Master chief and arbiter relationship quotes

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master chief and arbiter relationship quotes

“The Mausoleum of the Arbiter.” - Answering the Prophet of Truth's Question of where they were located. “Even on my knees, I do not. Well, true, but when Arbiter said: you shall not harm another (halo), Quote: Chief and arby's relationship? I think they're going steady now. The most epic Halo quote a guy might say in a relationship. Posted by: The Arbiter Either kill me or release me, parasite, but do not waste my.

Pistol-Whipping is a One-Hit Kill if delivered from behind and decent damage from any other anglewhile grenades come in " standard frag " and " Sticky Bomb " varieties; later entries to the series added " sets things on fire ," " shoots spikes " and "shield - drain" flavors.

The available tactics are a lot broader when you've got three different triggers to pull. Vehicles are prevalent and are integrated seamlessly into gameplay: As a consequence, many of the franchise's campaign levels are absolutely enormous, with some levels largely about driving from Point A to Point B while avoiding enemy fire.

While it is possible to finish the level on foot assuming there aren't any ramps to jump, high spots to get to or timed sectionsit is in your best interest to use a vehicle whenever possible. Movement speed is a lot slower than older games comparatively, you move about half as fast as prior FPS heroes; the series didn't get a "sprint" function until Reachpartly to compensate for the inaccuracy of a joystick and partly for more "serious" gameplay. This is evident in how absolutely mandatory it is to pay attention to the Scenery Porn and navigate through any given location.

You also have an extremely "floaty" jump, able to clear obstacles as tall as your character to facilitate some mild platforming. There is also an extreme amount of effort made both within the games and All There in the Manual to justify why the Player Character is able to be a One-Man Army and not just a blanket excuse of "he's just that badass.

Among the features of this armor include: Deflector Shields that can only absorb so much damage but will regenerate to max if you avoid fire for a few seconds. Games vary on how they treat your health bar; the first game used Regenerating Shields, Static Healthwhile others have featured regenerate-to-the-nearest-segment lifebars as seen in Gears of War or even turning you into a One-Hit-Point Wonder.

Luckily, Your Shield Will Protect You ; they provide what is essentially Regenerating Healthgiving you tactically infinite Hit Points if you know when to retreat for a moment. This overcomes a common issue about players worrying how to survive a level with no way to recover lost health. The HUD built into your helmet includes a motion sensor to help prevent yourself from being shot in the back or reveal enemies just out of sight although is only useful against moving enemies and at a certain range, making snipers more threatening.

It also justifies the use of waypoints to direct your movement through a level and not getting lost trying to find the exit. Customization features that vary wildly depending on the options presented in any given game. This ranges from Dual Wielding weapons to deployable tactical equipment to physical customization of the armor itself.

Of course, Bungie took advantage of these unique gameplay quirks to stage intense and frantic battles, increasing the emphasis on having the right guns, using all your attacks and knowing when to retreat and recharge your shields.

The gameplay style is both twitchy and cerebral, with room for the guns-blazing approach and significant tactical depth. The style has been preserved, with only a few tweaks for the sequels Dual Wieldingnew or rebalanced weapons, new vehicles, some power-ups, etc throughout the franchise The plot is also fairly complex and sometimes combines with the gameplay to require you to engage in atypical combat.

The music and voice acting are nothing to sneer at either. What has made the series so long-lasting is the multiplayer component; starting with Halo 2, the game connected through Xbox Live and brought to Console FPS the kind of multiplayer experience which previously could rarely if ever be obtained without a computer. Halo is one of the best-known Killer Apps. When the original Xbox was announced, there was a lot of skepticism from those who had already experienced the Console Wars and had no reason to believe the XBox would go anywhere.

Their reasoning wasn't inaccurate: Three Is Death in the console market, which until then had had trouble supporting even two consoles; and, as released, the XBox did not seem to have anything worth playing. The fact the original Xbox was an American-made console didn't help, after the disaster the Atari Jaguar was. But once gamers got their grubby little hands on it, Halo singlehandedly kept Microsoft in the race; Caustic Critic Edge Magazine went so far as to call it "the most important launch game for any console, ever.

