Kazuma and bishamon relationship memes

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kazuma and bishamon relationship memes

The ja Canese oice actors of Kazuma and Bishamon share the same voices as Shin QOTD: Favourite Anime? | Follow @ruianime for Anime. See more ideas about Kazuma noragami, Anime boys and Anime guys. Lol looks like Kazuma is dreaming about making Bishamon the most famous Manga, Quotes, Noragami, Anime Love, Otaku, Feels, Frases, Quotations, ' Noragami Aragoto' Season 3 Spoilers: Hiyori, Yato will Finally Label their Relationship?. Name. Name: Bishamonten. Kanji: 毘沙門天. Other Name(s): Vaisravana Veena (by Kazuma) Bisha (by Kofuku) Bishamon (common English translation). Profile.

You waited for the bus while listening to your music to calm your nerves. However your moment of piece was interrupted as you started hearing dark voices, even through your earphones. Your hatred against Hiyori turned into a colder person. However another phantom came up in front of you, blocking your way. You ran to your left in an alley but once again a phantom showed up, you turned around but you were blocked. You began to run across the rooftops, occasionally tripping and hurting yourself but you still kept going.

You looked up to the the two phantoms jumping down and facing your weak and aching body. You were thrown from an 8 meter tall building and landed on your shoulder which was now dislocated.

You cried in pain and agony as your body hurt and you knew your life was about to end… All because of her. A figure landed next to you and another one right after to which you recognized as Yato and Yukine.

Oh my god how hurt are you?! Just you touching her hurts her! It was about time you figured it out genius!! You let go of Yato and watched a grown man looked down on you.

Your laughing eventually died down into crying. Yato and Yukine looked at you in pure shock and with broken hearts. Yato then turned around and started walking the other way with his head down. Turn your back on me like you did ever since you met that biatch!! He looks outside the window with a heavy heart.

Now that he thought about it, you did seem off. He walked up to the bed and took out the box, opening it to see what was inside. I figured your hands would get sore when fighting against phantoms with Yukine so I made these for you, I hope you like them. I love watching you two fight against those ugly phantoms: You changed my life and I thank you for being there for me when I needed you the most. No one has said such nice words about him before so this letter got him so emotional.

Someone, a human being, loves him, a god of calamity.

I'm Not the One - BishamonxKazuma (Spoilers)

He put on the gloves and jumped out the window, running towards the Iki hospital just as the others came into the room. I need to apologize for being so stupid and completely dense about her feelings for Yato! In the Iki hospital… Yato somehow managed to get inside your room without any trouble and looked at your sleeping figure. He sat at the edge of the hospital bed and continued to stare at you.

kazuma and bishamon relationship memes

Yato was the most worried of them all, he visited you everyday and talked to you even though you were unconscious, telling you how he felt and such.

She was the first human to ever be so kind to me and support me.


Tenjin sighed once again. He got inside without any trouble and entered your room, though he was caught off-guard as he saw you awake and looking out the window, sitting up tight. You noticed him and you avoided eye contact.

kazuma and bishamon relationship memes

Yato ran up to you hugged you gently to which you eventually returned. You missed him greatly and you felt at peace since it was just the two of you. This is entirely on me! Bishamon retreats but not without warning.

She later visits Kofuku, asking about the latter's intervention in the battle. Kofuku tells Bishamon that, if something were to happen to Yato, she should be prepared for "a lot of Gloom".

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Bishamon is shocked by this and departs. She is seen multiple times bathing, and later taking medicine given to her Kugaha, for her growing Blight.

It is seen that Bishamon has a the habit of taking in lost souls, making them her Shinki. However, having so many Shinki wears on her, and it makes it difficult for her to care for all of them. As a result, many of her subordinates are seen feeling neglected or unloved; but, they attempt to put on a brave front to lesser their master's burdens.

Later, upon noticing the death of Suzuha, Bishamon is distraught by the loss of one of her Shinki. Upon the discovery of Suzuha's death, Yukine, his acquaintance, follows Kazuma to Bishamon's shrine. When she sees that Yato's Shinki is in her home, she is furious. She is even more disturbed to see Kazuma conversing with him.

She demands an answer from Kazuma, asking him if the rumors of his involvement with Yato's Purification Ceremony are true.

When Kazuma confesses that they are, she is distraught. She accuses him of betraying her, to which Kazuma counters that Yato is their "benefactor".

kazuma and bishamon relationship memes

Bishamon, shell-shocked, prepares to excommunicate Kazuma; however, she hesitates, choosing instead to exile Kazuma, telling him that he "could become a Stray for all she cared". She then departs, stricken that Kazuma, her blessed Shinki, has betrayed her.

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When Yato believes Bishamon has kidnapped Hiyori after she vanishes with two rogue Regalia, Kugaha pushes his plan further, unveiling the blight caused by one of the infected Regalia, Aiha.

This leads to confrontation in the shrine while Kazuma and Hiyori deduce Kugaha's plot to succeed the war god. When Kazuma intervenes and is dealt a devastating blow, he tearfully confesses his involvement in the slaughter of the Ma Clan. A tearful Bishamon is told the truth of Kugaha's scheme for her to "repent", only for Yato to cut off his hand and state that Gods can do no wrong.

kazuma and bishamon relationship memes

After finding that Kugaha's intentions were for the best interest of Bishamon, she accepts it as truth and revokes his name before casting him away, subsequently dealing with the masked Phantom that had slaughtered most of her Regalia. After nursing Kazuma back to health, she asks him to be her Exemplar once again, and he gratefully accepts. After which, she begins a diary to exchange among the remaining Regalia in order to get to know them better.