Kovu and simba love relationship

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kovu and simba love relationship

The relationships of Simba with the other characters of The Lion King franchise. As mature adults, Simba and Nala continue their loving relationship, ruling the . When Nala cheats on Simba with Kovu, who is there to pick up the It was then that Kiara and I told that we knew about the secret relationship. She falls in love with Kovu after Rafiki introduces them to Upendi, then their relationship got more close and personal, with more nuzzles and licks. Kiara realizes.

The wind began to blow signaling Mufasa's presence, "you have a plan. To answer his question the wind cut a fruit from Rafiki's tree it broke in half each half being pushed to the separate murals, Rafiki picked them curiously, he gestured them towards their respective murals. This will never work! I think it's high time you two take a vacation to get your heads straight! Mufasa was done debating the wind blew with a force so strong it almost blew Rafiki off his feet.

Rafiki had no idea what Mufasa was planning he was aiming to solve more than a current problem he was aiming to solve a problem that lasted decades, he hoped it would or things would get very bloody. Kovu couldn't sleep at the moment every time he closed his eyes he would think of her, her eyes, her voice, her kiss, why did she do that? It was giving him a headache thinking about it, but he had to know and the only way he would is if he saw her again.

Kovu was making his way out of the termite hill when he heard a voice behind him. Vitani wasn't buying it, "yeah Kiara's good at that.

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Vitani smiled at him "your going to need a proper cover with mother. When he was gone Vitani could feel the wind against her, it brushed on her fur lovingly and the light from the moon touched her softly. Vitani felt tears in her eyes he was here he was always here. She lifted her paw and placed it in the direction of the wind. The wind blew more delicately brushing across her cheeks, "I know, I love you too and I always will. The wind began to die down and Vitani knew their moment was about over, "I know you believe in love more than anything, Kovu deserves that chance as much as anyone.

It was done time for Vitani to get Kiara, "you owe me bro. Getting Kiara wasn't difficult she was pleased to see her again and eager to get out of Pride Rock. Kovu sat in an abandoned field the same one where Kopa and Vitani shared their first kiss. He caught two scents, "everything's clear, no one really goes here at night. She quickly changed her expression and got back to business. Kovu and Kiara stood silently waiting for one to break the silence, Kovu finally spoke up, "it's good to see you again.

Kovu was confused, "games? Kiara was surprised by his response, "what you don't know how to play? Kovu took a moment to find the proper answer only to find Kiara grabbing his paw and pulling him along, "don't worry I'll show you how.

She pulled him with her and two of them ended up chasing each other across the field laughing, they rolled down hills, they splashed in ponds, Kovu had never enjoyed himself like this before, and he needed to experience this more, he needed to see more of Kiara's world. In one episode, Gopher is temporarily given Zazu's job by the jungle inspector after Zazu makes an error while counting the animal population.

His wears different clothes in each episode because of the different jobs he has, but he is often seen wearing a hat. He also has different first names that show what his jobs are in which they all happen to start with C. In the episode "The Pain in Spain", two Quints are seen together, which may prove that there is more than one of him.

In some episodes, Quint appears to be a respectable man with an honest job, but he still seems to annoy Timon and Pumbaa. Notably in Season 2, Quint's face appears to be clean-shaven, except in the episode "Klondike Con" when he becomes a gold thief. Also, in the episode "Escape From Newark", his nose is the same color as his body for the first time.

Timon and Pumbaa plan to eat him at first, but his ability to speak and sing and his bon viveur, good-humored attitude gets him to become friends with them. Timon gives him the name "Speedy", because he thinks that it would be a brilliant incongruity. Speedy always finds himself in danger, such as becoming a French gourmet snail and an earring out of his shell, and it's always up for Timon and Pumbaa to save him.

