Max and chloe ending a relationship

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max and chloe ending a relationship

At the end if you just hugged Warren and chose to kill Chloe in the end, Max in a way used, Chloe's pain and relationship with Rachel as a excuse to use her. Helped Chloe end her life in the "William Lives" alternate reality or not your relationship with Chloe is good enough to trigger the final kiss. In the end of everything (the tornado), i see it as a sign that they love of how you choose to shape Max and Chloe's relationship, and I think it.

At the end if you just hugged Warren and chose to kill Chloe in the end, Warren and Max would still be a item. Because Max never cared for Chloe in that way What if I told you the only reason that Max may have just hung around Chloe, was because of her powers? Yes they are best friends but if Max never got her abilities, she would of never approached Chloe. Max would of slowly emailed Chloe and Chloe would of cast Max away.

It was Warren and Nathan fight that brought them together.

max and chloe ending a relationship

Max was just excited and was trying to figure out how to user her abilities more. By saving Chloe multiple times, this gave Max a excuse to use her powers, Max enjoyed the adventure, the drama and the bond her and Chloe shared, but without the powers they would never made up as friends ever. Chloe would of shunned Max for leaving, forcing Max into Warrens arms. Chloe was Max outlet, Max was in love with the powers until she realize that they were bad.

Then their is the even darker part: Max in reality would of killed Chloe why? Max isn't stupid, she isn't going to sacrifice billions just to save Chloe, why?

Cause their is Warren, deep down Life Is Strange is about Max learning her lesson about being a bad friend. Max in a way used, Chloe's pain and relationship with Rachel as a excuse to use her powers, only to realize that her selfishness was a bad idea.

max and chloe ending a relationship

Max in a way did care about Chloe but at the same time didn't. Max and Warren would become an item.

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So the second you choose to save Chloe, everyone is killed in the storm. If Max and Chloe lived would they be together? Truth be told Max is a terrible friend who finally learns her lesson despite the last choice you make. But would she love Chloe? It's like having that one friend who is excited to tell that special friend anything and show them anything all the time.

In the end when it comes to love These are to contextualize a binary system and it's combinations though we don't necessary are confined in a binary system which transgender and transexuality addresses. So what makes of Chloe and Max?

What kind of relationship do Max and Chloe have?

In the game there is a lot of mention of their past relationships with little to no specific indication aside from their friendship which can count as an estranged relationship.

Based on the dialogue from episodes including all choices. Chloe finds Mark Jefferson attractive but at the same time she shows affection for Max for being a friend to the point where they can kiss. At the same time she had a close attraction for Rachel to try and find her.

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Meanwhile Max shows she had past experiences but nothing stuck to her aside for her fondness for Chloe. Just on this, we can say the following: Which we can say she could be a mono-romantic since her two relationships are with two females which she also identifies as that gender. If it was a male she could be a bi-romantic but based on the stuff she has in her room comparatively to Dana would not reflect that.

However the only proof is the dialogue where she just says she was dating someone in Seattle before coming here. In terms of her sexual preference, we can't necessarily conclude this because she never mentioned if she has sex with either gender or anyone else.

At the end of the game, we can see Max and Chloe do share a close bond likely because she's been reunited with her closest friend.

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Does this mean she's bisexual or even homosexual? Nope since we don't see any sexual attraction from Max to indicate.