Opens The 'Verse and depicts the battle between the humans and the Covenant aboard the titular Forerunner ring. A rerelease of Combat Evolved, debuting ten years later. It uses the same engine from the original game, but adds updated graphics and other bonus content.

The sequel, which briefly takes the battle to Earth and introduces a second protagonist, the Arbiter of the Covenant. An Updated Re-release marking the ten year anniversary of Halo 2, with updated graphics and other bonus content. It was included with The Master Chief Collection. The first on the Xboxconcluding both the original trilogy and the Covenant War.

The next title in the main series, announced in Side Stories Halo 3: A prequel to Combat Evolved revolving around a group of Spartans in the largest battle of the war; the fall of the UNSC's second-most important planetReach. Other Games Halo Wars It focuses on events at the start of the war with the Covenant. A top-down action shooter developed by Vanguard Games taking place between Halo 3 and 4. The Master Chief Collection An Xbox One Compilation Re-release of the first four main series Halo games plus the "Anniversary" remakes of Combat Evolved and 2 that has all their multiplayer modes with online play added including a new multiplayer mode for Halo 2's anniversary updateplus several more bonus features.

A later update also adds the campaign from Halo 3: A sequel to Spartan Assault revolving around the struggle for a Forerunner artifact known as "The Conduit".

master chief and arbiter relationship quotes

Halo Wars 2 A sequel to the original, co-developed with Creative Assembly. It was canceled, but the beta was left as an open-tools game for modders.

A coin-op arcade cooperative arcade Rail Shooter taking place during the events of Halo: Reach was Bungie's last Halo project, with all subsequent works in the franchise managed by Microsoft subsidiary Industries.

There are also several novels and various other media that make up the Expanded Universe. The Fall of Reach A prequel to Combat Evolved and the book that spawned the expanded universe, written concurrently with the original game.

Reissued in and with retcons and bonus content. A novelization of Combat Evolved which expands on the events on the first Halo ring. Reissued in with retcons and bonus content. Bridges the events of Combat Evolved and Halo 2.

Ghosts of Onyx Most of the events take place concurrently with Halo 2.

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A prequel that showcases first contact with the Covenant and the start of the Human-Covenant War. The Cole Protocol A standalone story that focuses on a few events in the Outer Colonies early on in the Human-Covenant War. An anthology of short stories by several authors. Rereleased as two volumes inwith two additional stories and new cover art for each of the original tales.

A trilogy of novels that document the fall of the Forerunner empire through the eyes of several characters. Told by the Forerunner Bornstellar, who discovers the Cryptum of the exiled Didact.

Told by the prehistoric human Chakas about his adventures on the 7th Halo ring. Told by the Catalog, a Forerunner of the Juridical rate, about the war with the Flood and the activation of the Halo array. A novel series bridging Halo 3 and Halo 4. The Thursday War A story detailing San'Shyuum political intrigue and Sangheili rebellion at the beginning of the Covenant, then following up on their long term consequences during the Great Schism. Hunters in the Dark A novel about a joint human-Sangheili mission to the Ark which take place about two years after the events of Halo 3, and introduces future Spartan-IV Olympia Vale.

A short story about Iona, a "smart" AI who launches a legal appeal protesting her own termination. A novel set after the events of Glasslands, detailing one of Blue Team's missions on a remote human colony, where a seemingly simple serial murder investigation uncovers something much bigger Shadow of Intent Another anthology of short stories by several authors.

Halo Smoke And Shadow A novella set after the original trilogy, about a salvager seeking to find out what happened to her father and his ship, the UNSC Spirit of Fire.

master chief and arbiter relationship quotes

A novel about inter-species tensions on a joint human-Sangheili colony which also serves as a semi-sequel to The Cole Protocol. Halo Legacy Of Onyx A novel revolving around a group of young teenagers living in a multi-species research facility on a Forerunner Shield World, and the vengeful Sangheili fanatic who seeks to destroy everything they represent. A sequel to New Blood taking place after the events of Halo 5: Halo Silent Storm An upcoming novel revolving around four teenagers and an injured Spartan trying to survive a Covenant invasion, set for release on January 1, Comics The Halo Graphic Novel Contains four supplementary stories taking place around the first two games, plus an extensive art gallery with contributions from the staff of Bungie, Marvel, and elsewhere.