In the episode "The Man from J. Every episode featuring Speedy end with Timon and Pumbaa saying bye to Speedy when they return him home, a seagull capturing Speedy, and then Timon and Pumbaa trying to save him once again. Speedy's voice was based on that of Bing Crosby. Speedy also makes a non-speaking cameo appearance in the episode "Washington Applesauce". Fred[ edit ] Fred voiced by S. Scott Bullock is a meerkat who is Timon's other best friend back at the meerkat colony.

He is a practical joker, employing such gags as the hand buzzer, the squirting flower, and the whoopee cushion. He also loved Timon's hyena jokes. When Fred visits Timon and Pumbaa, he pulls more practical jokes on the duo, such as impersonating Timon's mother or impersonating a Billy Goat guard.

Timon and Pumbaa, however, don't find Fred's jokes very funny and they often overpower him. Aside from pulling practical jokes, Fred enjoys doing all sorts of activities, such as playing Turtle Tennis and Fishing for Flamingos. He also mentions that he and Timon have always gone Bowling for Buzzards.

At the meerkat colony, Fred's duty was to guard the Duke Meerkat's castle, although on the day the Duke left the colony, he snuck away to get a snack and convinced Timon that it was now his chance to go on a date with Princess Tatiana.

kovu and simba love relationship

When the Duke banished Timon from the colony after a cobra kidnapped the princess, Fred's new duty was to guard the back gate, which indicates that he has been demoted for failing to protect the castle.

Fred appears in a total of four episodes: Boss Beaver[ edit ] Boss Beaver voiced by Brad Garrett is an ill-tempered and cantankerous beaver with a white hard hat. His lifestyle is the exact opposite of Timon and Pumbaa's Hakuna Matata lifestyle: Boss Beaver likes to work while Timon and Pumbaa like to relax.

He owns a lumber mill and an amusement park called "Boss Beaver's Log Land". Boss Beaver also has three mottos: Therefore, I am Boss Beaver.

Boss Beaver appears in a total of three episodes. He also makes a non-speaking cameo appearance in the episode "Washington Applesauce. Timon and Pumbaa befriend him at a boat stop in Antarctica when they see that he has two extra tickets for the duo to get on the ship. When Irwin leaves his home with the duo, it is shown that he has obviously injured all of his penguin "friends", as they are all seen wearing bandages.

kovu and simba love relationship

Timon dislikes Irwin's clumsiness, and tries to get rid of him by tricking him into playing a game of Hide-and-Seek. Irwin accidentally causes the boat to sink and Timon and Pumbaa run into him on an island. Timon confronts the penguin and he tricks him into playing another game and Irwin accidentally causes the island to sink. Due to his clumsiness, Timon and Pumbaa try to avoid him by hiding in various stores. Irwin appears in two episodes of the series: He is a convincing liar and impersonator and would also do anything to get someone in trouble.

In his debut episode "I Don't Bolivia", he keeps tricking Timon into freeing him from his cage.

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Later in the episode, while Timon impersonates Toucan Dan in order to not be in trouble with the police, Toucan Dan impersonates Timon and this makes Pumbaa have to decide which one is the real Timon. Toucan Dan makes his second and final appearance in the episode "Alcatraz Mataz".

In that episode, he frames Timon and Pumbaa for stealing a train car full of beak polish and the police throw them in jail. Angry at Toucan Dan, Timon and Pumbaa escape to catch the toucan and make him tell the truth.

Rabbit[ edit ] Rabbit voiced by Charlie Adler is a large and tall pink hare who appears to be very annoying, tiring. He made his debut in the episode "Mojave Desserted". In that episode, Timon and Pumbaa save his life when he was drowning in quicksand and he decides to repay the duo hand and foot. Annoyed by Rabbit, Timon and Pumbaa hatch a plan to put themselves in danger and have Rabbit save them and then leave them alone.

Rabbit makes his second and final appearance in the episode "Africa-Dabra! After Timon pulls him out of a hat, he teams up with the meerkat to become part of his magic act, telling him that he has been looking for a partner for years.

