Pregnant isabella and phineas relationship

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pregnant isabella and phineas relationship

Add Video Add Image Summary Ferb gets Vanessa pregnant Characters Main: Ferb Doofensmirtz Minor: Phineas Flynn Candace Flynn Stacey Hirano Jeremy . Isabella sat at her computer with her phone, still in her nightshirt, If you can't talk to him about it, your relationship definitely isn't ready And since we were reckless and didn't take appropriate precautions, she got pregnant. Rated: Fiction M - English - Romance - Phineas, Isabella - Chapters: 2 - Words: . "it's not the end of the world if I am pregnant" I said . Our relationship had pretty much been ruined since she forced me away from phineas.

Then all of a sudden Isabella bolted from her seat and ran towards the guest toilet covering her mouth. Phineas turned his head and only then heard from the room: Phineas blinked and noticed a few deep rings around her eyes, "You should probably lay in bed for now hun.

Isabella walked over to her bed and Phineas followed her, concerned for his wife's' health. Isabella turned her head to her husband, "Phineas, I feel a little bit nauseous. Isabella turned her head over to the alarm clock, which also worked as a calendar, Phineas invention. She blinked a bit, "Its a week overdue hun. I promise to be gentle. Phineas rested his hands on top of her stomach and almost froze in his place.

It was unusually warm. Wake up fully and give me Ferb, please. Now its an emergency Not once taking his eyes off his wife. Isabella was feeling very uncomfortable under his stares, Phineas picked a notepad up and pen.

After a while, he spoke again, "Ferb? Call everyone and I mean everyone back together. Meet me and Isabella back at moms home I know what the time is but its an emergency I can't explain it over the phone but will explain it once we are back home. Ok, see you in 20 minutes. We have to get going back to my parents' house right now I think I know what is wrong.

pregnant isabella and phineas relationship

The two packed the bags and Phineas started the car. They drove back to Linda and Lawrence house. As they got there, Isabella was still clueless. Though she was pleased to see the rest of the family back with them. She and Phineas greeted their new niece Amanda and Candace and Jeremy had some news of their own as well.

Ferb and Vanessa came about 20 minutes later, and Vanessa herself was clutching some test in her hands beaming over her face. Ferb began with the word, "So Phineas, why did you call all of us together? At 10 PM at night? But then Isabella, Vanessa and Candace blurted out at the same time out of excitement: Jeremy and young Xavier blinked the most. Candace nodded and handed to the family her ultrasound image.

However, Ferb was almost on the verge of crying, he faced Phineas and Jeremy worried. Jeremy and Phineas faced each other and nodded, they walked into the back garden and sat together under the tree.

pregnant isabella and phineas relationship

Isabella, Vanessa and Candace blinked as the men left them back alone. Candace turned to Vanessa, "Vanessa? Ferb is the perfect example of the perfect family father.

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He helps me out whenever I need assistance. And never once raised his voice or hand against me. He has even booked all the doctors appointments between now and 9 months later when our kid will come into the world. Isabella blinked, "The same with Phineas. He never did anything wrong so far. What is going on with them?

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The other girls nodded, they each made for themselves another cup of tea and just waited. Outside Ferb sat with his brother and brother-in-law on a park bench that was set up in the garden, he was shaking a bit and facing the floor. Ferb shook his head, "Of course I'm happy. She was startled by a knock on the door. Her mother answered, "It's Mom and Dad. Time to talk about last night.

Can we come in? Dad glowered at her, while Mom looked calm. Mom started the conversation. Your father and I are very concerned about your actions. A district attorney who wanted to prove he's not a puppet of the police department could have chosen to make an example out of you. A prosecution like that wouldn't look good on either of your college applications. I could have messed up Baljeet's college dreams.

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He'd never forgive me. Even if you say that all we can do is hold hands until we go to college, I'll take that as long as I get to keep seeing him. More than I ever thought possible. The goal here is not to set you up for failure, and I suspect that restrictions like that would have you up at Vista Point again inside a month.

You're allowed one phone call per day, up to thirty minutes, and restricted computer use for your online classes. No texting, no email beyond what you need for class. If you are alone in a car with him, you are to go directly to your destination.

If we catch you pulling something like this again, we will not be so lenient. We knew this was a possibility. We're not upset about you having sex. Mom laughed, and looked at her watch again. We've seen how much you two love each other. We're upset about you choosing to express it in an irresponsible way. If we'd realized that you were considering this, I like to think we'd have made the same offer.

We've talked to the parents of your friends who are dating so that they can have appropriate conversations with their children, but several of them had already heard fragments.

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Part of the reason we're going easy on your punishment is that you're going to have to deal with everybody knowing your business. That's going to be punishment enough, I suspect.

Mom said, "Right on time," pulled it out of her pocket and handed it to her. I'll be back in half an hour to pick up the phone. Her mother Vivian knocked on the open door and coughed. No good word on their punishment. Ginger and Baljeet are grounded for a week, and anything beyond that is their business.

But, we need to talk about you and mi yerno. I suppose he could borrow Ferb's hot rod, but It doesn't even have a back seat. We haven't even talked about it yet. You two seem so in love, I'd assumed I'm sorry, I wouldn't have been joking with you about it if I'd realized. I know I love him, but I don't know if I'm ready to do more with him.

How do you know when you're ready? You were ready to marry him that first day they moved in. But that's not what I mean. You didn't know then. But part of really knowing is knowing that he feels the same way about you. It's knowing him as more than just friends. Is he really exactly what you were hoping for before you started dating? I remember you having issues with the difference between your fantasy version of him and reality.

We got through it, though. The real version of him is much better than the fantasy one was. Kind of like a puppet. Real Phineas comes up with cool things to do all the time, and includes me in all of it.

Isabella and Phineas's relationship

He's always active, always thinking. He's hard to keep up with. Your father drives me up the wall sometimes too. Can I make a suggestion? If you can't talk to him about it, your relationship definitely isn't ready, but seeing that he's getting a similar talk this morning, he may even bring the subject up.

I have talked to Linda and Lawrence, and we have agreed to lift the rules about keeping your bedroom doors open when you're alone together in there. But it's not like we aren't out of the house enough to give you two plenty of opportunities together anyway. As he reached the door, his father, behind him, asked, "Phineas, can we talk for a couple minutes? I never would have picked them for the first ones to However, Ginger's mother gave us a call and pointed out that having a talk with you about expectations might be wise, seeing that you've been going out with Isabella for some time.

pregnant isabella and phineas relationship