Ragnar and lagertha relationship with god

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ragnar and lagertha relationship with god

Lagertha was, according to legend, a Viking shieldmaiden and ruler from what is now Norway, and the onetime wife of the famous Viking Ragnar Lodbrok. Mar 2, Yes, but in those times relationships were much, much different than they . Lagertha left against the will of the Gods, and even though Ragnar. Nov 17, But one thing was for certain: the God's ties were binding. Rated: Fiction T - English - Romance/Drama - [Lagertha, Athelstan] - Chapters: 8.

But as soon as we saw the potential, the great actors, it became clear that Ragnar was needed for much longer. I was there that day. It was extraordinary, for everyone who was there. It was a very memorable scene. Just as the Crucifixion is graphic, this must be as well. And indeed, that was shot in Ireland in the deepest winter. It was a terrible mudbath. And finally there was the moment where Ragnar is in the cage above the pit. Travis was actually suspended in that cage for hours, and the bottom really did open, and the real Travis fell.

We spent a long time working on the script. When he was in the cage and screaming out those words, it was really him. It was a creation of both me and Travis together. It was a very moving day.

It also felt so small, in a way. It was a couple dozen people in the woods. If you have special-effects armies around and a heroic death, that is essentially an empty death. It is a lot of sound and fury signifying nothing.

You were so up close and personal here.

ragnar and lagertha relationship with god

The most significant deaths do happen normally in historyit only becomes clear later how significant it was. I wanted it to be as intimate as possible, so we were looking into his eyes. It has a profound effect on Ecbert. They were so close despite being so different — they felt a kinship. I always felt the two prior episodes were part of the death, really, the two-hander with Ragnar and Ecbert.

But of course it hits all the sons. He says she and Athelstan are always welcome in his castle, whenever they may choose. The offer of hospitality is taken upon and Lagertha is back with the King in his castle. He shows her the Roman baths and invites her as well as Athelstan and Judith for a dip.

Soon, Lagertha and the King are wrapped around each other, though Judith abruptly leaves the bath as Athelstan follows. Lagertha and King Ecbert take little notice, however, and continue having sex. Later, Lagertha flings briefly with Princess Kwenthrith.

Unbeknownst to Lagertha; however, the King has no intention of keeping his promise and sends his men to kill the settlers and burn the land. Lagertha has other problems and upon returning home finds that Kalf has taken over her earldom. She asks Ragnar to help her recover it, and, although he joins her in speaking with Kalf on the matter, he only goes to ask for his help is attacking Frankia.

Ragnar then leaves Kalf to deal with his ex-wife on her own. Though Lagertha develops an intense hatred for Kalf, their past follows them and Kalf silently watches over Lagertha during the siege of Paris.

Lagertha will have nothing to do with the man, and refuses to listen to him when he warns her that something doesn't feel right. Unable to convince her with words, Kalf takes it upon himself to knock her out and take her away, only seconds before a wave of arrows fly towards them. Lagertha awakens later to find her son Bjorn has been wounded during battle.

Like any mother would do, she rushes over to him and scolds Ragnar for not watching over him. Ragnar disagrees, of course, as Bjorn is a man after all. With the Vikings still recovering, Ragnar orders another attack.

Led by Lagertha, Rollo and Kalf, they manage to pass the bridge, but they are once again pushed back. Siegfried is captured and executed. As Lagertha recovers from the disastrous siege attempt, Kalf makes his intentions clear: Lagertha says that should she accept his offer, then he should know that one day she will kill him for usurping her earldom.

Kalf accepts and the two make love. Ragnar secretly meets the Franks although offered gold and silver, Ragnar doesn't accept, he asks to be baptized, and be buried in the city.

The vikings place Ragnar into a wooden coffin and escort it to the gates of Paris, where they meet the Bishop. The coffin is brought inside the Cathedral to be blessed, but Ragnar suddenly jumps out of the coffin alive. He takes Princess Gisla as a hostage and forces the guards to open the gates, Bjorn is standing in front of the city with the vikings behind him enter the city.

The vikings leave Rollo to stay at Frankia with a small party while the rest of the vikings sail back to Kattegat Season 4 Lagertha returns to Hedeby after invading Paris with Kalf, Torvi and Erlendur.

Earl Kalf announces that he and Lagertha will share the Earldom, to the dislike of Einar. Kalf invites Einar and his men to vote to exile Lagertha, then turns on them, killing the dissidents and allowing Lagertha to kill Einar.

ragnar and lagertha relationship with god

Lagertha sleeps with Kalf and he tells her he loves her. Lagertha reveals to Kalf she is pregnant, and Kalf asks her to marry him. Just before their wedding, Lagertha stabs and kills Kalf, and reclaims her status as Earl. Ragnar announces his plan to raid Paris Lagertha and Harald joins him they set sail. A storm throws the Viking's ships off course.