When he gets annoyed by Pumbaa ruining the magic acts, he breaks up Timon and Pumbaa's friendship. When Pumbaa finds out that Timon would never truly said anything mean about him, he gets revenge on Rabbit by trapping him in a cage and later skinning him for his disguise. They appear in a total of six episodes. They make their first appearance in the episode "The Law of the Jungle," where they arrest Timon for using the Forbidden Stick to scratch his back and take him to Judge Rhino, who gives a number of tests to see whether he's innocent or guilty.

In the episode "Yosemite Remedy," Timon and Pumbaa go to the police after a criminal raccoon steals their suitcase full of valuables.

When they handcuff the thief, he tells them that he didn't steal Timon and Pumbaa's suitcase, he found it. The police let him go, but later arrest him again when they find out that he really stole the duo's suitcase while catching him in the act.

In the episode "Alcatraz Mataz", the Vulture Police throw Timon and Pumbaa in jail after they were convinced by Toucan Dan that they stole the train car full of beak polish.

After Timon and Pumbaa confront Toucan Dan, the police show up and realize that it was really Toucan Dan who stole the train car, so they arrest the toucan. However, they also throw Timon and Pumbaa back in jail since they escaped when they told them not to no matter if they were framed or not.

The Vulture Police make a brief appearance in the episode "Wide Awake in Wonderland," in the meerkat and warthog version of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Cheetata and Cheetato[ edit ] Cheetata voiced by Rob Paulsen and Cheetato voiced by Jim Cummings are a pair of sophisticated twin cheetahsreminiscent of Warner Bros' Goofy Gophersspeaking in British accents and using similar phrases "Indubitably," "How very kind of you".

In order to tell them apart, not only do they have different voices, they also have different personalities: Cheetata appears to be more eager and aggressive while Cheetato seems more likely to think things through. The cheetahs first appear in the episode "Cooked Goose", where they are annoyed by Shenzi, Banzai, and Ed getting in the way of their wildebeest hunt, so they try sending them on various wild goose chases.

They also appear in "Gabon with the Wind," where they are convinced by Timon that he is going to catch Pumbaa for them, when he is actually going to find his friend so that they can both run away to safety. While the cheetahs are chasing Timon and Pumbaa, the duo outsmarts the brothers by having them jump over a mud pool and fall into it.

They have a leader also voiced by Jeff Bennett who is also a university student and who usually precedes what he says with "Bungala, bungala. This episode shows that they used to have a warthog king of the island, which is unknown what might've happened to him. Therefore, the natives might have not seen their king in a really long time. When Timon and Pumbaa visit the island, the natives mistake Pumbaa for their long-lost king and they make Timon his servant.

Everything goes well until they make Pumbaa relight the fire and realize that he's an impostor when they see that he is unable to do so. After Timon and Pumbaa escape, the three natives shed their disguises upon getting tired of being hit by the leader's staff and return to the university.

The leader orders them to return or else they'll lose their deposit. The natives also appear in the episode "New Guinea Pig," where Pumbaa decides to trade his tusks to them.

After they fail to get the tusks, the three natives shed their disguises and return to the university In "Beast of Eden", the three natives are shown with their leader again where they steal a golden magic tooth that belongs to a beast and Timon and Pumbaa have to retrieve it from them.

They also make a brief appearance in the episode "Mozam-Beaked" when Timon and Pumbaa go to Bora Bora to throw a woodpecker into the volcano. Smolder the Bear[ edit ] Smolder the Bear voiced by Jim Cummings is a grumpy, short-tempered, but nice grizzly bear, although he gets easily angered, such as when he is awoken from his nap or when someone gets his food order wrong. He also has a romantic interest in a beautiful supermodel named Leslie Lambeau voiced by Grey DeLisle.

