Raynor and kerrigan relationship memes

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raynor and kerrigan relationship memes

Starcraft 2, Stars Craft, Hilarious Memes, Diablo, Overwatch, Cool Art, Badass . Raynor Kerrigan Starcraft Kerrigan Starcraft, Starcraft 2, Gaming Memes, Comic. Finally, Kerrigan is deinfested, which ends Raynor's part in the cycle of revenge. Don't Explain the Joke: One of the terran banshee pilot's quotes: .. The central story is about the relationship between the Zerg and the Protoss, and the. price and quantity demanded relationship memes we got attached to Raynor and Kerrigan partly his relationships with the supporting cast of.

Due to its large size and its just-barely-better-than-melee 1 range, Ultralisks in particular waste a lot of time bumping into friendly units or impassable terrain. While the multiplayer AI in Wings of Liberty was not that different from earlier Blizzard games, it became competent at Version 2. This varies according of the AI type, which affects its tactics, build order and what to build from the Tech Tree.

Just like in Wings of Liberty, however, The Computer Is a Cheating Bastard at the highest difficulty level, having lower build times and gathering more resources per trip than you. Terrible, Terrible Damage, the reference to the project lead Dustin Browder, is now the God mode cheat, as well as what General Horace Warfield near the end of the game says when his ship goes down.

It also appears when getting lots of simultaneous kills in challenge levels. Here is the direct quote: My bots are taking damage! In-game units advance in rank by racking up kills as recognition of their strength, though there's no actual RPG element that upgrades them because of it.

The Galaxy Editor, however, supposedly has provisions for a level system. Of course, as with the original the heroes are higher-ranked by default and kick a lot more ass. Subverted by the main character units that retain their set rank no matter how many they kill.

Tosh will always be Rank: Spectre Leader, Tychus will always be Rank: Scoundrel, and so on Awesome, but Impractical: The Protoss Mothership is expensive, slow to build, slow to move, it lies at the top of the tech tree, and its attack isn't all that powerful. For all that time and money, it's basically an Arbiter with higher HP. Blizzard has even stated that they know the mothership isn't as useful as they'd like in the multiplayer and is really more just a symbol of the player's economy that they can afford the thing, especially after patch 1.

The Carrier is the iconic Protoss warship ranked just below the Mothership and a beloved Brood War unit. Its Interceptors have huge range and the highest DPS out of any unit in the game.

However, it takes forever to build one, the Interceptors do Scratch Damage to heavily armored units, they move as slowly as Battlecruisers, and subtle mechanical differences have made it less effective than the Brood War Carrier. Battlecruisers are also considered this. Like the Mothership, they are big, slow, expensive, and at the end of the Terran tech tree.

What really puts the nail in the coffin, though, is that all 3 armies have hard counters against battlecruisers that are significantly cheaper and more versatile.

The metagame redeemed them in Heart of the Swarm. Their Yamato Cannons also became useful to one-shot the Queens when dealing with Ultralisks. Reapers are extremely fast, extremely mobile and do serious damage against light units and structures.

However, their Glass Cannon status means that they die very fast in head on fights and require huge amounts of micromanaging to stay effective. They also have shorter range than Marines, so they can't hide in infantry balls like Ghosts can. In-universe, there's also the Odin, which, according to Swann, implies too much trouble to logistically supply and maintain, which is why you only get to use it for a couple of missions, and end using a reduced version of this, the Thor.

Even its intended use in the Dominion was as a mobile asset for guarding large facilities of extreme strategic importance, such as the Imperial Palace on Korhal. Due to Technology Marches Onmany of the old units are either upgraded with new abilities or replaced outright with new units. Doesn't explain why some perfectly good old abilities like Lockdown, Dark Swarm and Plague are no longer in use.

Plague and Dark Swarm have equivalent new abilities, but otherwise In the lore it's been replaced by the Raven, who deploys automated drones to fight or defend, but in the campaign you get the choice between the Raven or the Science Vessel. The Science Vessel is far more useful due to the new Nano-Repair ability, which basically makes it a Medivac for mechanical units, ground and air. Ouros, the last Xel'Naga, masterminded the entire plan to defeat Amon, from appearing as Tassadar before Zeratul to usher him into action, to creating the prophecy, which is actually the projection of his psionic power Black and White Morality: In contrast with the grey and grayblack and gray and Evil vs.

Evil conflicts of the original game, this game's conflicts tend to have clearly defined good albeit imperfect guys and bad guys. Heart of the Swarm did try to make Kerrigan into an Anti-Herobut this just resulted in her alternating between hero and villain on a whim. The opening cinematic in Wings of Liberty ends with Tychus saying "Hell. Two series-long ones; In the first game, you play through the Terran campaign first, then the Zerg and Protoss.

