List of strengths and weaknesses in a relationship

List of personal strengths (psychology research)

list of strengths and weaknesses in a relationship

strengths of their relationship. Why is this the strengths. It is quite common for a spouse to say, “I always think about is that if you look for strengths in your relationship, you will find them . How can your strengths become your weaknesses. Passive/aggressive behaviour is near the top of that list. k Views How can someone who gives you strength be your biggest weakness? 1, Views. Focusing on our weaknesses while ignoring our strengths can be a source of discouragement and failure. In fact, weaknesses contribute to our greatest relationship, our love life, as well. For as Francois B) EXAMPLE WEAKNESSES. 1.

In our interviews with adults, we find that almost everyone can readily identify a handful of strengths as very much their own, typically between two and five. Peterson goes on to present a list they used in summarizing their "possible criteria for signature strengths": Like other scientific theories it is subject to change as evidence is evaluated over time.

list of strengths and weaknesses in a relationship

Here are the 24 strengths of character at present, grouped in 6 categories of virtues: The List Strengths of Wisdom and Knowledge: Cognitive strengths that entail the acquisition and use of knowledge 1.

Thinking of novel and productive ways to conceptualize and do things. Curiosity [interest, novelty-seeking, openness to experience]: Taking an interest in ongoing experience for its own sake; exploring and discovering. Open-mindedness [judgment, critical thinking]: Thinking things through and examining them from all sides; weighing all evidence fairly.

Mastering new skills, topics, and bodies of knowledge, whether on one's own or formally.

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Being able to provide wise counsel to others; having ways of looking at the world that make sense to oneself and to other people. Emotional strengths that involve the exercise of will to accomplish goals in the face of opposition, external and internal 6. Not shrinking from threat, challenge, difficulty, or pain; acting on convictions even if unpopular. Finishing what one starts; persisting in a course of action in spite of obstacles.

list of strengths and weaknesses in a relationship

Presenting oneself in a genuine way; taking responsibility for one's feeling and actions. Vitality [zest, enthusiasm, vigor, energy]: Approaching life with excitement and energy; feeling alive and activated. Valuing close relations with others, in particular those in which sharing and caring are reciprocated.

Kindness [generosity, nurturance, care, compassion, altruistic love, "niceness"]: Doing favors and good deeds for others. Social intelligence [emotional intelligence, personal intelligence]: Being aware of the motives and feelings of other people and oneself. Citizenship [social responsibility, loyalty, teamwork]: It is only when we give equal weight to our strong points and faults that we can realize our potential.

Also note that we must choose our friends carefully because each relationship nurtures our strengths and weaknesses. That is, we will grow better or worse, depending on whom we spend our time with.

Men and Women…STRENGTHS and weaknesses

Considering how they affect our lives and that we seldom see the big picture, I will try to share some helpful ideas about our strengths and weaknesses. How can we reach our dreams unless we first master ourselves? This is why understanding and managing our weaknesses is so important. The first lesson, then, is to remember that weakness means the absence of power.

We are not dealing with a moral issue, but a practical one. That is, we want to know what works. What will help us reach our goals? It is not weakness but strength that will take us where we want to go. So, we need to identify our weaknesses and overcome or manage them. Yet, we also have to realize that we will never overcome ALL our weaknesses, nor should we want to. For weaknesses are important.

Developing Our Strengths while Managing Our Weaknesses

They help each of us to become a unique individual. You see, it is not only the strengths of others that make them appealing, but their weaknesses as well. We relate to their flaws and root for them because we, too, are imperfect. And as we open up and expose our weaknesses to friends, we develop intimacy, strengthening our relationship.

In fact, weaknesses contribute to our greatest relationship, our love life, as well. Yet, the first step in overcoming any weakness is to become aware of it.

So, how do we detect character flaws that are hiding in the background? A good way to start is by monitoring our negative emotions. Are we angry, vengeful, resentful, jealous, envious…?

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They all point to weaknesses that we can work on. Change those you can.

What are Your Weaknesses? - Sample Answer

The important thing is not overcoming them, but the strength we gain in doing so. Accept those you cannot change. Embrace those you cannot change because it is what makes you unique.

If everyone were perfect, everyone would be the same, and we would live in a dull world. Use your weaknesses to develop compassion.

Since others have to tolerate your faults, it is only fair that you tolerate theirs. Also use your flaws to learn new coping skills and strategies. In other words, use your weaknesses to find new strength. If you envy or admire someone, that is useful information. It points to the person you would like to become. So make that your goal. You can even ask the person you admire how you can become more like them.

They may not only be happy to help, but may develop into an important friend. Your willingness to wrestle with your demons will cause your angels to sing. Use the pain as fuel, as a reminder of your strength. Failure to be grateful for what we have prevents us from being happy, weakens relationships, and blocks more good from entering our lives.

Live with a grateful heart and you will live a long, happy life. People who think they know it all weaken themselves because they stop learning. They are also easily hurt by the criticism of others. The paradox is they become weak because of their fear of appearing weak. To accept as true whatever one reads or hears without questioning the facts may leave one misinformed, ignorant, or open to manipulation by others. To be uncomfortable with insecurity is to be uncomfortable with life, for insecurity is the nature of life.

If you need to satisfy your hunger for security, rest with the assurance that although you cannot count on others or the world, you can always count on yourself.

So, use your feelings of insecurity as a catalyst to develop self-reliance. Failure is not possible unless one stops trying. Its cures are perseverance, patience, commitment, flexibility, creativity, and solution-oriented thinking. There is no defeat except from within, no really insurmountable barrier save our own inherent weakness of purpose. Boredom is a lack of interest in doing anything. But we cannot just smugly sit self- satisfied like a Cheshire cat. How strong is an ant? Scientists in Krakow, Poland were astonished to see an ant holding a dead bird in the air weighing times more than the ant.

That would be equivalent to a pound man holding 50 tons in the air National Geographic, December, ! You, too, have enormous power at your disposal, but it is often overlooked and neglected. People do not lack strength; they lack commitment.

list of strengths and weaknesses in a relationship

And if you cultivate it, you will be laying a firm foundation for success. It is a sign of strength to be weak, to know it, and to manage it, but a sign of weakness to be unaware of our faults and mistakenly believe we are strong. Oddly enough, many people are unaware of their many strengths.

Developing Our Strengths while Managing Our Weaknesses

It is important to recognize our inner resources, for until we do, we will fail to use them. The sad fact is a strong person unaware of his strength is no more useful than a weak person.

How can we make sure we are not overlooking our strengths? A good way to identify personal strengths you have overlooked is to ask yourself a series of questions, such as the following.