Nagato and konan relationship quotes

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nagato and konan relationship quotes

Konan and Nagato were both war orphans alongside Yahiko during the Quotes is the term used to refer the romantic relationship of Nagato and Konan. (To Nagato)You are the reincarnation of the Sage of the Six Paths, who dreamed of These are all nexuses, causal relationships that can't be separated. . Konan. (To Jiraiya) "You have no idea what happened to us after you left, sensei. " —. When Nagato was first intoduced to Yahiko by Konan, Yahiko seemed Quotes Edit YahiKonan is slightly popular in the fandom, due to their relationship.

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Naturally, their presence in Konoha causes many events to take different turns from canon, ending in a completely different story. The fanfic has the following tropes: She was first Naruto's surrogate mother, and later had two kids of her own with Nagato. Still, she never stopped being a kunoichi.

Yahiko and Konan's relationship doesn't work, but they still remain good friends. Obito and later Naruto call Konan "Koko". Yahiko calls Nagato "Rings". Strangely enough, Itachi calling Sasuke his "foolish little brother" is actually this.

nagato and konan relationship quotes

Fuu calls Naruto "Blondie", a nickname he does not appreciate. Birds of a Feather: I'm starting to like this guy. I think this is the start of a beautiful friendship. The Chains Of Command: It takes no time for Nagato to see that being Hokage is an incredibly demanding and taxing job.

Yahiko, Nagato and Konan lived together with Jiraiya as he taught them ninja skills. At one point, Nagato and Yahiko were attacked by chunin from Iwagakure.

Blinded by his will to protect his friend, Nagato resorted to using his Rinnegan against the shinobi, killing them. Nagato sought out help from Jiraiya and told him that all he wanted was to protect Yahiko and Konan. After Jiraiya's departure from them three years later, Nagato Konan and Yahiko persued their dream peace. Over time they gained several followers, forcing them to find a bigger hideout.

They eventually named their group the Akatsuki. In the anime, at one point, Yahiko, Nagato, and Konan were attacked by shinobi while protecting a small town. Konan surrounded the enemy with paper shuriken, but her attack soon lost its effect as the rain dampened the paper. Taking a chance to strike her, the enemy attacked, though Nagato was able to save her.

When all three of them fought again against ANBU disguised as shinobi from Stone village, Yahiko tried to negotiate with them, but to no avail. Yahiko managed to bring him back to his senses in order to prevent bloodshed and they fled away from the battle zone, returning to the hideout. Later, Konan found him near a pond in thought.

He confessed to her that he felt afraid of his power, but Konan comforted him and placed her hand on his.

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In response, Nagato blushed and grabbed her hand. As the Akatsuki began to get bigger, Hanzo began to feel threatened by them and set up a plan with Danzo to eliminate its leader. Under the pretense of wanting to discuss peace, Hanzo called for a meeting with Nagato and Yahiko. Once they were together, Hanzo revealed he had captured Konan and threatened to kill her if Nagato did not kill Yahiko with the kunai he had thrown to him. Konan begged for them to run away and forget her, but they refused to leave.

Without ever uttering a single word Get it. Tell me Do you know my thoughts? Your laughing voices sound like contempt and mocking me now, I will change those laughs to screams and wails. I'm going to kill you and every last person in your beloved village! It's time to make your choice! Kill me and become a hero, or die at my hand and become another one of my victims!

I remember time spent with the brother that I looked up to that I loved. I do understand what you want me to do. I'll become Hokage and change the village. Because that which is destroyed can always be fixed and rebuilt.

Villages freed from the clutches and employ of darkness what I desire is to reform the entire shinobi world! What I am calling for, what I am bringing forth that is Revolution.

Listen, he was full of weaknesses. He was a good-for nothing. Sakura I'm Sakura Haruno. My dream for the future is But now it's my turn to take the lead, and all of you can watch me from the background!

Women have to be strong in order to survive! I thought I could do this I've just been getting it wrong. Just been messing it up I don't want to get it wrong anymore Your smile is what saved me! That is why I'm not afraid to die protecting you! Because I love you — to Naruto Neji just said that your life is not just your own anymore Do you understand what he meant?

Your words and desire to not let your comrades die Neither of them are lies! What inspired Neji and carried him this far were those very principles!

It's not just you, Naruto we all hold those same words and feelings within our hearts. They're what bind our lives together and make us comrades. If we all give up and discard those words and feelings now, Neji's sacrifice will have been for nothing And that is when your comrades truly die, for you are no longer comrades then. That's how I feel Therefore stand up together with me, Naruto Because never going back on one's word is my ninja way too! Orochimaru To Kabuto You just don't have enough information to explain yourself yet.

nagato and konan relationship quotes

Your glasses, your name, being someone's child is not something that can show who really you are. But that is fine. If you're not happy on what you have now you can just find new things to find up. You see, I also want to find who I really am. That's why I'm collecting a bit of everything. The first one to mix blue and yellow called the new colour "green". I want to do something similar to that. If blue is the chakra, then yellow is the seal, and green is the technique Just as there is no end to the variety of colours, there are so many thousands tens of thousands of techniques in the world as well.

But in order to obtain every possible technique and truth, it would require an eternity.

Only one who understands everything after spending such time on this can be fittingly called the Ultimate Being. But if you linger a while longer in this world, you might discover something of value in it, like how you discovered that flower.

nagato and konan relationship quotes

Or, how I discovered you one fateful night. I will not die here! Destined to discover the true meaning behind everything! Destined to take control of everything in this world!! He gets much better. It's just a matter of whether they die before it happens.

nagato and konan relationship quotes

Although he died just the way he was.