Kazehaya and sawako relationship advice

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kazehaya and sawako relationship advice

bad id black hair blush chin rest closed eyes couple head rest hug kazehaya shouta kimi ni todoke kuronuma sawako long hair sakuta sakuta (tomohirou) short. Kazehaya asserting his candid personality to Ryu Shouta Kazehaya (風早 翔太 His relationship with Sawako is one of the main forces that drives the series. fun of Shota, and Shota has to face it, but does appreciate Pin's advice at times. Sawako Kuronuma x Kazehaya Shouta / Kimi ni Todoke. Yazmin Mouri Kisaki Cute Anime Couples, Manga Couple, Anime Love, All Anime, Manga Anime.

What am I going to do? I knew I should've asked permission first! I started deciding things for myself without asking for their consent anymore… Now I think I've hurt dad for what I did… "Sawako…" He repeated as he sobbed.

I really feel so guilty. Days really come so fast… Everything started to change the moment you stepped on your high school years.

You began going out with friends. You began participating in different events. Now you have a b-b-b-boyyy…. I can really tell how sad he is. I think he doesn't truly approve of us! B-But… I like Kazehaya-kun! Everything's going perfect now! Why wouldn't dad be happy for us? I know I can understand how he feels, since I've remained to be his little daughter the whole time, but now I'm developing social ties with everyone, I'm starting to slowly distance myself from my family.

He still isn't ready to let go of me yet. But I think it's time to take one step higher towards completing my teenage years… And it's Kazehaya-kun who's going to help me with that. Maybe if I introduce Kazehaya-kun to my parents, then they may change their mind about us! If they see how kind and nice and sweet and pleasant Kazehaya-kun is, they would surely approve of him! They would never hesitate! I can already imagine! And so, I went to my cell phone and thought of sending him a mail.

But… I wonder if it's going to be a burden if I ask him to visit me? I don't want him to waste some of his time just for this. He might think I'm taking him too much for my advantage… And I don't want to. But then, it wouldn't hurt if I ask him… After all, he should meet my parents sooner or later. And then… After hours of hesitations, I finally gathered the courage to send him an email.

Would you want to go to my place tomorrow? I was hoping you could meet my parents. I hope it's not too casual… I don't want to be giving him a misconception of things… He might think I'm totally advancing him; we're barely even one month old. But come to think of it, he's never been to my place. I heard a lot of couples spending most of their time in each other's homes.

But maybe meeting my parents is a little too early! Maybe he's feeling a little awkward right now as he reads my message… And he's hesitating to reply! Additionally, it's Sunday tomorrow, so he probably has a lot of plans in mind… Even if we're dating, that doesn't mean I have to hog him all for myself.

I can't stop shaking! I can't believe I still act so awkward towards him now we're just more than friends. Is this being in a relationship feels like? Now that I'm bonded with Kazehaya-kun, I'm a lot more conscious in what he has to feel and think and… Beep! I should stop thinking so hard and just… Sure! I'll be looking forward to it! I remained silent… I stared at that message for as long as I remember. I can't believe that's all it took.

I reflected my mind out of all the negative things I could think of, but this is what Kazehaya-kun just said. He's even looking forward to it. He doesn't mind at all… Oh, Kazehaya-kun! I'm so sorry for thinking so humble of you! Soon afterwards, I offered to buy groceries since I really feel so bored. It's actually killing two birds on a stone; I've done afternoon exercise at the same time. It's in fact a very great feeling!

I should suggest this daily routine to my friends! I think I just heard someone call my name from nowhere. I'm currently walking my way towards the market and I don't think my name passing through my ears is a normal thing. I do have a feeling the voice sounds familiar… And the other strange thing is they don't call me by my casual nickname.

Someone's calling me by my real first name, and I have no idea where it's coming from! Someone just landed a huge handprint on my back…! Only one person just does that to me… "C-Chizu-chan! What are you doing here? I stared at her and she's wearing the apron I gave her as a gift in my first Christmas with them.

That makes me so happy; she's actually been using it like she told me! Suddenly, I saw Sanada-kun appear from behind her, he himself wearing kitchen attire like Chizu-chan.

