Jamaica and china relationship

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jamaica and china relationship

China-Jamaica relationship perfectly reflects these five principles. Core traditional Chinese values include "do as you would be done by" and. This year marks the 45th Anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Jamaica. Over the past 45 years, our two. “We want our relationship with China to be a model for the rest of the Caribbean,” Holness asserted, adding that Jamaica has provided

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Accordingly, a tree planting ceremony was held to symbolize China's commitment to sustainable development especially as it relates to its investment projects in the region. During October's 19th National Congress of the CPC, Xi announced Beijing would be "Taking the driving seat into international cooperation in to response to climate change," observing that, "China has become an important participant, contributor, and torch-bearer in the global endeavor for ecological civilization.

Jamaican students from the island's University of Technology were also sponsored by Huawei to engage in its undergraduate training project, "Seeds for the Future" in Beijing.

jamaica and china relationship

They were sponsored by Huawei to engage in its undergraduate training scheme "Seeds for the Future" program in Beijing. Michael Henry visited Beijing to announce the Government of Jamaica will award ten Chinese students scholarships to study at the Caribbean Maritime University. This educational facility is recognized as one of the best centers for tertiary maritime education in the Western Hemisphere Celebrating 45 Years of Diplomatic Ties On November 21,Jamaica and the People's Republic of China celebrated their 45th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations.

Jamaica prides itself as one of the first countries in the Latin American and Caribbean region to establish diplomatic ties with China and the first in the English-speaking Caribbean to adopt the "One China Policy". The occasion was the 45th anniversary of diplomatic ties between both countries. Antonia Hugh, Jamaica's Ambassador to China recounted aspects of our shared history while reminding those attending that Jamaica's people-to-people connection dates far past these last 45 years, but are over years old.

The indelible fact contributes to Jamaica's enthusiasm towards China's newest policy—the Belt and Road Initiative. Bridges which will take our partnership to new heights in the spirit of the Silk Road by boosting people-to-people and cultural ties, and connecting markets across Asia, Africa, Europe and the Americas.

Building on excellent relations, we look forward to deepening Jamaica-China relations while reaffirming an unswerving commitment of the Government and people of Jamaica to enhance mutual bonds of friendship.

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I met these students a few times and was impressed by their gratefulness to Jamaica and the G. Foster College in particular. Their training at G. Forster has been exceptionally useful.

Partnership means mutually beneficial trade and economic cooperation. Jamaica is China's largest trading partner in the English-speaking Caribbean.

China–Jamaica relations

This, however, is not the whole picture because Chinese tourists and workers in Jamaica love to buy Blue Mountain coffee and Jamaican rum as gifts to their friends and relatives. As more and more Chinese tourists come to visit Jamaica, Blue Mountain coffee could be in short supply. China and Jamaica are partners in economic cooperation.

jamaica and china relationship

The North-South Highway, an investment of USD million by China Harbor, is not only the single largest investment in infrastructure on the island, but also the first major infrastructure investment overseas ever made by a Chinese company. It has won tremendous compliments from the Jamaican people. Two weeks ago, I once again drove through the entire Highway along with Mr.

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Simpson, an environmental engineer. I was heartened to see with my own eyes that the highway's environmental protection facilities, such as the sedimentation tanks and gabions, are effective enough to keep the environmental impact of rain waters from the project area on the nearby bays to a negligible level. The purchase plus comprehensive modification will cost about USD million.

If JISCO can have it its way, multi-billion USD will be invested in a special economic zone of manufacturing and modern agriculture on the post-mining land. That means hundreds of industrial jobs, decent income for thousands of farmers, better trade terms and better supply of vegetables, beef and dairy.

As for environmental concerns, I believe a solution can be reached to the satisfaction of all parties concerned, as Chinese companies in Jamaica care about Jamaica's environment as much as Jamaicans do. Other Chinese companies in Jamaica, such as Huawei which is a leading player in its field, Complant and Zhongda Construction are contributing to Jamaica's economy either by investing or contracting projects.

These buses are specifically tailored to Jamaican needs. They are cheaper, safer, air-conditioned, wified, and environmentally friendly, as each of them saves USD on fuel each year.

jamaica and china relationship

Partnership is mutually beneficial. While serving Jamaica's economic development, Chinese companies further expand their international outlook and enhance their operational capability, which will lay solid foundations for their future development.

China-Jamaica partnership is also embodied in people-to-people friendship and cultural exchanges. Exchanges between our two countries in areas such as education, sports, culture and health are ever expanding.

The Chinese language is becoming so popular that the Confucius Institute at UWI will have to at least double its staff to meet the existing demands. Four weeks ago, I fare welled 10 Jamaican students who are already studying in top Chinese universities on full Chinese government scholarships.

In health, more than Jamaicans suffering from cataract disease received free eye surgery from a Chinese Medical Mission last year. Earlier this year, I paid a visit to the University Hospital of the West Indies and attended a handover ceremony of ocular medical equipment.

The other way round, earlier this year, Jamaican singer Everton Blender visited China and performed at the 3rd Caribbean Music Festival. All these performances and art works are well received in China. I commend the Jamaica-China Friendship Association.

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This year marks its 40th anniversary. Over the 40 years, the Association has made tremendous efforts for and achieved great success in promoting friendship between our two peoples, which has become a critical part of our overall bilateral relationship.