Queen elizabeth and mary of scots relationship quiz

Quiz 2: Mary, queen of Scots - English History

queen elizabeth and mary of scots relationship quiz

Learn and revise about Elizabeth I with BBC Bitesize KS3 History. Was she a great What relation to Elizabeth was Mary, Queen of Scots? Sister. Daughter. Elizabeth I's relationship with Mary, Queen of Scots dominated English and Scottish politics for 20 years. Now, as a new film Mary Queen of. Mary escaped from which Scottish castle in ? Queen Elizabeth I: Biography & Facts Continued Part 4. 'I cannot but "Quiz 2: Mary, queen of Scots " corrosion-corrintel.info, March 17,

Who was Mary's mother? The infant Mary was not crowned at Scone but where on the 9th September ? The Scottish Parliament repudiated the Greenwich treaty in December resulting in conflict between England and Scotland untilknown as the what? The French were aiding the Scots via the 'auld alliance'.

queen elizabeth and mary of scots relationship quiz

Which French king proposed that the five year-old Mary come to France with a view to eventually marry his son? In France Mary became popular at court.

Who was her nortorious future mother-in-law, queen consort to Henry II?

queen elizabeth and mary of scots relationship quiz

Mary married who in in Paris aged 16 and became queen consort of France on the death of Henry II in ? Francis died in after only fifteen months as king and the Mary returned to Scotland in Who had become Queen of England during her absence? The Scottish Reformation of had rejected the Catholic church in favour of which form of Protestism?

queen elizabeth and mary of scots relationship quiz

Mary had refused to ratify which treaty of which was partly designed to replace the 'auld alliance' with an Anglo-Scottish accord? Catholic Mary seemed determined to persue the throne of England and had a legitimate claim as the granddaughter of which sister of Henry VIII?

Attempting to neutralise Mary, in Elizabeth proposed she marry which favourite, alleged lover and Earl of Essex? Both he and Mary rejected the idea. Unlike Elizabeth Mary married for love.

queen elizabeth and mary of scots relationship quiz

Who did she marry on 29th July ? Darnley turned out to be unreliable and a violent drunk. Out of jealousy who was Mary's Italian secretary he assisted in murdering in front of the pregnant Mary on 9th March ?

At which site in Edinburgh in February was Darnley himself found dead, strangled in the orchard of a blown up house? Who was the Earl of Bothwell suspected of orchestrating the murder of Darnley?

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Bothwell abducted Mary and physically assaulted her. What did Mary do? Outraged Scottish peers moved against Mary and Bothwell, raised an army and confronted them on 15th June Mary of Guise's position in Scotland was weak, and she was fighting for survival in a country that was now Protestant. The French could not contemplate attacking England when French rule in the country via Mary and her French mother was so fragile.


For this reason, Elizabeth's ministers urged her to aid the Scots against their Catholic government. Elizabeth was reluctant to aid rebels, but in the name of self preservation, agreed to some aid. English involvement was rather disastrous, however, with the English forces suffering humiliating defeat. William Cecil was sent to Scotland to negotiate peace with the Scots, and he played a prominent part in drawing up a treaty with the Scottish government, which guaranteed peace between the two realms.

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The treaty of Edinburgh was never ratified by Mary, however, as she refused to relinquish her claim to the English throne that the English requested. Mary was always seen as a considerable threat to Elizabeth.

Many Catholics did not recognize Elizabeth as the true Queen of the realm. They did not recognize the marriage of her mother, Anne Boleyn, to her father, and so believed that she was illegitimate. Illegitimate children were not supposed to become kings or queens. As well as this, Elizabeth was also a Protestant, but Mary a Catholic. For many years Catholics plotted to depose and kill Elizabeth in order to put Mary on her throne. Mary herself did not recognize Elizabeth as the true Queen, and believed that she herself was the rightful Queen of England.

Sometimes she even referred to herself as such. The relationship between Mary and Elizabeth was always very difficult.

queen elizabeth and mary of scots relationship quiz

As mutual queens and cousins they tried to keep up a pretense of friendship, but in reality they did not like each other very much.