Come the second game, Wings of Liberty is the first portion of the game, then Heart of the Swarm, and finally, Legacy of the Void. Brood War has you first playing as the Protoss, then Terrans, and finally Zerg.

In the Playable EpilogueInto the Void, you play all three factions in that order over the course of three missions. Colossi have very long range and huge splash damage, making them relatively easy to use in combat, as long as they are protected from anti-air attacks such as Vikings. Combined with their decent speed, ability to walk up and down cliffs, and ability to stride over small friendly units, they are frequently accused of being too easy to use.

Marines are a very easy, and effective, low tech unit to mass and retain their use in the end game, as long as they're upgraded. A combination of Marines with Marauders and Medivacs, makes a potent composition that does well in all three match-ups. Roaches are a simple low cost unit with short range and high HP. They have the ability to regenerate health very quickly while burrowed and an upgrade that lets them move while burrowed, but other than that they're very basic.

Maxing on nothing but Roaches and overwhelming Protoss players in the mid-game became a big part of competitive Zerg vs Protoss throughout most of In Wings of Liberty, Donny Vermillion reports about lemon juice possibly being useful against zerglings.

In Heart of the Swarm, Abathur makes an off-hand comment about solving the zerglings' allergy to lemon juice. A number of events from previous StarCraft works play a role in the plot of Heart of the Swarm or are simply mentioned. Near the start of the game, Kerrigan apologises to Raynor that saving her life caused the death of Tychus Findley. The Odin turns out to have been re-acquired by Mengsk for palace defense after Wings of Liberty, along with the Xel'Naga artifact.

Colonel Orlan, who Raynor spared in Wings of Liberty, ends up hacking the Dominion network to find out where Raynor is being held. And he's being held by Mira Han, whose dysfunctional marriage to the reluctant Matt Horner is brought up again Played for Laughs. A few missions utilize this as well: In Heart of the Swarm, the mission "Infested" presents the same scenario, but with the roles reversed; now it's the player infesting buildings which spawn waves of units to attack an enemy's base, and every few minutes an environmental effect comes into play, removing all of the Infested Terrans and requiring the player to defend them against enemy attackers.

Some of the same lines will even be used in both missions, as well as the Infestor being the featured unit both times. For the first time since Brood War, Jim has finally mentioned Fenixand Kerrigan reminds him that he swore to kill the Queen of Blades after she killed Fenix — a vow he seemingly forgot about during Wings of Liberty, a cause for much of the Broken Base that Wings of Liberty introduced.

Nova has different dialogue in "Back in the Saddle" depending on if you sided with her or Tosh in the previous game. Likewise, during the briefing for "Conviction", Tosh makes a cameo and Matt has different dialogue depending on if he's present or not. After you recruit Zagara, she will talk about either the Nydus network or the space platform being destroyed, depending on your choice of the penultimate Wings of Liberty mission.

Behemoths have been mentioned in the novels as the vessels used for interplanetary travel by the zerg, and the Leviathan was a boss in Wings of Liberty.

They've been combined here.

raynor and kerrigan relationship memes

On Korhal, Mengsk shows that he kept some traditional squadrons and relics from the Confederacy intact under his Dominion. Notably, an elite marine and Goliath commando squad are known as the Sons of Korhal, and the Battlecruiser fleet that defends Augustgrad is known as Alpha Squadron.

A number of the biographies to campaign-exclusive units make reference to strains and characters forgotten since Brood War, the Hydralisk evolution mission especially, where the Impaler is based on the same strain as the Sunken Colony, and feral Lurkers are located at one of Daggoth's former breeding grounds.

An amusing one in the second mission that doubles as an Easter Egg ; if you start the mission and do nothing for a full minute, Kerrigan comments to Raynor that, six years on, he's still a pig! A callback to their very first conversation in the original StarCraft. Likewise, If you click on her enoughshe comments about how you're still easily amused, which she also said if clicked-on enough in the first game. Remember the unit upgrades you got in Wings of Liberty?

The Dominion now has them. In this campaign you will know what it is like to be on the receiving end. The reason Kerrigan doesn't kill Abathur despite his role in her initial transformation into the Queen of Blades. This is presumably also the reason Jim Raynor doesn't kill Kerrigan after she's re-infested herself, despite how angry he is with her; if Kerrigan dies, the galaxy is doomed, and he knows it.