Lagertha, Ragnar and Harald arrive in France, where they set up camp. Once the remaining ships arrive, the Vikings sail up river towards Paris. As the ships approach Paris, they see Rollo waiting with his new French allies. Ragnar suggests attacking from both the river and by land. Lagertha and her warriors attack from the marshes but warriors become stuck in the marsh.

Rollo fires upon them and the ships. As the ships approach the forts, Rollo orders the Franks to raise a metal chain between them, which capsizes some ships. Lagertha retreats, and the Franks begin to set the Viking ships on fire. The Vikings retreat, and Ragnar's leadership is questioned by Harald but Lagertha continues to support Ragnar.

Ragnar tells Bjorn to land near a cliff, and reveals a new plan: As the Vikings carry their ships overland, Harald and Halfdan kill a Frankish family. Lagertha has a miscarriage and is comforted by Ragnar. Rollo leads his remaining ships into battle. Halfdan, Floki, and Lagertha are wounded in the battle.

Ragnar and Rollo begin to fight. The Franks gains the upper hand, and Ragnar tells Bjorn to take Lagertha and retreat. Thorhall delivers the news to Aslaug and Bjorn that the Norse settlement in England had been slaughtered, and also that Ragnar has a son named Magnus in Wessex.

Ragnar returns and asks Lagertha to accompany him to England but she refuses Ragnar then apologizes to Lagertha for everything he did.

Lagertha and Aslaug perform a sacrifice to the gods for their sons. Lagertha tells Aslaug she can never forgive her for taking Ragnar, and that she will never be Queen of Kattegat.

Lagertha imprisons Ubbe and Sigurd, and attacks Kattegat, intending to replace Aslaug on the throne. Lagertha attacks Kattegat, but Aslaug renounces herself as Queen, promising Lagertha that her sons will not seek revenge.

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In exchange, she wants safe passage to leave. She also said that Ragnar and Ivar died in a storm Lagertha initially agrees, but then kills Aslaug.

ragnar and lagertha relationship with god

Ubbe and Sigurd arrive to find Lagertha in the great hall. Ubbe challenges Lagertha's warriors in an attempt to kill her, but fails.

Astrid tells Ubbe and Sigurd that they will die if they harm Lagertha. Lagertha consider the consequences of Ragnar's death, while his sons start to plan their revenge. Lagertha orders defences to be built around Kattegat. Ivar challenges Lagertha to single combat, but is refused, and promises that he will kill Lagertha one day.

Lagertha asks if a son of Ragnar wil kill he and the Seer ''yes''. Ivar and Ubbe attempt to kill Lagertha, but are stopped by Bjorn, who makes clear that his brothers will have to kill him before Lagertha. Earl Jorgensen volunteers to be sacrificed to assure victory in the coming war she kills him as an offering to the gods.

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Lagetha discovers that Kattegat is being infiltrated. Kattegat is attacked by Egil and his men, but they are repulsed and Egil is captured. Torvi is severely injured. Under torture, Egil confesses to Lagertha that he had been paid by King Harald to attack her, Egil says to Lagertha that King Harald ordered him to attack Kattegat, shocking her as he was a sworn ally.

Season 5 King Harald heads back to Kattegat only to find Lagertha waiting for him, Lagertha suggests that Harald was expecting to find Egil in her place, so he could take over the kingdom. Harald confesses and dares that she kill him.

Harald is held prisoner by Lagertha.

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He proposes an alliance with her through marriage, but she refuses and rapes him. Harald's men free him and capture Astrid as they leave Kattegat. Ubbe arrives at Kattegat.

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There Ubbe agrees to ally with Lagertha against both Ivar and Harald. Floki returns to Kattegat with tales of his fabulous new land and recruits settlers to return, but Lagertha forbids him from taking her warriors away. Lagertha finds out from Guthrum that Floki has secretly recruited settlers to leave with him. Lagertha meets with Floki and lets them leave because she see's no point in keeping these warriors here against their will.

Lagertha warns Margrethe that if she continues to plot against her she will cut out her tounge and enslave her. Lagertha witness Bjorn breaking up with Torvi and then asks Lagertha to marry Snaefrid, Svase's daughter. Lagertha and her allies discuss how to respond to Ivar's attack, and decide to meet him in battle on land, assuming that he will not attack the town from the sea. Although Lagatha's forces win the first engagement against Harald and Ivar's forces, they are ultimately defeated in the following engagement, largely due to the intervention of Rollo's contribution of Frankish troops to Ivar's cause.

