Ross lynch and laura marano relationship problems

10 Disney Channel Stars Who Dated In Real Life (And 10 Who Are Just Friends)

ross lynch and laura marano relationship problems

23, but not without tons of drama when Austin and Ally's relationship hits a Laura Marano and Ross Lynch are getting ready to say goodbye to I think that's kind of the problem,” Laura tells exclusively. Laura Marano Married Ross Lynch after long time Relationship; Know in Detail here. Even though love bloomed in series but it has not worked. Proof that Laura Marano and Ross Lynch Will Be Best Friends Forever .. Dez: But you definitely seem to have anger problems. Brittany Saylor · TV. See more.

The couple met on the set of Descendants 2, which was released inand has since been inseparable. However, Dove Cameron was quick to shut down t hem down, tweeting that she and Thomas Doherty are fine and madly in love.

And sure, Zac Efron is no longer on speaking terms with Vanessa Hudgens. The two of them met during High School Musical, and their friendship has endured for many years, despite the fact that their careers have taken very different directions.

When Ashley Tisdale got married, Vanessa Hudgens was not only in attendance, but she was also a bridesmaid. Thus, the actress has a special place in her heart for their friendship. However, there was another teen group among siblings that was already a success: In hindsight, it seemed like they were a perfect match for one another: However, like most Jonas romances from that time, this relationship did not go very far.

ross lynch and laura marano relationship problems

However, from season 2 and on, she became a significant part of the series. Inas news broke that Danielle Fishel had become engaged to Jensen Karp, Ben Savage took to social media to congratulate them.

The two actors were an on-screen couple during the span of 25 years, and off screen, they have been great friends. However, rumors started to surface in that they had broken up. Carpenter is still signed to Disney-owned Hollywood Records, but has not been as active of an actress on the Disney Channel.

Sprouse attended Ryan's 25th birthday party inshowing that their friendship is going strong. Not every on-screen couple has to become a couple in real life as well. They are living proof of that. Inthe couple went through breakup, but details were kept somewhat private. Of course, as a new season starts, old habit's re-rise.

Especially if your Ross Shor Lynch. He hadn't intended to be late, but for some reason his alarm didn't go off and he over slept.

ross lynch and laura marano relationship problems

It's no surprise he did, having to be at the studio for 8: Especially when you live the life that he does. Ross sighed in relief when he finally reached the studio car park.

ross lynch and laura marano relationship problems

He checked the time, 9: Not too bad considering he woke up at 8: Well correction, got woke up by Rocky pouring a jug of really cold water over him at 8: He rolled his eyes at his brothers childish antics.

Sure, his mom told him to check on Ross, she knew he was sleeping late, but did he really need to do that? I mean come on, it was only going to make him more late. Not that he wasn't planning to take a shower anyway. Ross sighed, hopefully he won't get into to much trouble. He got out of his car and walked into the studio. But it is better late then never.

What, it wasn't called a table read for nothing people. Truth was, no one knew why he was late, he hadn't called to say that he was running late and why. This made the producer even more mad. It's going to be okay! He'll be here shortly! We all have his number! She didn't mind as much, but just the way that Raini told her to do it, it was like she was the only one with Ross' mobile number in the room. She really did miss the idiotic blonde.

It's even possible that she has, some sort of, feelings for the blonde. Plus, no matter how idiotic he his, his heart is definitely in the right place.

Never the less, she picked up her flip phone, to which pretty much everyone in the room shook their heads at. That phone is ancient.

You have the money, use the money to buy a new phone! Laura rolled her eyes again. It's like invinsable compared to all them IPhones that apparently keep breaking every 5 minutes. Therefore, why would I waste my money on something that breaks? She knows she could do with a new phone, but she likes her flip phone, and why waste money on something that works perfectly well? She thought to herself as she hit dial Ross' number. Ross was running through the corridors of the all too familiar studio.

This place was like a second home to him! Most people thing all the drama happens on screen, when really, off screen is where the party is. Regardless on what type of show that is being filmed, there is nothing remotely like the drama off screen. As he passed by the set, he heard his ring tone go off. He slowed down to a walk so he could answer it.

He got his mobile out of his pocket and looked at his caller ID. Which he couldn't help smile at. He then swipped the answer button to answer her call. Where the hell are you?! The producers are going insane! Your an hour and an half late! For some reason my alarm didn't go off this morning, and before you say are you sure you set it.

What time did you get up then?!

ross lynch and laura marano relationship problems

He then heard a loud bang on the table. No, Rocky woke me up by pouring a jug of ice cold water over me. Meaning I had to take a shower before I came here.

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Not that I wasn't planning not to in the first place, but ya know. When that happens you have to have a shower before coming out. It was silent on the other end. He moved his phone from his ear to see if he had been disconnected some how.

They were still in a phone call. He hung up as he got to the door of the room where all the table reads take place. You know those moments when you regret saying something to someone about something embarrassing?

Well Ross currently felt like that. It turns out Laura told everyone in the room about Ross' little mishap. It turned out it was Raini that he told his situation from this morning to. Raini pulled Laura's phone from her hand to see why Ross was running late, and she told everyone. After laughing for what felt like eternity to Ross, they finally went through the script together. It was now lunchtime, and everyone was chilling in Ross' dressing room, waiting for the rest of R5, like they usually do, to go out for some lunch.

Sometimes, R5 didn't come on the most busiest of days and they have their lunch at the studio, but most times they do go out for lunch with the rest of R5, as well as Ryland, Stormie and Mark. Today was going to be special though, there's going to be a big change.