her an answer once the battle is over.

This is presumed to be about her feelings for him and their relationship. The fact that his feelings were also mutual was when the two faced Invel, who used the Ice Lock spell on them. Both Gray and Juvia tried to commit suicide because they did not want to hurt each other. They did the exact same thing, at the exact same time because their feelings for each other are the same. In the aftermath, Juvia saves Gray's life by giving him a blood transfusion.

gray and juvia relationship memes