Kiefer ravena and alyssa valdez relationship quotes

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kiefer ravena and alyssa valdez relationship quotes

Bryan Revilla Dionne Monsanto In A Relationship - Philippines New Kiefer Ravena and Alyssa Valdez What is a King Phenom without a Queen .. 15 palaban quotes in Tubig at Langis from Cristine Reyes, Isabelle Daza. I will not actively seek a relationship, but I want to meet someone who will be open to This whole essay reminds me of a quote by one of my favorite . Kiefer Ravena has Some Sweet Words for Alyssa Valdez before Game 3. Finally, the Phenoms Kiefer Ravena and Alyssa Valdez open up about their .. Alyssa Valdez Accepts Sportsman Awards with Kiefer Ravena Volleyball, Awards .

More importantly, there is not even a shred of proof for a supposed sabotage. Now I have to ask myself: Perhaps further facts below will help explain this. Specifically, he left school without permission, ignored his contractual obligations with the university chess team, and refused to meet with his coaches to discuss his issues. Let me reiterate that I have never been a stage mom who pushed Wesley to pursue chess. Merely a mom who encouraged him to open a dialogue explaining to us why he wanted to leave a promising education, in a world where a college degree is recognized as necessary.

We did not do this in a forceful manner and we have all the emails. In any case, this argument is moot, as the person supposedly helping Wesley pursue independence accompanies him everywhere, sleeps in his own hotel room, involves herself in the minutiae of his affairs. Various organizers were told that Lotis Key is his Mom.

A number of chess players were also told that she is his Mom. Many people were very confused as they knew who I was.

kiefer ravena and alyssa valdez relationship quotes

I felt that my identity was stolen. When Wesley went to the Philippine Senate to be personally recognized for his gold medals, this woman did not inform us. Yet she posed in the pictures with the Senate with him in the place of recognition. There was no explanation provided as to what capacity she is serving to deserve his media spotlight.

There is no contract that stipulates her as his manager, or any professional capacity. More concerning, at the U. Upon our arrival, Wesley happily met us before the Opening Ceremony and won his first two games. There was absolutely no issue. For more hard proof, we also attach here pictures showing me, his aunt and Wesley. You can clearly see how happy Wesley was.

After his first game, we invited Wesley to spend a few hours of alone time with me and his aunt. We asked him how he is doing. He said that he missed us. We told him that we care for him and worried about his welfare. We came with an open mind, but all observations, there is something wrong. This is not about school. We understand about him going professional and we support it.

Clearly after the next day, he changed completely. I asked him after he won in round 2 if we can have 30 minutes with him because we are going home on Saturday. He said he is busy, and said he sent me an email about bank info in Canada. I was calling him but ignored me. Lotis told him something like he needed to be back to his room, and they walked hurriedly, leaving us behind.

The next day, we were banned from the playing venue by Ms. Louis Chess Club and Ms. I then received 3 emails which are very disturbing. Wesley has never used this kind of language to me before. What is even more disturbing is the last 2 emails came at the time when Wesley was still playing his games. This clearly shows that Lotis was purposely trying to drive a bigger wedge between my son and I. Tue, Apr 7, at Bank Details in Canada To: Wed, Apr 8, at 3: You are the most worthless mother I know.

Wed, Apr 8, at 4: We are not arguing that a year-old man should not make his own decisions and be independent. We are very, very worried that someone is making his wrong decisions for him, and putting the words and actions in his mouth for him to claim as his own, like a mouthpiece.

She creates and manages his personal website, wesleyso. She accompanied him to the Netherlands, the Philippines, and Ireland. She took his previous trophies in the Philippines from his previous supporter, who held them for safekeeping, and packed them over to her own house, without telling his family. Does this look like independence?

It is very scary for all of us, especially my husband and I.

How Competition Fires Up Kiefer And Alyssa's Phenom-Phenom Love Match | FHM Ph

We see the transformation of our son, a strong independent young man, to now needing someone to comb his hair, dress him, feed him, and a becoming a dependent zombie. Isolating him from his friends, former coach, and from his own family is very strange. This pattern of what Wesley is facing now is similar to Bobby Fischer in Pasadena.

We all know what happened to Bobby Fischer after Pasadena. He was never the same.

kiefer ravena and alyssa valdez relationship quotes

It scared us even more after what Lotis wrote publicly: There is no mystery to Wesley wanting to live with us. Very sorry to hear all of this. Hope you can resolve all the problems. I have done everything to protect my son. But my heart broke to think that he has changed in such a short period of time and I worry for him. To be fair, let me also post a response by a Facebook site claiming to be Wesley So.

Assuming this is really him. Let me state right at the top of this that I write my own emails and NO ONE controls my communication, or when and how I choose to communicate. I am not cut off, isolated, drugged, in bondage or kidnapped. I do not belong to anyone but God. I am a man who wishes to be let alone to find his own life.

All your statements to Chessdom are sad, ridiculous and completely untrue. You exposed my emails? Photos can lie and those do. I was desperately trying to be nice hoping you and Susan would leave more quickly. I see it was a mistake. Lotis even invited you to come to Minnesota to talk to me there, not here. What was your answer to her?

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You asked if she was going to pay for it. I am uncomfortable around you.

kiefer ravena and alyssa valdez relationship quotes

You want me to respect you but you have never respected me. You left me when I was sixteen, telling me to become a man and find my life. For your information it was not the Key family who wanted to go to the media. It was me who pushed them to speak out for me because I was going crazy with anger, after you revealed to us your involvement with Paul Truong come on, you know you told me right here in my room that he had given you my flight information, arrival time and room number. You insisted that was all it was and you never met him or saw him.

Yet right there on Chessdom are pictures of you posing at Webster. Calling your room to check if you had left yet, the operator would not give me the information unless I gave them the name of the person in the room.

I tried your name. Okay here we go. Jay Washington Head coach: Caloy Garcia The Elasto Painters, after losing so many key peices from their championship team in the previous offseason, didn't exactly have a bad year in ROS made it to the playoffs in each of the three conferences.

Kiefer Ravena And Alyssa Valdez Reveal The Exact Date They Became Official! |

However, the Painters failed to advance to the semifinals in all three as well. Rain or Shine is a champion team but the transition period for this franchise might be extended unless they can actually sustain their strong starts to conferences.

Ronjay Buenafe Head coach: And now with a new star at poing guard plus a another offseason of playing together, this season feels like the actual start of the Yeng Guiao era in NLEX. The Road Warriors have a nice mix of young and veteran talent and they have a champion coach at the helm.

Alyssa Valdez, Jia Morado, Kiefer Ravena and Miguel De Guzman

The potential is there to make noise in the playoffs. Louie Alas Phoenix is in it to win it. The Fuel Masters missed the playoffs once for the first time in four conferences and the team literally changed almost their entire coaching staff. Coach Louie Alas will have an interesting squad to work with in his debut season with the team. If Phoenix can avoid a major slide similar to what happened in the Governors' Cup, expect the Fuel Masters to be featured in the playoff race.

Chris Gavina Kia's unconventional ways will be tested this season. After basically trading away Christian Standhardinger, people will most certainly watch the Picanto to lose. But you never know with this team, they have a brilliant coach and maybe Kia manages to pull off an upset or two this season. Maybe it's not so bad after all. Ken Bono Head coach: Without an import, the Bolts just shut down for some reason.