In the episode "Jailhouse Shock," Smolder becomes cell mates with Little Jimmy, who gets even with Timon and Pumbaa by taking advantage of him by convincing him that the duo hurt him so that he could beat them up. Tatiana[ edit ] Tatiana voiced by Tress MacNeille is the daughter of the Duke Meerkat and the princess of the meerkat colony. She only appears in one episode but she's vital for Timon's past. After Timon leaves his sentry duty post to prepare for his date with Tatiana, a king cobra enters the colony and kidnaps the princess, which makes everyone believe she's dead and which causes Timon to get banished.

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After Timon and Pumbaa meet for the first time, they see that Tatiana is still alive and rescue her from a cobra. When Tatiana returns to the colony with Timon and Pumbaa, Timon is offered her hand in marriage.

When the Duke makes him choose between Tatiana or Pumbaa, he chooses to be Bestest Best friends with Pumbaa as they leave the Meerkat colony. Although "Once Upon a Timon" was meant to be Tatiana's only appearance, there is a female meerkat who bears a striking resemblance to her in the episode "Timon in Love".

The only difference is that Tatiana has blond hair while the other meerkat has red hair and she's not wearing a tiara. Sharla[ edit ] Sharla voiced by Billy West is a female warthog who is the leader of Pumbaa's former sounder as well as Pumbaa's former girlfriend. While she only appears in one episode, she is vital for Pumbaa's past. She and three other male warthogs of the sounder banished Pumbaa from the group due to his awful scent, which was appalling even by warthog standards.

Years later, Sharla and the three warthogs carry around a big bag of bugs for the rainy season, but come across a flock of Guinea fowl, who are their natural enemies and nightmares. Due to the birds' abilities to remove their furs in just a few seconds, the warthogs refuge in a hut and make a distress call, which Pumbaa answers.

When Pumbaa reunites with his sounder, he has Timon come up with ideas on how they can get rid of the Guinea fowl. However, none of Timon's ideas work, so Pumbaa suggests that he and Timon use the jeep so that they carry a fake bag of bugs which have firecrackers inside to distract the Guinea fowl while Sharla and the other warthogs leave the hut with the real bag of bugs. Although Sharla banished Pumbaa from the group, they still have romantic feelings for each other.

When Pumbaa and Timon show up to the hut, they tell each other that they have never forgotten one another. Sharla tells Pumbaa that he should stay with the group, but Pumbaa decides to continue living his Hakuna Matata lifestyle with Timon, which the female warthog understands.

Ned the Elephant[ edit ] Ned voiced by Frank Welker is a high and mighty African bush elephant who thinks he's wonderful at everything. He seems to enjoy teasing Timon and Pumbaa when they fail at proving their worth to him. In the episode "Uganda be an Elephant", Timon states that Ned is the most popular guy in the jungle and Pumbaa decides to turn himself into an elephant in order to be popular as well.

Although Ned is selfish and sarcastic, he gets a change of heart after Pumbaa rescues him and his hippo henchmen from falling off a cliff. In the episode "Unlucky in Lesotho", it is revealed that Ned has a Good Luck Club, which lost most of its members due to Ned bringing an unlucky jar.

Because he gets attacked by piranhas or tigerfish upon falling into the river after a black panther cub crosses his path, Ned is never seen or heard from again after this episode. He is similar to Toucan Dan, with the fact that he is also a criminal mastermind and he can also be dishonest. He also has two voices: Little Jimmy first appears in the episode "Nest Best Thing," where he tricks Pumbaa into building a birdhouse for him, which is actually a hideout.

The pigeon police show up and arrest Little Jimmy. In order to get revenge on Timon and Pumbaa for turning him in, he tricks Mr. Bear into thinking that Timon and Pumbaa hurt him so that he could hurt them back. They are shown to be bullies of the jungle, as they enjoy pushing Timon and Pumbaa around, giving them atomic wedgies, as well as being shown picking on a squirrel.

