Sagittarius man and aquarius woman relationship compatibility

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sagittarius man and aquarius woman relationship compatibility

The compatibility between Sagittarius man and Aquarius woman is This will make him love her even more than he already does, and he can. Find out the Sagittarius man - Aquarius woman love compatibility. Know how the Sagittarius man and Aquarius woman relationship will be. Love match compatibility between Sagittarius man and Aquarius woman. Read about the Sagittarius male love relationship with Aquarius female.

Ruled by the benefic planet Jupiterhe has vitality, hope, optimism, and faith, and often appears to be the luckiest and happiest guy around. In Romantic Relationships Often referred to as the bachelor of the zodiac, a Sagittarius man is engaging, flirtatious by nature, and also quite romantic. However, he's an "easy come, easy go" sort of guy who believes in the concept of eternal youth and views romantic relationships more as an adventure in life than a commitment.

It's not that he's a playboy, as a matter of fact, he's just a friendly guy on an eternal search for that rare free-spirited, intelligent, friendly, and enthusiastic woman who will love and trust him unconditionally and give him free reign over his life. The Dream Team Aquarius is the fixed air signSagittarius is the mutable fire sign. An Aquarian is a future-oriented abstract thinker whose ideas are firmly set. A Sagittarian is an expansive thinker who openly explores a multitude of ideas.

Aquarius Woman and Sagittarius Man Relationship Tendencies

When Aquarius and Sagittarius team up, the relationship formed will be friendly, positive, enthusiastic, intellectually adventurous, and innovative. The Aquarian woman provides intellect and inventiveness. The Sagittarian man provides a wondering mind and a sense of adventure. When they put their heads together, they are ingenious, creative, and imaginative. Friendship and mind play are the foundations of their relationship, and its lifeblood is adventure, travel, learning, and dialogue.

Qualities They Share Put an Aquarian and Sagittarian together, and you have an experimental pair who share many edgy qualities. What one doesn't think of, the other will so it's bound to be an exciting relationship for both. Have no problem breaking the rules to make life interesting Love socializing, entertainment, and sporting events Have outgoing natures, are intelligent, fair-minded, and are open to living an unconventional life Are independent and cherish their freedom, perhaps more than they cherish relationships Have similar ideas about love and life Are willing to give the other plenty of breathing room Sexual Adventures Their sex life will be more fiery and electric than emotional.

Neither is the mushy emotional type of sexual partner who enjoys cuddles, kisses, and hugs. Both prefer hard, straightforward sex filled with fun, excitement, and diversity.


He considers sex an adventure; she considers sex experiential, and both are willing to try anything. Sexual exploration and experimentation is the name of the game these two play when they jump in the sack together. No Strings Attached Intimacy Though they have much in common, the no-strings-attached intimacy that suits them both so well is also likely to be the biggest issue an Aquarian woman and a Sagittarian man face. Because their shared need for independence is so pronounced, there's an ever-present danger of giving each other so much space there is no relationship.

Yang signs correspond with motivation and ambition. Each of these signs can be aggressive. If the aggression is positive, it strengthens the relationship. If the aggression is negative, then it has a negative impact on the relationship. With both signs being aggressive it can mean power struggles and power plays will arise. Comprise can end the issue fast. Aquarius and Sagittarius Aspects To state that two zodiac signs are sextile is to suggest they are two signs away from each on the zodiac wheel.

Such is the case with the Aquarius constellation and the Sagittarius star sign. Sextile signs get along well. Dating is easy for the Aquarius and Sagittarius love match. They tend to enjoy the same activities. When signs are sextile, they have compatible elements influencing them as well. The Air ruled Aquarius and Fire ruled Sagittarius are both masculine polarities yang. They have projective and progressive personalities. Ease of understanding one another is the main gift in this relationship.

Through understanding comes greater empathy. The Aquarius and Sagittarius persona have much in common in the way of values and beliefs.

They may hold the same views in religion and politics. The same goes for dating, marriage or raising a family. Aquarius and Sagittarius fall into friendship by nature. Aquarius and Sagittarius Elements Sagittarius is fire and Aquarius is air. This brings the concepts of will and thought into one relationship.

Aquarius Woman and Sagittarius Man Love Compatibility

The Fire-ruled Sagittarius feeds of the intellectual nature of the Aquarian partner. The Air-ruled Aquarian feels needed by Sagittarius. The Aquarius soul feeds off the inspirations of Sagittarius too. Fire and Air get along without much effort. They have several common likes. This ensures the Aquarius and Sagittarius compatibility factor is high. They have a love of independence and freedom of movement. Air is fickle, but so fire can also be, so they are both people who enjoy taking risks.

