Mr stevens and miss kenton relationship

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mr stevens and miss kenton relationship

Study Miss Kenton and Steven's relationship flashcards from Antonia simon 's Mr Cardinal to Stevens upon hearing the news of Miss Kenton's engagement. Related Characters: Mr. Stevens (speaker), Miss Kenton (Mrs. Benn) (speaker), .. He has been wondering how and when his relationship with Miss Kenton. Stevens tells Miss Kenton of Lord Darlington's decision to fire the maids that She says to him: "Why, Mr. Stevens, why, why, why do you always have to pretend? Stevens thinks about why his relationship with Miss Kenton underwent such a.

mr stevens and miss kenton relationship

This will be done by focussing the following aspects: Miss Kenton's direct statements about Stevens 2. The relationship between Stevens and the housekeeper and what it tells about Stevens' emotional life. The interaction between the two figures. This aspect will briefly deal with their dialogues and will be combined with the comparison of Stevens' and Miss Kenton's highly contrary natures and what they mean with regard to the revelation of Stevens' character traits.

According to these aspects, my analysis will mostly remain on the story-level only. The discourse level might be touched as far as the narrative situation is concerned, since most of the information about Stevens is conveyed through his own narration. The explicit characterisation of Stevens through direct statements made by Miss Kenton As I already pointed out, few direct statements made by subsidiary figures can be found in Ishiguro's novel, since Steven's consonant first-person narration does not leave much room for any other figures in the book to impart their opinions.

Miss Kenton, however, gets close enough to Stevens to criticise him. She is the only figure perceptive enough to realise the butler's blind trust in Lord Darlington's decisions and faces him with harsh words when he - without a second thought - complies with Lord Darlington's wish to dismiss two well-working maids from the staff because of their Jewish origin. The argument which follows reveals Miss Kenton's criticism of the butler's blind obedience and his own queer notion of it.

Stevens dismisses Miss Kenton's objections by simply stating his own definition of obedience: His lordship has made his decision and there is nothing for you and I to debate over. If his lordship wishes these particular contracts to be discontinued, then there is little more to be said.

Surely I don't have to remind you that our professional duty is not to our own foibles and sentiments, but to the wishes of our employer. Thus Miss Kenton's reproaches, which are brought forward in a direct manner and refer to his irrational and pitiless behaviour, lead to the revelation of Stevens' own concept of a good butler: This concept is an important part of Stevens' self-definition since "It is only through his master that Stevens can establish his own worth. About a year later Stevens gets into the embarrassing situation of revoking his former austere opinion of the matter as Lord Darlington himself expresses regret about the incident.

Following Stevens' claim that the matter had affected him as well as her, Miss Kenton recalls his "positive Miss Kenton responds by two inquiries, each starting with "Do you realise Being too busy with trying to achieve the status of an excellent butler, he tends to forget or even to ignore his own feelings.

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But the problem is, that he does not even realise it until the end of the novel, until the end of his journey to the west-country. Miss Kenton criticises him because of his pitiless behaviour towards her, since he knew of her distress concerning the matter: You knew how upset I was when the girls were dismissed.

Do you realize how much it would have helped me?

mr stevens and miss kenton relationship

Why, Mr Stevens, why, why, why do you always have to pretend? He is living the life of a man who has always been striving to reach the unobtainable: Feelings and rational decisions must fall by the wayside in the world of dignity and emotional restraint Stevens has erected around himself.

Miss Kenton has hit the nail on the head, for she has seen through his masquerade, but she does not get any answer from Stevens who simply has not realised yet what illusion he is living in.

mr stevens and miss kenton relationship

Some lines further in the text, when feeling the need of defending his former taciturnity in the matter of the dismissed maids, a simple switch of pronouns gives proof of his uneasiness of admitting his moral objections: With this, he distances himself from what he is saying, losing his credibility.

On the discourse level this means a clear hint at narrative unreliability. Darlington Hall itself seems to confine Stevens to his role, as his change throughout his trip to Cornwall shows. A foreboding hint that the shared future lies emptily before them. A further hint at Stevens' hidden emotions is given during one of the times he and Miss Kenton meet for cocoa in her parlour.

This might seem to be an unusual behaviour on the butler's side, but, viewed in another light, it gets quite clear that Stevens comforts the housekeeper by reassuring that she had done her best, not personally, but professionally. Anyway, he is able to comfort her here, but later on we will see, that he is incapable of giving any comfort in emotional matters - an aspect which perfectly fits into his scheme of himself.

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When Miss Kenton wrote a letter, seeming quite nostalgic for Darlington Hall, it occurred to him that it Miss Kenton continued to assert that her position was in fact above his, even while Stevens insisted Stevens said he was busy and would Now that he thinks of it, it may have The summer evening mentioned by Miss Kenton in her letter was not long thereafter: Once, during the preparations, Stevens came upon her in the dark backroom corridor, and As he arrived Stevens happened to encounter Miss Kenton in the back corridor; asking her who had just arrived, she hurried past, telling him Miss Kenton appeared, then, and said she could attend to his father and show Dr.

At that moment the first footman whispered to Stevens that Miss Kenton needed a word with him. He slipped out to find her looking upset, saying his Stevens turned away and told Miss Kenton that while this was very distressing, he had to return downstairs: Dupont asked him to find Cardinal started up a drunken conversation with Stevens, before a footman told Stevens that Miss Kenton wanted to talk to him. She told him Dr. Stevens spent last night Since she remained silent, he said he would go