Nerissa and gratiano relationship test

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nerissa and gratiano relationship test

Others suggest that he has a homosexual relationship with Antonio. Bassanio. To you, Antonio, He marries Portia's lady-in-waiting, Nerissa. Gratiano. Let me play the Fool. With mirth and laughter 5; Page 5 of 5. Glossary. Move on to Test . In the Merchant of Venice, Nerissa, Portia, and Jessica are foils. or “shadow” the relationship of Nerissa and Gratiano, with that of Portia and Bassanio. . Bassanio unless he passes the test that Portia's father has created. Nerissa and Gratiano's relationship is a traditional one, in keeping with most marriages passes Portia's father's test, Nerissa follows suit and marries Gratiano.

The lack of power she has in this world because she is a Jewess.

nerissa and gratiano relationship test

Also her relation with Lorenzo, how is it different from both Portia and nerissa's relationships? Best of luck I thank you.

Can I use it to compare the two, or is there something more substantial that I can do. Also, would you say I covered it all with the two, or that there is something more that I'm missing.

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Also, I have some good "stuff" for Jessica and Portia;please offer some constructive criticism on it if you will: With his portrayal of Portia and Jessica, Shakespeare has contradicted the perceived roles of women in the 17th century society through. Portia has been clearly evident as an instrumental character to the play's development as a result of her greatness, high self-esteem, abilities, intelligence and manipulative power.


Jessica however, has been portrayed in light of a reactive, submissive character that possessed low self-esteem and remained reactive through the play. Furthermore, several similarities and differences, that the two share, are in that, both have feelings and affections for a man.

The whole reason Bassanio even borrows the money is so that he can go to Belmont, and take his hand in marriage with Portia, a lady he loves.

nerissa and gratiano relationship test

It is emotional when he chooses the right casket, as if it was destiny to. As per Portia, Bassanio is the only man to choose a casket that she had taken a liking for.

nerissa and gratiano relationship test

So in the end, they get married. They suddenly announce that they are getting married, without any warning. They barely knew each other, much less had time to. However, they seemed very happy that they were getting married. Jessica, being a runaway, has some tension in her relationship.

Foils:comparing and contrasting?

It was like a runaway love. There is also tension between the relationship of Portia and Bassanio, and Nerissa and Gratiano.

Portia yells at Bassanio for giving away the ring, as does Nerissa to Gratiano. Later on, both couples are kind with each other yet again.