They also have their own philosophy: Kahuna Potato, which means that they will never leave Timon and Pumbaa or anyone alone. Pimon and Tumbaa make their first and only appearance in the episode "Kahuna Potato".

After Timon and Pumbaa successfully catch some bugs, the bullies steal their bag of bugs, give the two wedgies, and walk off with the bugs. Fed up of being picked on by the bullies, Timon decides that it is time for himself and Pumbaa to learn how to fight. Timon and Pumbaa go to Rafiki to have him teach them self-defense, which Rafiki suggests that they should snatch some bugs off his palm and he will teach them the secret to Kung-Fu.

While the two groups fight each other, the bullies give Timon and Pumbaa more atomic wedgies, causing the two to give up until Rafiki appears and tells the two to use Hakuna Matata to fight. Listening to Rafiki's advice, Timon and Pumbaa continue fighting Pimon and Tumbaa and they end up defeating the bullies. Later that night, Pimon and Tumbaa get their hairs shaved off and feed Timon and Pumbaa the bugs they stole from them.

Simba's Pride and The Lion Guard. Kiara is also a descendant of Mufasa and Sarabi, who are Simba's parents and Sarafina, who is Nala's mother. Kiara is portrayed as a feisty, playful, and adventurous princess whom Simba easily fears for her safety. As a cub, Kiara befriends Kovu and rescues him from a group of crocodiles. As a young adult, Kiara is rescued by Kovu as part of Zira's plan to avenge Scar's death and the two lions eventually fall in love.

Afterwards, she becomes Kovu's wife. Simba's Pride with Marsden reprising his role in The Lion Guard, though this time as an older cub is the youngest child of Zira, Nuka and Vitani's younger brother, Scar's chosen heir, Kiara's mate, Kion's brother-in-law and Simba and Nala's son-in-law.

Kovu means "scar" in Swahili, a reference to his character conception as Scar's son, which was changed due to the implications of him and Kiara being first cousins once removed and falling in love. As a young adult, Kovu rescues Kiara during a planned ambush and Simba reluctantly allows him to stay in the Pride Lands.

While spending time with Kiara, Rafiki gets the two young lions to fall in love, and Kovu realizes he cannot hurt Simba. However, after Simba is ambushed by the Outsiders and Nuka is killed, Kovu angrily disowns Scar and leaves the Outlands.

When he tries to explain to Simba that he had no involvement in the attack and begs for Simba's forgiveness, Kovu is quickly exiled from the Pride Lands as a traitor by Simba with help from the Pride Lands' inhabitants. Kovu returns to Pride Rock and stops the fighting between the Outsiders and Pridelanders with the help of Kiara. Simba later reconciles with Kovu, allows him to marry Kiara, and become his eventual successor to the throne.

She was Scar's most loyal follower, and plots to avenge Scar's death by forming the Outsiders. However, after taking advantage of Kovu's friendship with Simba's daughter Kiara, she devises a plan to assassinate Simba.

Eventually, the Pridelanders and the Outsiders fight each other, but with Kiara and Kovu's help, Vitani and the other Outsiders abandon Zira.

Attempting to attack Simba, Zira is intercepted by Kiara and falls to her death despite the latter's attempt to rescue her. Zira made an appearance in The Lion Guard which takes place in the middle of the film alongside Kovu, Nuka, Vitani and the rest of her pride in the episode "Lions of the Outlands".


It is revealed in this episode that Zira attacked Simba after he defeated Scar and denied Kovu's position as the next king, resulting in the Outsiders' exile. She tries to convince Simba's son Kion that using the Roar of the Elders against her and the other Outsiders would cause him to lose it just as Scar did in reality, he lost it because he used it for eviland to side with his fellow lions.

However, Kion is eventually able to see through her deceptions and drives her and the others off with the Roar. His name means "stink" in Swahili. Jealous of Zira's greater relationship with Kovu, Nuka often attempts to gain his mother's approval. During the Outsiders' ambush, Nuka attempts to kill Simba to prove himself to his mother, but is crushed to death. Although she has a prominent appearance in The Lion King 2: Simba's Pride, she makes a cameo appearance in The Lion Guard.