I wonder if it's a normal thing for couples to tease and fight? Well, these two always do… And they look so natural. I envy them for a bit because I was hoping I could do the same thing with Kazehaya-kun… But I think that would be impossible. I can't imagine it myself.

kazehaya and sawako relationship advice

Right now awkwardness still envelops the both of us. You've been frozen the entire time," Chizu-chan remarked. I can clearly say she's worried, but I don't want them to always feel pity for me.

I should always show my cheerful expression, even how bad I look with it. And I bet it looks so obviously scary since I saw a lot of people stop and froze themselves. I sighed and thought of working it out more often. I think you're really busy…" "Oh, that? No, no, it's okay. We just finished our part time duty in Ryu's dad's restaurant. We were cleaning up and that's when I saw you…" "Oh, I see… Then I suppose you're on your way home, then? It's a good Saturday afternoon; it's the perfect time to rest.

In fact, I don't rest! I'm made of steel! You're going to the market, right? Let me come with you! I really felt happy when I heard her say that, but I don't want to be wasting her time just to come with me.

I bet she helped out at the restaurant since this morning and it would be a shame if she doesn't rest… "Stop thinking too much, Sawako! There's no such thing about being a burden. I want to help out! This series provides examples of: Flash cues come up so often to indicate when the characters have realized something.

Happens twice with Sawako and Kazehaya before the real thing. The first time is when Pin tricks Sawako and tells her to grab Kazehaya's shirt and close her eyes for five seconds to thank him. Kazehaya misunderstands this and leaves in for a kiss - and Sawako opens her eyes when his face is an inch away from hers. Both jump back in embarrassment and confusion. The second time is after they've become a couple and are trying to initiate a kiss on a field trip but are really nervous.

And then Ayane walks in on them and it never goes through.

kazehaya and sawako relationship advice

Yuka and her friends from Class A spread the rumours about Sawako and gang up on her twice - first about the rumours, and then about her dating Kazehaya. On a more personal level, Kurumi is responsible for spreading the rumours about Sawako and secretly tries to get Sawako and Kazehaya to stop liking each other.

She changes overtime thoughafter she stops doing bad things while retaining her cooler and cranky personality. Yano may also count by the way she manipulates people to do her will, but she's more of a Lovable Alpha Bitch considering she's on Sawako's side and is even encouraging her to open up.

Shouta Kazehaya

Anguished Declaration of Love: Sawako's confession to Kazehaya in Season 2 Episode 9. This is after the two had a falling out due to an extreme misunderstanding over just what their own meanings of "like" are.

Sawako decides to be clear once and for all about her feelings even if it means being rejected and so gives an emotional confession. Chizu's confession to Ryu in chapter 88, after she tearfully makes it clear she doesn't want Ryu to leave.

People usually forget about Kurumi since she doesn't make up half of any Official Couplebut her rejected confession to Kazehaya is anguished beyond belief.

Averted in the weirdest way.

kazehaya and sawako relationship advice

Sawako has a habit of giving herself and Kazehaya American accents in her Imagine Spots. Ayane's then older boyfriend slaps her when she suggests that they break up.

In Season 2, Kurumi slaps Kent when he suggests that he goes out with Sawako so that Kurumi could have Kazehaya for herself. The gang goes to the beach in Chapter 51, even though Chizuru is the only one who wears her swimsuit; the rest come in their school uniforms. Sawako; rather than changing her appearance in any tangible way, she's very beautiful when she smiles genuinely, as opposed to forcing herself which just comes off looking really creepy.

Kazehaya sits near Sawako and finally manages to say her first name while she sleeps on the staircase during the sports festival afterparty. Sawako also watches Kazehaya nap a few times in the classroom in the chapter 90s. Because You Were Nice to Me: Kazehaya treating Sawako with no hostility since the day they met is why she respects him so much.

This is also why Kurumi is obsessed with him, as he comforted her during her rough middle school days. Best Her to Bed Her: In Chapter 51, Ryuu is the only guy able to defeat Yoshida in arm-wrestling and "wins" her for a romantic walk along the seashore.