During the fighting, Lagatha confronts Astrid, who forces her lover to murder her as she does not want to give birth to her child. The combined psychological trauma of Astrid's death and her defeat at Harad's forces ultimately breaks Lagatha, as seen with her blonde hair turning white. Personality Lagertha is a shield-maiden, who fights alongside her male counterparts, and is adept in battle. Like her late former husband, Ragnar Lothbrok, she also has a sense of adventure, as well as fierce ambition and the desire to rule.

ragnar and lagertha relationship with god

Whilst physically able, she is also a very loving person to those close to her, such as Ragnar, her surviving child Bjorn, deceased daughter Gyda, and her friends and allies.

She also is compassionate of non-Norse, as she protects an Anglo-Saxon woman in Hixham, Northumbria from being raped by Knut, a half-brother of the late Earl Haraldsson. Whilst using power wisely, and justly, she is vicious to those whom she deems enemies. This would prove to have harsh consequences, leading Earl Haraldsson to try and murder her and the rest of her family and comrades. Lagertha killed Earl Kalf for usurping her Earldom of Hedeby, castrated Einar for assisting in this act, and was close to killing Rollo in the attack on Paris.

This too would have disasterous consequences, leading to the Kattegat Civil War and the deaths of thousands of Viking, including her lover Astrid and many of her close friends. Egil the Bastard was tortured by her, for leading an attack on Kattegat under the instruction of King Harald Finehair of Norway.

Lagertha has a great love for children, and was told by the Seer that she would have no more children other than Bjorn and Gyda. This prophecy, whilst true, was seen by Ragnar as dangerous, since she took unhealthy and unreasonable risks whilst pregnant, thus looking to "prove" the prophecies correct. There is also a hypocritical side to Lagertha. Despite her background as a farmer, she initially refused to let citizens of Kattegat to leave to farm in peace, something that Ragnar wanted for the Norse people, in Iceland.

Despite her hatred of rape, she has no problem committing it herself having raped Harald Finehair, though that admittingly was an act of revenge again Harald for the deaths of her loyal soldiers. On a final note, she said Ivar would be a usurper never mind the fact that she is a usurper herself and Ivar has a better right to Kattegat's throne than she does since by divorcing Ragnar she lost all right to the throne while Ivar is the son of Ragnar and Aslaug, Kattegat's previous rulers.

Children Gyda - who perished during the plague that hit Kattegat in late Season 1. Relationships Ragnar Lothbrok Lagertha had a very loving relationship with Ragnar; However, Ragnar becomes obsessed with a prophecy that has been foretold to him that he should have many sons.

When Lagertha miscarries what should have been their third child, Ragnar becomes increasingly distant in the following months. Ragnar begins a fling with Aslaug, who soon becomes pregnant. When Lagertha finds out, she is furious, when a heavily pregnant Aslaug arrives in Kattegat and Ragnar suggests taking on Aslaug as a second wife.

Lagertha feels hurt and insulted and leaves him to his new wife. In the years that pass, Lagertha remarries and moves away from Ragnar with their surviving child, Bjorn.

She joins him, however, in his endevour to colonize England, bringing back the feelings they each had for one another. However, he is unable to reconcile completely with Lagertha.

The final, and best example of this is that although Lagatha mourned Ragnar after his death, she did not join the Great Heathen Army on their mission to avenge Ragnar's death. Athelstan Lagertha's relationship with Athelstan was amicable.

As the show progressed, she considered her former slave as a friend. She even showed willingness to having a threesome with him and Ragnar. Although it is unknown, if it was by her desire or Ragnar's, since she haven't made any indication of trying again, after he refused.

Sigvard Sigvard was Lagertha's second ex-husband. It is unknown how their relationship was at first, but by the time Bjorn has grown to young adulthood, their relationship is hateful and abusive.

ragnar and lagertha relationship with god

Sigvard humiliates, beats and possibly rapes Lagertha, who tolerates it for a long time, but is forced to kill Sigvard when she realizes he wants to up his humiliation of her.

To her surprise, Sigvard former allies didn't like her late ex-husband either and after she finally makes a move to kill him and stabs him in the eye, they support her and elect her as new earl. Kalf Kalf and Lagertha had a love and hate relationship. Kalf was once her trusted advisor. She trusted him so much to the point of leaving him in command of Hedeby and to deal with Einar.

But Kalf eventually betrayed her and usurped her throne, causing her to hate and want revenge on him. Things got worse when Ragnar instead of helping her, invites him to join the Raid on Frankia.