Similarly, this is clearly Zeratul's motivation for not killing Kerrigan even though protoss justice demands that he do just that. Bringing her to Zerus to become the Primal Queen of Blades is for the same reason: He makes it clear in Wings of Liberty that if she weren't essential to stopping Amon he wouldn't be so easy on her. The intro of the game has Kerrigan twitching away quite violently after having a Nightmare Sequence involving the Swarm invading the Terran capital world of Korhal, but her looking around and sitting up is a bit more subdued.

While no longer as evil as she was in Brood War, Kerrigan still starts out as a Villain Protagonist obsessed with revenge against Arcturus.

The whole point of the game is to gradually develop her into a more heroic character. Dehaka does little more than seek new excuses to say "essence" for the second half of the game. When Kerrigan later calls on Dehaka to destroy a Psi Disruptor on Korhal, it shows just how much of a Magnificent Bitch she is, knowing to keep this partiuclar ace up her sleeve.

While Kerrigan has had this in the pastshe actually averts it this time around. The rest of the Zerg, however, have this as their nature. Sarah learns of Jim's "death" precisely at the moment where she's getting desperate, waiting for him to show up. Color-Coded for Your Convenience: Zerg units can be upgraded into one of two forms, with a predominantly green or purple look.

The green ones tend towards brute force Ultralisks with more damage and an auto-damage attack, Banelings that split into smaller Banelings, Brood Lords that pound the enemy and Spawn BroodlingsSwarm Hosts that release flying locusts, Impalers that ram a very unfortunately-colored spike through enemy armorpurples tend towards sneakiness Ultralisks the resurrect, Banelings that jump over the heads of melee units, Vipers that abduct the enemy and prevent them from attacking, Swarm Hosts that teleport anywhere there's creep, Lurkers that damage multiple light-armored units.

Part of Kerrigan's Primal form. However it is also a strange case of Does Not Like Shoes as well as the stilettos are actually just a long spike from her heel. One of Stukov's lines is "Those who are about to die, we salute you. The final campaign mission, "The Reckoning".

Mengsk's elite marines are called "Sons of Korhal", the name of Mengsk's revolutionary group from StarCraft I ; his elite reapers and hellions are called "Death Heads" and "Outback Hunters", who previously appeared in the Blizzard-made custom map Left2Die and retain the custom models they used in that map; Raynor fields some of the mercenary groups the player could hire in Wings of Liberty, whose models are also used for Mengsk's elite forces to make them seem tougher; finally, all three of Kerrigan's generals can help out by sending their forces in to bolster Kerrigan's advance — Zagara with her brood of regular Zerg, Dehaka and his primal zerg pack and Stukov leading whatever Infested Terrans remain in the Swarm, including Aberrations.

Though it is the Zerg's homeworld so they could be spawning pools. Terran and Protoss units that you have infested and controlled say things like "Awaiting directive" and "For the swarm" with little inflection. There are full-fledged boss fights now, not merely battles against units with a bit more HP. They each project red lines and crosshairs showing where they're about to attack so you can avoid them. Cutscene Power to the Max: In the cutscenes, Kerrigan smashes whole groups of Humongous Mecha instantly.

She can't quite do that during game play, although she's not too much less powerful and indeed several missions can be won with her alone. After the boss fight with Zurvan, Kerrigan flies up in the air to deliver the final blow.

Likewise, at the very end of the game she's seen flying up on nothing but her psychic powers, which she can't do when playable. Several missions have Kerrigan summon units and buildings, usually to the sum of an entire base instantly formed, using drop pods.

While you can get a drop pod ability in-game, it only summons some timed life zerg, there's no option to freely call down a hive or other structures.

A few missions allow you to complete mission objectives in more indirect ways. The first Char mission has you competing with Zagara to collect baneling eggs first. Destroying her base also wins the mission regardless of egg count. The second Kaldir mission has you stopping Protoss shuttles from escaping to warp conduits.

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Destroying the three shuttle bays they're launching the shuttles from also works. Abathur sends Zerg evolution strains to other planets to wreck havoc on "test subjects". The Ultralisk one involves raiding laboratories at Korhal, the second one involving regenerating Torrasques that get powered up by Mengsk's initial nuclear missile.

Damn You, Muscle Memory! Kerrigan's active abilities are mapped to Q, W and E on the keyboard, and her strongest ability to D. Hands up how many MOBA players keep trying to hit R instead and burrowing their entire army as a result?

Wings of Liberty shifted it to the bottom right.