They may be quick to change their minds about they are doing for a date. But, they also adore heady conversations about the meaning of life. Fire ruled Sagittarius and Air ruled Aquarius have no problem understanding each other. They can empathize with one another, and support one another when the chips are down. Still, they can stay platonic friends without issue.

This dynamic duo demands adventurous moments and lots of change. But since they are both comfortable with being on the go, the get along with incredible ease. So, what are the advantages of the Aquarius and Sagittarius relationship? Can we say twin flames? They share common personality characteristics, but they differ enough to keep things spicy. The compatibility between these two is strong indeed. In the bedchamber, the sex is a boggle the mind and blow the house down kind of amazing!

Hope these two live on a private lot with acreage of trees on every side. Otherwise, the neighbors are in for a hoot of a time. The bedroom is like a scientific lab experimenting with every pleasure possible.

A little voyeurism is apt to be on the calendar from time to time. Every once in a while, the Aquarius Man and Sagittarius Woman will throw caution to the wind. Then you might catch them to do something beyond wild!

The Sagittarius Woman is a ball of fire! She gets enthusiastic about the things she does. Nothing will stop her from achieving her dreams. Her drive and ambition are attractive. She starts off a wee bit shy in the bedroom but takes a bit of gentle guidance from the Aquarius Man to warm up to him.

sagittarius man and aquarius woman relationship compatibility

Date nights and weekends promise entertainment for the Aquarius and Sagittarius love match. She loves the social scenes and nightclubs. Dinner and movie night work great too! The Aquarius man is more than happy to have one adventure after another. Early in the relationship, he lets the woman take the lead. He allows her to choose the adventures she desires most.

As they become more intimate, he begins to point out the adventures he wants to experience. In the bedroom, he is the automatic lead of every adventurous step.

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  • Sagittarius Man and Aquarius Woman
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That is until the Sagittarian woman steps outside of her shy self. He assumes it is best to let things cool down before addressing the issue further. The Aquarius Man will run from the idea of marriage until running no longer seems like an option. This may give the Sagittarius woman an on again off again approach to the relationship. Conflicts between this dynamic duo are few indeed, and it is best for the Aquarian man that way.

sagittarius man and aquarius woman relationship compatibility

The Sagittarius woman has a powerful temper once it strikes! Thank goodness, the Aquarius and Sagittarius compatibility factor is intense! They are fast friends and excellent lovers. The elements ruling this pair work well to complement one another. The adaptability and changeability of Aquarius also lend to relationship success. Sagittarius loves the eccentric nature of his Aquarius woman.

She is brilliant in his eyes, a genius without a doubt. Her long conversations and interests in the mysterious make the Aquarius woman intriguing. Conventionalism is not her way. He appreciates the fact that she is intentional with her deviation from routine.

It keeps things exciting.

Aquarius Woman and Sagittarius Man Love Compatibility | Flow Psychology

She holds the Sagittarian male busy by keeping him in awe. He talks to her for hours because she has a such a stream of consciousness means of expression. The Sagittarius Man loves being outside and feels natural out in nature. The Aquarius woman loves traveling. This makes camping and nature-related activities more attractive for this friendly pair. They enjoy risks too, as this spices things up a bit.

Gambling and doing dangerous activities like flying or snowboarding are wonderful weekend activities. Both partners in the Aquarius and Sagittarius relationship are social and easy going.

sagittarius man and aquarius woman relationship compatibility

Sagittarius men are a bit cold with communication though. They can say hurtful things without trying. They are blunt and truthful but sometimes without a filter to soften the blow of their harsh words.

Aquarius and Sagittarius Compatibility: Friendship, Sex & Love

Total truth has no place in a public social circle. But, truth outweighs feelings in important per the Sagittarius man. The awkward behaviors of Sagittarius might leave the social Aquarian woman on guard. It may make her experience severe humiliation.

It will eat away at the relationship. The Sagittarius male can be quick-to-anger. The Aquarius woman responds in kind with a stubborn streak a mile long. The Aquarius woman is swift when it comes to assessing human behavior.

sagittarius man and aquarius woman relationship compatibility

She learns to avoid him or his triggers, and the relationship remains calm and rational most of the time. Breaking the Aquarian stubborn streak is another matter.

The Sagittarius man is forced to wait it out. What keeps the Aquarius and Sagittarius love match together? Spontaneity, surprise, and a healthy dose of humor. Adventure and risk-taking are also on the list of must-have situations.