India and japan defence relationship counseling

India-Japan Relations: Changing Dynamics and China Factor

india and japan defence relationship counseling

New Delhi: Defence Cooperation is a key pillar of the relationship between India and Japan, said Prime Minister Narendra Modi after meeting. New Delhi: India and Japan are expected to deepen bilateral relations, especially in the field of defence and nuclear cooperation, during Japan. An official Chinese analyst today warned that the Indo-Japan defence cooperation is "dangerous for Asia" and the two countries should be.

Future of India-China Relations Background The friendship between India and Japan has a long history rooted in spiritual affinity and strong cultural and civilizational ties.

A new high India–Japan Defence Links

The modern nation States have carried on the positive legacy of the old association which has been strengthened by shared values of belief in democracy, individual freedom and the rule of law. Over the years, the two countries have built upon these values and created a partnership based on both principle and pragmatism. Today, India is the largest democracy in Asia and Japan the most prosperous. Now, let us understand the various dimensions of current India-Japan bilateral relations.

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Since then, the annual summits have been taking place alternatively in India and Japan. Besides the annual summits, the two countries have established a number of dialogue mechanisms have established related to diverse fields such as the economy, commercial, financial services, health, road transport, shipping, education, etc.

Economic relations between India and Japan have vast potential for growth, given the complementarities that exist between the two Asian economies.

india and japan defence relationship counseling

Japan's interest in India is increasing due to a variety of reasons - including India's large and growing market and its resources, especially the human resources.

Japan has been extending bilateral loan and grant assistance to India since Japan is also the largest bilateral donor for India. Even the prestigious Delhi Metro Project has also been realized with Japanese assistance.

india and japan defence relationship counseling

Japan is the third largest foreign investor in India. The involvement of four major democratic nations in the Asia-Pacific region is viewed as anti-China engagement due to the one-party ruling in the country. SinceJapan has become the permanent member in the annual Malabar Naval Exercise.

  • India-Japan Relations: Changing Dynamics and China Factor
  • India-Japan defence ties set to grow stronger
  • Indo-Japan defence ties 'dangerous' for Asia: Chinese expert

In the trilateral naval exercise, which began inincludes the USA and India. Evidence of Chinese factor in Indo-Japan Relations.

india and japan defence relationship counseling

Border conflicts between India and China have been a long issue and it is evident from the recent dispute over the Doklam plateau in the Himalayas started two-and-one-half months ago. Both the countries have been seen accusing their counterparts of breaching the existing border norms.

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Defence minister Arun Jaitley and his Japanese counterpart Itsunori Onodera yesterday held wide-ranging talks, as part of the India-Japan annual defence ministerial dialogue in Tokyo during which issues relating to the US-2 amphibious aircraft also figured, a joint press statement said. The decision by India and Japan to boost defence ties comes amid escalating tension in the region in the wake of the nuclear test by North Korea and China's growing assertiveness in the South China Sea.

india and japan defence relationship counseling

The two sides also agreed to commence technical discussions for research collaboration in the areas of Unmanned Ground Vehicles and Robotics. Last year, China had reacted angrily to reports that Japan plans to sell weapons to India at cheaper prices, saying that such a move is disgraceful. The two sides also agreed to ramp up counter-terror cooperation, besides deepening engagement among navies, air forces and ground forces of the two countries.

It said Jaitley and Onodera deliberated on the current security situation in the Indo-Pacific region and condemned in the strongest terms North Korea's latest nuclear test and called upon the country to cease such action which adversely impacts peace and stability of the region and beyond.

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Reviewing bilateral defence ties, they commended the progress made in discussions to identify specific areas of collaboration in the field of defence equipment and technology cooperation for production of various military platforms. The ministers endorsed the importance of enhancing interaction between governments and defence industries of the two countries to encourage collaboration, including for defence and dual-use technologies.

india and japan defence relationship counseling

In the meeting, Jaitley briefed about India's policy reforms in the defence manufacturing sectors, saying the country offers huge opportunities for foreign industries to play an active role.

Seeking to further intensify naval cooperation, Onodera expressed his intention to have state-of-the-art Japanese assets, including P-1 maritime patrol aircraft to participate in next year's trilateral Malabar naval exercise which also involves the US Navy.