Nayanthara and vignesh shivan relationship problems

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nayanthara and vignesh shivan relationship problems

Nayanthara's marriage has been a focal point in South Indian cinema Photos of Nayanthara and Vignesh Shivan doing rounds lately show that Anger management and temper issues were said to be few reasons for the. Director Vignesh ShivN and actor Nayanthara have for long been rumoured to be in a relationship. On Monday, Vignesh, who is currently in. Southern actor Nayanthara has responded to the rumours of dating Tamil filmmaker Vignesh Shivan. A Twitter handle named @NayantharaU.

NRT is a comedy film, which has the extreme of emotions with Vijay Sethupathi and Nayanthara as the protagonists. I come from a police family. Both my parents are police officers. My mom Meena Kumari worked as an inspector in Vadapalani police station and recently retired.

My dad is no more, he was a Superintendent of Police.

Nayanthara calls Vignesh Shivan her 'fiance'. Wedding on the cards?

If you look at the children of police officers, say boys, they will have a different attitude. So, from what I experienced in real life, I took inspiration and added my imagination.

nayanthara and vignesh shivan relationship problems

We learn Nayanthara is playing a hearing- impaired person. What references did she take to play the role? I did some research for my script, watching videos from Vidya Sagar School before finalising the heroine. We gave her those videos as well as some of films in similar genres.

How did you convince her to dub with her own voice for the first time in her career?

My relationship with Nayan is too personal to talk about: Vignesh Shivan

Laughs Initially, she was apprehensive. I told her that she had done a great job as an actor and unless she dubbed her own voice, it would be incomplete. She agreed and gave it a try.

nayanthara and vignesh shivan relationship problems

But the only drawback was she could do it only when she enacted her scenes all over again. But she did it with utmost perfection. Did you have Vijay Sethu pathi in mind when you wrote the role?

Are Nayanthara and Vignesh Shivan getting married?

Actually, we tried a few people for that rowdy role, including Anirudh, Gautham Karthik and a newcomer before finalszing Sethupathi. I know him from my Poda Podi days. We gave him a makeover and he essayed the son of policewoman, who is portrayed by Radhikaa.

Though the report strongly claims that Nayantara and Vignesh Shivan might take their relationship to the next level, Nayantara had recently said that she would not marry anyone from the film industry which contradicts with the latest hearsay.

Whatever might be the truth, at the end of it all, Nayantara's well-wishers and fans would be happy for her if she has found her perfect companion.

nayanthara and vignesh shivan relationship problems

Stay tuned for further updates. Meanwhile check out the slides below to know about Nayantara's previous relationships and also her alleged link-ups with various other celebrities: Nayantara-Simbu It is not a secret that Nayantara had a love affair with Simbu.

nayanthara and vignesh shivan relationship problems

The couple who got closer during the Vallavan days broke up subsequently due to some misunderstandings which includes Simbu's link-ups with other girls. Nayantara-Prabhu Deva Nayantara had decided to marry the actor-choreographer turned director and even went to the extend of quitting films.

Nayanthara calls Vignesh Shivan her 'fiance'. Wedding on the cards? - Movies News

After she had declared that Sri Rama Rajyam would be her last movie as she would settle down with Prabhu Deva, their relationship took a U-turn and rest as they say is history. Nayantara-Arya When Nayantara made her comeback through Raja Rani, she had said that Arya was her only support at that time and that he actually had helped her to bounce back.

Post the release of Raja Rani, dating rumours between Nayantara and Arya started to surface. Post some unbelievable allegations, Nayantara expressed her anger by saying that the rumours are nothing more than a mere imagination of someone. Nayantara-Udhayanidhi Stalin After working together in a couple of movies, it was said that Udhayanidhi went to the extend of committing suicide after he was rejected by the famed actress.