Monica and chandler relationship

Friends: 20 Things About Chandler And Monica’s Relationship That Make No Sense

monica and chandler relationship

What was the name of the couple Monica and Chandler befriended on . In what order did the other friends find out about their relationship?. Okay, so unless you've been hiding under a rock for the past twenty-three years, chances are you know Friends. I'm sure I don't need to remind. Monica and Chandler are basically the definition of #relationshipgoals. Take a stroll down memory lane at all of the moments that made them one of the best.

Chandler would very publicly admit that he was not great with women, yet he was always open with Monica about his feelings for her if not totally initiating moving forward with their relationship.

Monica was also fantastic at being honest with Chandler whenever she was in doubt. They communicated and were ultimately always on the same page especially when it came to bypassing a quickie Vegas wedding.

People change on their own terms and for their own reasons. Fate can be magic.

monica and chandler relationship

When Monica met Chandler, he was incapable of opening up to women. As they continued to date she loved him for who he was.

Would that turn of events had happened if he was dating someone else? Remember when Monica and Chandler first hooked up in London? Keep it a secret? Monica and Chandler were focused on getting to know each other as a couple after years of getting to know each other as friends.

They were building a meaningful bond and by the time they ended up telling the entire group, they had solidified their feelings without it feeling showy in front of a group of their friends. He decided to make her think that marriage was the last thing on his mind. Richard then showed up at her work and asked her to marry him.

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Why didn't they ever talk about Richard's proposal or Monica taking time to think after it? He ran off the night before their wedding, and Ross and Phoebe found him later in his office. Phoebe alerted Rachel that they'd found him before she told Monica that he was missing. Then they thought that Chandler ran off again before the wedding.

They believed that Monica was pregnant and Chandler was scared.

monica and chandler relationship

Again, they didn't tell Monica. However, no one told Joey not to tell the bride, so he clued her in during the ceremony. He, in turn, ran around, asked others for help and grabbed a mixtape that he found lying around.

He didn't even bother listening to it first. After he called her out on not making her gift, they didn't listen to the mixtape for a day.

Instead, he listened to it for the first time beside her.

monica and chandler relationship

Like most things regarding Janice, Monica just let it go. However, it's a bit weird to still have a mixtape from your ex lying around.

What Monica and Chandler taught me about solid relationships

So he and Ross tried to recreate some key moments from the event, including the kiss with the bride. They crashed another wedding's reception, and Chandler kissed another woman. Meanwhile, Monica couldn't resist opening her and Chandler's wedding gifts, even though she just started with one small one. When the newlyweds met up, Monica revealed that she found the cameras. This meant the photo she held was evidence of him kissing another woman.

Then Chandler saw the open presents.

monica and chandler relationship

He asked if they could "call it even" and she agreed. However, how is kissing another woman and opening gifts anywhere near the same? She called him her "prince" and "soulmate. Chandler was worried, even though he admitted that he didn't believe in soulmates.

Monica then told him she didn't believe in soulmates either and that she didn't think they were destined to end up together. They fell in love and worked hard at their relationship. Neither of them seemed to remember this, though, which they should have. After all, their vows were personal and romantic. They were the perfect example of "friends who became more.

It wasn't until season 3 that the writers considered putting Monica and Chandler together. The EP also revealed that it was uncertain if Monica and Chandler's relationship would last after London. It would have been a mistake if it hadn't happened.

Monica and Chandler's relationship was so much better than Ross and Rachel's. It was smart to be cautious about their relationship.

monica and chandler relationship

However, it's crazy to think there was ever a question mark once that hookup happened. The other women talked Monica into putting her name on the registry, just in case.

Chandler overheard and promptly freaked out. Monica assured him that she didn't think they'd be getting married.