Huck and quinn relationship scandal

huck and quinn relationship scandal

Forget Olitz! Huckleberry Quinn has become one of the most beloved relationships on Scandal. But that all changed last week when Huck. During "YOLO" -- the penultimate Scandal episode of -- Quinn (Katie How will Huck and Quinn's relationship change now that she's. Huck, real name Diego Muñoz, works as a member of the crisis management team at For more on Quinn's relationship with Huck visit their relationship page: .

A lot of people ask us that on Twitter and strangers on the street. There are a lot of people who want to see Quinn and Huck together. Guillermo and I feel like it's more interesting that they're not. We love their mentor-mentee relationship, but now that their relationship has basically gone to hell — and we can't say hell and back — I don't know if that will ever be in the Huckleberry Quinn future that it will ever turn sexual.

I think it's more interesting that they're not romantically involved. But I also feel like that whatever Shonda [Rhimes] and the writers writer for them will be brilliant and we're game for anything. It's not for no reason. I definitely think that Huck and Quinn going through that torture thing, as messed up as that was, there were some sexual elements in it.

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There's no way you can be naked and duct-taped on the floor and have your face licked and have it be a mix of a bunch of things, including that it was sexual, vulnerable, messed-up and weird. We hit all the colors of the rainbow, I feel like. Now, they almost feel closer to me than they've ever been because they went through that together. Who's to say Charlie won't be gunning for Huck as well?

If Huck ever finds out that Quinn and Charlie hooked up, what a showdown that's going to be! Quinn is planning to kill Rowan, so what can you tease for what's in store? That Quinn versus Rowan moment at the end, we will get into all of that and where Quinn's loyalty really lies.

Is she working for herself? Is she working for Charlie? Is she working for Huck and Olivia Kerry Washington? What the hell is she doing? All of that will be answered very early on in the episode. Mama Pope Khandi Alexander is actually a terrorist. What lengths will OPA go to take her down? Huck is ready to do whatever Olivia asks of him and his head is in a really strange place right now. He's still reeling from torturing Quinn and he's coming down from that high that he was feeling when he tortured her.

Season 3[ edit ] After torturing Billy Chambers, Huck begins to distance himself from her. When on a case for Congresswoman Josie Marcus, Quinn buys herself a gun and begins to practice at the shooting range with a little help from Charlie.

While searching through security footage Huck finds out that Quinn was responsible for the security guard's death and starts to torture her by pulling out her teeth for betraying Olivia. Olivia tries to convince Quinn to come back to the firm, but Quinn refuses. Jake, now the new Command of B, is hesitated to let Quinn work at the organization. She expresses her anger towards Huck for torturing her, and they end up kissing.

Charlie begins to be concerned about Huck's behavior towards Quinn. Quinn is caught in the middle when Huck and Charlie disagree on the way of locating Dominic Bell.

After Quinn broke up with Charlie, he gives her an envelope which contains information about Huck's former family. When she tries to give Huck the information, he becomes furious at her and terminates their relationship. She has also kept in touch with Abby and Huck everyday in the two months Olivia was gone. Quinn finally manages to track Olivia down and sends her an envelope with information about Harrison's death. This prompts Olivia to return to Washington D.

huck and quinn relationship scandal

Quinn struggles with Huck as he is angry with her for finding out about his family and his feelings towards her. Jake asks Quinn for help in his investigation concerning Jerry and Harrison's death.

Jake asks her to talk to Charlie and she agrees. Catherine Winslow, a former colleague of Olivia and Abby, asks OPA for help and Quinn begins to investigate the case as Catherine's daughter is killed.

huck and quinn relationship scandal

Quinn confronts Catherine's husband, but he shoots himself right in front of Quinn. Quinn then finds an envelope containing pictures of Olivia which she discusses with Huck.

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She later figures out that the goal is to start a war between the U. When Olivia is kidnapped, Quinn, Huck and Jake team up to find her. They figure out her location in Pennsylvania, but the kidnappers had already left before they arrive. They try to bid on the auction of Olivia on the black marketbut lose.

Quinn becomes terrified when Huck starts talking about what the buyers will do to Olivia to make Fitz obey.

huck and quinn relationship scandal

She confronts him about it, admitting that she needs him to make herself feel okay. Throughout the first season Huck helps her around the firm.

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However, Quinn begins to become suspicious about her kidnapping and starts to suspect Huck for being the one who drugged her. She also attends several AA-meetings where Huck talks about his addiction to whiskey. However, Quinn realizes that he is actually talking about his addiction to torturing people and he merely passes it off as "drinking whiskey". Quinn becomes suspicious of Becky, Huck's new girlfriend, who he'd met at an AA-meeting, and tries to warn Huck about her.

huck and quinn relationship scandal