Childhood Friends Chizuru and Ryu fill that role, though Chizuru doesn't notice the latter's crush until later on. As of Chapter 70, Kent and Ayane finally start dating. Then they break up in Chapter There's Yui and Andy who start dating at one point in the series, although they don't get as much characterisation as the others mentioned of course. This is the point of the story, and not in a heavy-handed way. Sawako makes friends and wins Kazehaya's affection by using her natural gifts and personality, not with the aid of makeovers.

Not that makeovers are a bad thing, as Sawako finds out on New Year's Eve. Sawako and Kazehaya times 3 or 4! Sawako before tries to get a kiss from him but he initially refuses and she calls him out for breaking his promise and becoming more distant from her - so Kazehaya responds by giving her a big damn shut-up kiss. Chizu and Ryu in chapter He moves in to kiss her so quickly that his hat falls off.

Maru goes from being an adorable little puppy to being huge later on in the series but his amicable personality remains. Birds of a Feather: Subverted by Kazehaya and Kurumi. Even though many students Sawako included feel that they suit each other, Kazehaya only thinks of Kurumi as a friend while Kurumi pines an unrequited crush on Kazehaya.

Sawako's world is filled with this, as well as Love Bubbles and flowers. Even the Japanese tankobon covers have these. Kazehaya has some nice pretty boy looks, and the female side of the school is very aware of this.

Ryu and Kento also are lean and attractive guys. Bitch in Sheep's Clothing: Kurumi acts sweet and nice to gain Sawako's sympathy, then tells her to keep her hands off Kazehaya. Chizuru inadvertently causes things to become awkward between Sawako and Kazehaya by telling Kazehaya that he's the most distant person from Sawako. Ayane eventually finds out that it's Chizuru who caused that awkwardness when she Chizuru blurts it out by mistake while watching Kazehaya ask Sawako out formally at the beach from afar.

In Chapter 27, Chizu tells Ryu that "next time something bad happens, it'll be my turn to comfort you! The series has definitely been growing less light-hearted and more serious as of from about the Chapter 70s. It does make sense, since the characters are nearing graduation and having to make heavy decisions about their futures.

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Sawako's character development from a shy hesitant girl to someone who's clear about her thoughts is the main point of this series. Pretty much all of the supporting cast get their fair share of development over the course of the series, as well. When Sawako meets Kazehaya's father, he demands for an introduction in such a scary way that Sawako tells him not only her name but also her address, parents' occupation, hobbies and what she does at school. The father stops her before she goes any further.

The fanbook has a short crossover chapter where he visits her family after her first date with Kazehaya. Chizu, Ryuu and Kazehaya have known each other since elementary school, and Chizu and Ryu have known one another pretty much forever. Sawako and Shino have been friends since elementary school, though the latter is eventually put to the side in favour of the former's new friends.

kazehaya and sawako relationship advice

Ryu has liked his childhood friend Chizu since forever, but she's pretty oblivious to it. They get together, eventually.

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Shino, Sawako's old and initially only friend who gave her nickname, is never shown again after Episode 6. Probably justified as she has her own friends and Sawako's gained new ones.

Kurumi uses every indirect attack in the book - slander, threats, manipulation - to pry Sawako away from Kazehaya. Against someone as innocent as Sawako, it's like kicking a puppy. Sawako's kindness, however, severely unnerves her, and all her plans backfire spectacularly when she only ends up bringing Sawako and Kazehaya even closer.

Chizu becomes an interesting variation of this towards Ryu during the Okinawa field trip; she doesn't seem to have romantic feelings for him, even rejecting his confession in chapter 59, but that doesn't change the fact that she gets very angry with the girl who confesses her feelings to him and is thus rejectedand even, to an extent, with Ryu for not telling her about it.

Clips from previous episodes about Kurumi's crush on Kazehaya are shown as she shops for Valentine's chocolate in Episode 0 the second season of the anime. Sawako and Kazehaya finally clear things up during the School Festival beginning with a conversation behind the classroom's door. Prone to these, especially when Captain Oblivious is involved.