A four-issue series that bridges the gap between Halo 2 and Halo 3. A five-issue prequel to Halo 3: A five-issue series about a black ops Spartan-II team.

Fall of Reach A twelve-issue comic book adaptation of The Fall of Reach. An issue series about the impact of the events of Halo 4 on the wider galaxy, serving also as a prelude for Halo 5: Halo Tales From Slipspace An anthology of several stories by different authors. Halo Rise Of Atriox Halo Collateral Damage A three-chapter mini-series centered around one of Blue Team's missions during the Human-Covenant War. An upcoming mini-series about Spartan-II Linda being sent on a solo mission to stop a rogue scientist, set for release on January 2, ReachHalo 4and Halo 5: Forward Unto Dawn Halo Television Series Upcoming: She appears to dislike him and doesn't regard him as a friend.

However, during ' Remission ', Chief is quite saddened when she is fragged; hanging his head down after saying "surprised face: He watches Arbiter talk to Claire over Instant Messaging in silence; showing that he respects her to some degree; also in 'The Reunion', he leaves when she arrives, possibly to give Arbiter and Claire some privacy.

In ' Da Bomb ', the two insult each other, with Chief doing it subtly by asking him "can we go now Commander? Whilst Cameron is less hostile towards Arbiter, he openly mocks Chief in a condescending way.

Master Chief and Arbiter relationship

When they meet again in 'The Reunion', they appear to be on slightly friendlier terms, with Cameron congratulating Chief and Arbiter, with Chief saying back "no thanks to you losers", this doesn't spark an argument however. They meet again and Cody is challenged by Chief to a 2 v 1 match; where Cody and Cameron beat him. He has a rematch with them again in 'Double Trouble', this time with Arbiter on his side.

master chief and arbiter relationship quotes

They almost beat them but they use 'camping' tactics to win. Chief continually argues with Cody and Cameron throughout the series. Chief assassinates Cody in 'Collapse'. He returns in 'The Reunion', where he congratulates Chief and Arbiter by saying 'Well done asswipes'. Timothy also made Chief feel very sad during Time Wastersdue to what he said.

Master Chief/Relationships

In the episode Cheaterswhen Timothy gets fragged, Chief laughs. Stephen Edit Chief constantly insults Stephendespite the latter acting friendly and calm during their confrontations.

He possibly acts hostile towards him due to constantly being told to stop swearing and being put under his care. In 'The Reunion', Chief tells Arbiter that he was right about Stephen all along, possibly meaning that Chief had a funny feeling about Stephen.

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He acts normal and doesn't give away their intentions when they find him in Matchmaking. Kevin Edit Chief and Kevin have only spoken to each other on one occasion; this occurred in ' Hard End ', when Chief cut in front of Kevin in the que to be recruited; Kevin complained and Chief responded by saying 'QQ Faggot'.

Kevin however saves Chief and Arbiter later on during ' Blackout ', showing that he has forgotten or forgiven the encounter he had with Chief. He praises them in 'The Reunion' for what they did.

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Trent Donnovich Edit Chief doesn't get along with Trent ; calling him a 'batwing' and many other insults. When they first meet, Chief tries to be on his 'best behavior', but still makes subtle jabs towards him and his wedding. Trent hates Chief whilst Chief says in 'Cheaters', "hey he's pretty cool actually'. He doesn't kill him in 'Collapse' and allows Arbiter to kill him.

He does hate him however, as during 'The Reunion', he wants to go after Trent; despite Arbiter telling him to go kill Justin. He chases him from server to server; where he ends up accidentally crushing Trent with a tank; he gets out and laughs at his dead body. Leonard Edit Chief never insults Leonard directly; possibly due to the power he has over Chief.

He often goes into little rants and argues with Leonard over something he has done. The two have little interaction and they have only been seen talking to each other when he has done something wrong or if he is being briefed on something.

Craig makes fun of Chief which makes him very sad, and makes him hate Craig. Chief seems to like him and compliments his map. However, later in the episode, he abandons Cody, which results in Brent killing Cody.

master chief and arbiter relationship quotes

It is unknown whether the two are still friends or not.