Jay z and beyonce relationship update

How Beyoncé and Jay-Z Thrived After Scandal and Made It to 10 Years of Marriage | E! News

jay z and beyonce relationship update

But there was plenty of doubt that Beyoncé and Jay-Z were going to not giving away too much—or anything at all—about their relationship. .. must-check- every-day destination for updates on the lives of Bey, Jay and Blue. In honor of Beyoncé and Jay-Z's 10th wedding anniversary, take a look at their relationship in pictures. Beyoncé and Jay-Z have one of the most famous yet most private relationships in the world. And while we're usually begging for scraps of.

No one was too concerned that she wouldn't be able to bounce back from whatever career setback or marital infraction was thrown at her. She would have survived and thrived. He's been a hip-hop-and-beyond mogul for decades and has amassed too much cachet in the music and business worlds to be threatened by just any old scandal.

He would've been maligned, pretty fairly, as the root of all their troubles, and then eventually forgiven. And yet here they are, celebrating their 10th wedding anniversary today, now parents of three and planning a sequel to their wildly successful On the Run tour.

But despite the millions of records sold and dollars earned, the carefully orchestrated Instagram posts and the political activism, at the heart of the mega-brand they've been steadily building for the better part of two decades are two people who've reached the top of the mountain together, but who have also weathered heartache, loss and public embarrassment.

For not hogging the tabloid headlines with bad behavior, such was very much in fashion among the young Hollywood set, and for not giving away too much—or anything at all—about their relationship.

They couldn't help the photographers who would eagerly greet them at events or follow them around on date nights, but their lips were sealed. They weren't even on the same side of the fold. Though Bey has spent pretty much the entirety of her adult life devoted to Mr. He asked for her number and they spent a few months talking on the phone. Jay brought a lengthier romantic history to the table, having dated the likes of Aaliyah and Rosario Dawson. So that was my rule: Before the age of 25, I would never get married.

jay z and beyonce relationship update

I feel like you have to get to know yourself, know what you want, spend some time by yourself, and be proud of who you are before you can share that with someone else. What I gave her was a street credibility, a different edge. I'm scared and I didn't want to go out with anybody for a long time. Who wouldn't wish she was their girlfriend?

They were photographed in the South of France, bringing toys to kids in need on Christmas, courtside watching the Knicks, at the Vanity Fair Oscar party They were an extraordinarily compelling low-key couple from day one. Asked if she was as in love as she seemed in the "Crazy in Love" video with the rapper, she said, "Yes, it was very real.

And when we did that video, everybody [looking at her] was like, 'Who is that? I don't want to think about it. I want to turn my phone off. Throughout her solo career she's also explored the enjoyment she's found in treating her man like a king. We all need to hear those empowering songs to remind us.

I feel it's still very strong, because in order to be a strong woman, you have to have a strong man. There's nothing wrong with women doing that for their man if their man deserves it and he does the same for you.

If someone says I'm married or engaged and I'm not, I don't pay attention to it. To have millions of people involved—that's messed up! They didn't sell the pictures to a magazine.

Jay-Z - Making of "'03 Bonnie & Clyde", Sway asks about relationship with Beyoncé - 2002

It's just material, and it's just silly to me. I started working on my tour a year ago just to make sure that I had time at home.

But you know, that's part of it.

  • How Beyoncé and Jay-Z Thrived After Scandal and Made It to 10 Years of Marriage
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Any other woman who has to go to work and pick up the kids and make dinner—that's way harder than what I have to do. At least I can say I'm taking two weeks off and really take two weeks off.

A Complete Timeline Of Beyoncé And Jay Z's Relationship

It's not like Queen Bey to speak up on her romantic life, but she did in one rare interview. And I heard the heartbeat, which was the most beautiful music I ever heard in my life… I picked out names… I envisioned what my child would look like I was feeling very maternal. I flew back to New York to get my check up - and no heartbeat. The Guinness Book Of World Records said the announcement broke the record for the "most tweets per second recorded for a single event" as 8, tweets per second.

On 7th JanuaryBlue Ivy was born. The couple said in a statement: On it a series of songs all told a different story about hers and Jay Z's relationship. For the first time ever, the two announced that they were heading on a collaborative tour.

jay z and beyonce relationship update

A dramatic promotional trailer for the tour showed the two were as powerful as they were when they first began. The world almost stopped when footage emerged of Solange attacking Jay Z in an elevator. The Knowles-Carter family are usually insanely good at keeping their private lives private. A joint statement released read: We love each other and above all we are family.

But Bey and Jay began their tour as planned and have given no reason to believe that there is any trouble in paradise.

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Rumours flooded the internet that Hov had cheated with Damon Dash's ex, although nothing has been confirmed. Blue has two baby siblings on the way! Beyonce 'broke' the internet with pictures of their twins on Instagram. The picture, which was named the 'most liked' Instagram picture ofcurrently has over 11 million likes on the photo-sharing website.