Popeye and olive oyl relationship questions

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popeye and olive oyl relationship questions

Ask questions on any topic, get real answers from real people. Have a A baby being in the care of Olive Oyl in certain cartoon features. There have been Popeye is the adoptive father of Swee'Pea, an infant foundling left on his doorstep. Apr 11, Popeye made his first appearance as a supporting character in a cartoon strip in Hearst's New York Popeye and Olive Oyl were real people. Dec 5, Olive Oyl is a cartoon character created for comic strip Thimble Theatre. The strip was later renamed Popeye after the sailor character that became the most pop What is the relationship between Olive oyl and Diesel Oyl?.

Segar's assistant Bud Sagendorfwhich combined elements from both the original Thimble Theatre and the Fleischer Studios cartoons.

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Her comic book appearances would continue for decades until the title's end in Fleischer Studios Olive after consuming some of Popeye's spinach. As Popeye's popularity grew, Fleischer Studios would produce a long-running series of animated theatrical shorts loosely based on Thimble Theatre due to the short-length of the shorts.

Olive would be made one of the main characters of the animated shorts alongside Popeye, Bluto and occasionally Wimpy. The first few cartoons, however, featured Bonnie Poe as the voice of Olive Oyl. In the cartoons, she would usually be Popeye's sweetheart, or a girl that both Popeye and Bluto were trying to impress.

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Other times, she would help to take care of a baby named Little Swee'Pea ; it is not made clear in Fleischer's continuity if Swee'Pea is Olive's biological or adopted son. In the comics, Swee'Pea is a foundling under Popeye's care. Later sources, mostly in the cartoon series, say that Swee'Pea is Olive Oyl's cousin or nephew that she has to take care of from time to time.

Because of the episodic nature of the shorts, Olive's character was severely limited to only serving as a damsel-in-distress who was often kidnapped by Bluto and saved by Popeye.

popeye and olive oyl relationship questions

However some shorts did show her as being as much of a scrapper as in Thimble Theatre. Unlike most modern damsels-in-distress, Olive Oyl has her hair in a bun and is tall and skinny, with oversized feet, making viewers often wonder why so many men find her so appealing and are willing to resort to violence for her.

popeye and olive oyl relationship questions

Famous Studios Famous Studios' re-design of Olive. Following the takeover of the Popeye animated franchise by Paramount Studios inFamous Studios made drastic changes which abandoned almost all traces of Thimble Theatre and focused largely on plots involving Popeye, Olive, Bluto in something resembling a love triangle, without many other characters appearing and with very few shorts deviating from that setup, which involved Olive falling for Bluto and Popeye beating him after eating spinach in an oft-repeated formula.

Olive's design was changed quite a bit, now being given more hair, smaller feet, wider eyes and a more feminine face, likely as to try making her a more attractive prize for suitors to fight over. This re-design also brought in a drastic change in Olive's personality, where she was now always completely helpless, along with being more vain and fickle towards others, especially Popeye, whom, unlike in previous media, she would quickly leave at the drop of hat over petty or questionable reasons, which made the character come off as very superficial, and only a few shorts ever retained any resemblance to how she was.

First television series Inthe first Popeye the Sailor animated television series was produced for first-run syndication which proved successful. Like the earlier theatrical cartoon series, it would use many elements that were already well known, mostly the basic storyline of Popeye trying to keep his sweetheart Olive safe from the hands of other male suitors while using spinach to remain fit and healthy.

While the show did involve Popeye and Olive's love life, episodes actually focused more on Popeye and his adventures around the world and beyond not unlike the Fleischer and comic strip incarnation.

In the show's pilot, Olive's design was faithful to her original depiction, but when the series was picked up she was made to look like her Famous Studios incarnation. Olive also usually helped Popeye against The Sea Hag in this show much like in Thimble Theatre due to his unwillingness to harm women. The show also saw a new addition to Olive's family in the form of her niece, Deezil Oyl.

What is Sweet Pea's relationship to Popeye and Olive Oyl? Bet You Too Have Asked This.

Unlike the previous show, this series had higher-quality animation and was more akin to Segar's work and Fleischer cartoons than other Popeye animations, with Olive being seen as less cowardly and more daring, and her design was also changed back to match her original look rather than her design from the Famous Studios and 60s era. Olive also gained a new gimmick in that whenever she ate spinach, she temporarily became a superhero called Wonder Olive.

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A year later, Bluto and Olive got married and every time they dropped Sweet Pea off for every other weekend visitation with Popeye, Bluto tried to start a verbal conflict with Popeye. If any of this sounds at all familiar to you, there may be some lessons in this story. Popeye never really admitted his own insecurities to himself and instead, year after year, stayed stuck in his own self-defeating thoughts and behaviors. Being willing to focus on our own personal growth is one of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves and others.

What you allow will continue.

popeye and olive oyl relationship questions

Our successes and failures in life can all be traced back directly to the relationships in our lives at the time.

Choose those relationships carefully. Captain AmericaherohulkSex and RelationshipsSpider-man! About Lynn Wicker Author, blogger and speaker Dr. Lynn Wicker, has dedicated her life to helping others.

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Also, it's not always a matter of Olive throwing "sweet, good guy" Popeye over for someone else.

popeye and olive oyl relationship questions

Sometimes Popeye either was a jerk in some way, or was made to seem like one to Olive because of his rival's tricks. Sometimes the other guy earned her gratitude for saving her from danger.

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Occasionally, Olive actually had some good reasons for dumping The Sailorman. Finally, although we've seen Olive give Popeye the brush-off over and over again, realize that this has as much to do with the conventions of cartoon making at the time as it does with Olive's character. The idea of continuing storylines throughout episodes of cartoons began with the advent of made-for-TV fare. Each theatrical cartoon started and ended a story.

It often seemed as though the characters were always starting over with a clean slate each time a new cartoon began. The creators were faced with coming up with stories that would make sense featuring characters that the audience would identify and recognize, even if some of the audience members hadn't been to the movies for quite some time. In the case of Famous Studios, the easiest way to make Popeye cartoons that everyone would recognize as Popeye cartoons was to have stories of Popeye and another guy slugging it out over Olive.

It's not the case that if these characters existed in the "real world," Ms. Oyl would be standing up Popeye every ten minutes. It's hard to be totally committed to someone who isn't totally committed to you.