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Still leaps and bounds more optimistic than the aftermath of the Zerg campaigns in the original game. It's also the first time the Zerg are portrayed as even vaguely antiheroicinstead of being outright Villain Protagonists. Death Is a Slap on the Wrist: Except for a few missions with the objective "Kerrigan must survive" which is usually there if you have no base on that particular mapwhenever Kerrigan dies, she is automatically resurrected at the hive cluster a little while later.

Same goes for secondary heroes in missions where a base is available. Subtle, non-romantic example with Kerrigan towards the Zerg. At the beginning of the campaign, she is rather cold and aggressive, almost abrasive, toward her subordinates. She gradually warms up a bit toward them as the story goes on and starts treating them more human-like.

By the end of the campaign, she express satisfaction about Zagara being her potential heir if she dies, and even express sympathy for Abathur, of all people. During the first Char mission, Zagara will rant at you if you do certain things which especially impress or anger her, such as forcing her to retreat while not including Kerrigan in the attack force or not using her to defend your base from attack.

It is possible to do several missions before others, resulting in characters being absent or present at different times and reacting appropriately to Kerrigan's increased power after the Zerus missions.

Normally, Zagara will command the swarm while Kerrigan is busy on Zerus, but if you have not done the Char missions and acquired Zagara, Izsha will command instead. Dehaka also has dialogue for if you if you recruit him before going to Kaldir or Char and talk to him once you do.

Blizzard even rendered two separate versions of an FMV depicting the same exact scene where Kerrigan kills Warfieldone with the human-looking Kerrigan and one with the primal Kerrigan. The dialogue the protoss executor has upon first encountering Kerrigan on Kaldir also differs based on whether or not Zerus was visited first.

After you finish the Zerus missions and the first two mission chains, you view a cutscene advancing the story, and there are three versions of that scene depending on which of the three mission chains you saved for last. Zerus and Kaldir's scenes mention a device retrieved from Char and relayed to Kerrigan by a Broodmother, but if you did Char last then she receives the device herself.

When Kerrigan "dies", she tunnels back to base and enters a cocoon to regenerate. If at any point during the mission she's scripted to talk, her portrait is changed to show her in the cocoon, with a distortion to her voice. Putting off early missions until she becomes the Primal Queen of Blades also uses the appropriate portrait and voice effects for her dialogue in the same manner. During the penultimate mission, you're meant to be use one hero unit in a separate area to destroy a series of power links powering a weapon that damages your units, and their destruction temporarily disables the weapon letting you attack from your main base.

If you use air units to scope out the power links that haven't been destroyed yet, they're inactive and immune to damage, to avoid Sequence Breaking. During the opening mission, you get three types of units to control. You're supposed to use zerglings for combat outside the temporary hive cluster, and any attempts to move the Overlords outside the initial test chamber are blocked by the game.

You can, however, choose to send drones into combat, and if they manage to kill a unit in a certain part of the labs, Valerian will comment on that with an implied Flat "What.

raynor and kerrigan relationship memes

Kerrigan, call off your-! You're attacking with drones. One of the Zerus missions involves Kerrigan doing this no less than four times. And she absorbs their power then to boot. And then she does it again by killing Narud, though she barely survives this one. Considering that she ran herself through, she is punching out herself.

When viewed as Villain ProtagonistsZagara becomes this to Kerrigan. Of course, there's also Nova to Emperor Mengsk. Mengsk is helping Mobius create the Hybrid under the belief he will be able to use them to be protected from the Zerg and Protoss.

But the player knows from Zeratul's mission that the Terrans were the first race the Hybrids wiped out. Dreaming of Things to Come: The story opens with Kerrigan having a vision of herself marching on Mengsk's stronghold in her new primal form at the end of the Zerg campaign. One of Kerrigan's ultimate abilities is to call in several drop pods worth of troops. While temporary, the pods contain enough Zerg to bowl over a decent-sized base or two. Warfield's dying speech to Kerrigan saves what's left of his men.

Averted with Kerrigan; absolutely no one has forgotten or forgiven her actions during Brood War. When the Protoss find out she's back and leading the Swarm again, they immediately attempt to call the Golden Armada to eliminate her; Mengsk wants her dead no matter what, even when she's not leading the Swarm; even Raynor, who was willing to forgive her as her regular self, loses it when she turns back into the Queen of Blades, to the point he reminds her that she killed Fenix, and it's only at the end of the game that he finally forgives her once and for all.

Zeratul does help her by guiding her to Zerus, but only because he has to — it's clear that he hasn't forgiven her crimes against his people or the part she played in his matriarch's death, and he's helping her because the Prophecy says they're screwed without her.