As a young adult, Vitani is Zira's strongest lieutenant, supporting and acting on her mother's violent plans. With Kovu and Kiara's help, Vitani and the Outsiders turn on Zira and join the Pridelanders to stop the fighting between the two prides.

Simba's Pride, but this was softened to "Vitani", which is a portmanteau that can be roughly translated to "I Am War" or, more commonly, "Demon of War".

Generally encouraging and optimistic, she believes in Timon and convinces Uncle Max to give him a job as a sentry or look-out. After Timon fails in his duty, she remains convinced that he can still find a place in the colony, but when he insists that he has to go, Ma supports him.

Later, she gets worried about Timon after speaking to Rafiki and searches for him. They finally reunite at Pride Rock and Ma helps in the battle against the hyenas by digging a long tunnel to trap them. After Simba becomes king, the death of Scar and avenging Mufasa, Timon takes them and the entire meerkat colony to the jungle paradise he and Pumbaa discovered. He has grey head-fur and a very large nose. Max is a pessimist by nature and very paranoid, believing that a meerkat's fate is to be "food for other animals!

Feared by nothing and eaten by all! He is glad to see Timon go but ends up going with Ma to find him. Max appears again towards the end of the film, where he and Ma encounter Timon and Pumbaa at Pride Rock, and helps Timon get rid of the hyenas by digging a tunnel.

Max finally believes in Timon, and after Timon takes the meerkats to his jungle paradise, Max teaches the meerkats tai chi instead of how not to be eaten. Some of Max's role was originally going to be filled by Timon's father, who was considered for inclusion in the film but ultimately dropped. His name is derived from the Swahili word "Kiongozi" "leader".

His catchphrase is "Hevi kabisa! In the series pilot The Lion Guard: As leader of the Lion Guard and second-born to the throne, Kion is gifted with a power called the Roar of the Elders which when used, causes the great lion spirits of the Pride Lands past to roar with him.

Kion has a strong sense of responsibility, and does not want to end up like his great-uncle Scar, who used the Roar for evil and thus lost it forever. Because of this, Kion is mindful not to use the Roar in anger. Sometimes though his emotions get the better of him, as when Nala was once cornered by hyenas causing him to Roar in anger at them. He also demonstrates a strong yet open sense of discernment, which warms him to scavengers like Jasiri the hyena and her clan.

However, more cunning neighbors such as Zira of the Outsiders and Reirei's jackal pack have used his trusting spirit to exert their will, only to be soundly subdued when Kion's instincts come into play.

By the end of the hour-long season 2 special The Rise of Scar, Kion travels to the Outlands to save Kiara, and unknowingly summons Scar back as a fiery spirit in the hyenas' volcano after he uses the Roar in anger when Janja taunts him. Later in the season, Kion and The Lion Guard find out that Scar has returned while they are in the Outlands getting volcanic ash needed to cure Simba from a scorpion sting.

Upon returning to the Pride Lands, Kion acknowledges to his team that they have a tough fight ahead, but remains confident that they will be able to defeat Scar. Bunga[ edit ] Bunga voiced by Joshua Rush is a young honey badgerKion's best friend and the bravest member of the Lion Guard.

He is also the adoptive nephew of Timon and Pumbaa. Bunga is shown to be very adventurous and he rarely acts serious or even sits still, as he is always on the move, working off boundless energy and enthusiasm, and makes even the most dire of situations into a fantastic time. Though this makes him a great friend and playmate, it lands him into trouble more often than not.

Not only is he willing to put himself in bodily harm, such as his stunt in leaping off Pride Rock, but he will face down predators such as the hyenas in order to save his friends. According to Kiara, Bunga is "brave, bordering on stupid," but a valued member of the Lion Guard nonetheless.