Han solo and princess leia relationship problems

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han solo and princess leia relationship problems

It's not that the Star Wars movies were afraid to tackle the conflicts that arose between Leia and Han and at least they were honest about the problems that begin with, Han and Leia's relationship is glossed over with a heavy. The relationships of Han Solo Before Han met Leia, he was originally in a that she was a spoiled princess, while Leia disliked him - due to Han being a greedy was flawed; Ben had abandonment issues due to the important status of both. Han Solo once seemed like the perfect role model for love. But the Star Wars character gave us some of the worst advice for healthy.

In fact, the tension that grew and led to their distancing from one another is, unfortunately, something that could likely never have been avoided.

han solo and princess leia relationship problems

Due to Leia's workaholic commitment, and Han's inability to handle stress and the need to run away when it presents itself, the two found themselves confronted with fundamentally incompatible lifestyles. No matter how much they loved one another, or how invested in their family they may have been, their work lives, in addition to their stubborn personalities, would never have allowed for a perfect union.

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However, it's entirely possible that this scene may have never existed at all. After all, he won the Millennium Falcon in a bet against Lando Calrissian, and the sequel trilogy has decided to use his golden dice as the emblem for his character from The Last Jedi onward. After she learned-- and as ever, she was quite the quick learner-- Leia soon proved herself to be an expert in the game, beating her opponents routinely regardless of whether the odds were in her favor.

Worried at every turn about potentially screwing up their child, he frankly admitted to Leia that he had never imagined having children. Leia, however, was quick to counter with her own confession regarding their life together. She was quite certain he would be a great father, she assured him, before going one step further and saying he would be a wonderful grandfather, too.

At that, however, Han joked that he would never get that old-- and we don't even have to explain why that line hurts so much. Part of what makes them so exciting as a couple to begin with is their mutual tendencies to buck convention and go wherever the wind may take them.

Rather than staying put at home while Leia served in the Galactic Senate, Han in turn took up work as a racing pilot and instructor for up and coming generations of pilots who wanted to learn how to fly from the greatest hotshot pilot there ever was. And all it took to change his mind? A brief conversation with Leia and her statement: Does it make sense?

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Any relationship peppered with so many arguments is bound to wear thin after a while. In this case all those squabbles probably would have kept Leia and Han from getting together in the first place. While it sets up some entertaining on-screen tension, this part of their relationship is definitely not believable. Because of everything we know about her, we understand that such a statement is no smokescreen; any sensible guy would be foolish to try to convince her otherwise.

Over time it grows and feeds off of itself, eventually snowballing into something out of control. Besides his obvious envy of Luke, Han even shows flashes of being jealous of Lando as well.

han solo and princess leia relationship problems

Would this tendency really have gone away over time? Unfortunately, an over inflated ego often brings jealousy tailing behind it, and Leia would have had a big problem on her hands.


Odds are that she would have spotted this right away and moved on from Han. We need to talk about priorities here.

The entire galaxy is in turmoil, with death and destruction looming around every corner. And yet Leia and Han seem able to put these facts aside far too readily in order to engage in their merry-go-round of romance and arguments.

han solo and princess leia relationship problems

Maybe Han is self-centered enough that he would put his personal interests over those of the galaxy, but we know that Leia cares enough about the fight to prioritize it over Han. Put anyone under the right amount of pressure and their judgement is bound to be negatively affected in some way. Enter the case of Han and Leia.

Their lives are constantly in danger and they frankly do a lot of fighting. Is that really the best time to be exploring their romantic feelings? It seems that a little time apart and a little deep breathing might be enough to recalibrate their expectations and help them see each other with clearer eyes. It feels a little bit like a proximity infatuation as it stands. Experience has taught them that they can convince almost anyone to do anything, and that they can fast talk their way out of any tricky situation they find themselves in.

han solo and princess leia relationship problems