Serena and tripp relationship help

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serena and tripp relationship help

Ok so everyone's talked about Serena's relationships a lot but I haven't seen a post The worst relationships she had were Tripp and Steven. Although super hot, Tripp is definitely the worst person Serena dated. The relationship ended when Colin considered leaving his position at. Dan says that the publicity is helping his career as well because Simon She admits that she's worried that his relationship with Serena may be Serena argues that she saw the email from Gossip Girl and that Nate is a liar and a hypocrite.

Rufus hails a cab with Serena's ad on it and Dan brings the page up on a tablet. A photographer goes to take a picture of her when he realizes the page is blank. Upstairs, it's shown Nate deleted the page at Gossip Girl's request. Serena goes upstairs to confront Nate about the article. Nate lies that the marketing team said awareness was too low and she'll be the first to know when he decides they're ready to launch.

She admits that she's worried that his relationship with Serena may be damaging to the meeting, and that it will make the publishers just want him to write a sequel to Inside. Dan agrees and calls Serena to ask her to wait to publish the column. She explains that Nate delayed her column for the time being, but promises to make sure that all references to him will be in the past.

Elsewhere, Blair and Beatrice are out to hand pick the macaroons for the party. While outside the store, Beatrice mentions to Blair that she can have macaroons any time, but she only has now to behave wildly for a night. Blair says no, and there's no point in straying from the path she's on. She then spots Chuck and demands to know why he's following her. Chuck replies that he'll follow her anywhere for however long it takes to find out why she cut him off. Beatrice then comes over and escorts Blair away.

Blair confesses that maybe it would be better to cut loose anywhere Chuck won't find her and Beatrice agrees to make a new plan. At The Spectator, Serena goes to wait for Nate in his office to discuss the column.

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She sees an email from Gossip Girl and realizes Nate deleted her column because he was told to, and uploads it anyway. However, the publisher encourages him to write something related to Inside. One of the reps explains that Serena's column went up recently and there's already over a thousand comments. Confused, Dan explains he was wanting to branch out into different genres but the reps tell him to write what he knows and to keep dating Serena for publicity.

serena and tripp relationship help

At The Spectator, Nate fires Serena for uploading the article. Serena argues that she saw the email from Gossip Girl and that Nate is a liar and a hypocrite. Nate replies that she sent him photographic proof that Tripp was the one who sabotaged his car, and Serena threatens to tell Tripp about Nate setting him up to take the fall and leaves.

Nate's assistant, Tina, filmed the whole argument and then sends it to Gossip Girl. At the Waldorf's, Blair and Beatrice are planning her new party theme.

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Beatrice promises phallic party favors and alcohol. Blair reminds her that the most important detail is that they go somewhere Chuck can't find them. Beatrice adds it will be a night she will never forget. He plants the seed that Beatrice is worried about the upcoming wedding and they need Chuck's help to stop it.

He informs Chuck of Blair's new party location and if they work together, they can accomplish all they want. They head off together.

serena and tripp relationship help

They propose a game: Beatrice holds a question and answer set of acts Blair's exes committed and if the girls guess the wrong ex, they take a shot but if they guess right, Blair takes a shot. Blair agrees then realizes Serena isn't there.

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Beatrice says she forgot to call her and Blair goes off to do so. Serena explains that she has to take care of one last thing before she comes but she'll be there soon.

When they hang up, Serena goes downstairs at the Waldorf's and meets Tripp. He thanks her for the heads up, but Serena says she isn't doing it for him, she's doing it because it's the right thing to do. Back at Panchito's, the girls are getting the correct answers to the questions, due to Beatrice texting them the answers, and Blair is getting more and more drunk. She begins to let loose and dance with strangers, while Beatrice texts Father Cavalia that their plan is working.

At the Humphrey loft, Rufus is reading Serena's column and tells Dan he thinks it's great. Dan says it's a bad thing because his editor only wants a sequel to Inside now.

Rufus tells him that he would understand if Dan was sacrificing his career for real love but since their relationship was fake, it makes no sense. We must accept it. It is cute that the show began with them meeting and ended with them getting married. Plus their story is cute: If they both didn't suck so badly, they'd be alright.

Aaron Rose Aaron was cool at first, but he kind of put Serena threw the ringer when she wanted to be exclusive, and basically used her for his art. She probably realized this, because she left him to go back to Dan.

Gabriel Edwards Gabriel was one of the worst ones Serena dated. He started dating Serena to scam her out of money! He's played by a pre-famous Armie Hammer! Carter Baizen Carter was definitely troubled, but we think he had a good heart deep down.

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He was also super freaking hot, so that's a plus. Serena started dating the playboy after he helped her find her father. When Carter left to work off debt with the Buckley family, they said goodbye to their romance.

In an opened moment, Chuck discusses his future and inner dreams of building an exclusive night club called 'The Vault' in the Empire Hotel for exclusive members with a penchant for debauchery. Serena is happy for him that he such aspirations.

Their friendship deteriorates when Serena is believed to outed in her life choices to Rufus and reciprocally retaliates by trying and succeeding in collapsing Chuck's prospects with investors for his club. Serena is asked to check if a body in the morgue is actually Chuck Bass at Paris which she identifies as not him. She then informs Blair of Chuck's possible mortal danger until Blair recounts her previous sudden collision with Chuck.

Serena then endeavours, with the help of French Police, to locate Chuck before it's too late to default on Bass Industries. When she finds him with a girl called Eva, he implies that he has received amnesia and any arguments for Chuck to return with her fall on deaf ears.

Chuck gives Serena, a subtle and honest hint, that the man that got shot probably does not deserve his redemption. When confirming the stolen ring that Chuck was intending to marry Blair with, Serena enables Blair to confront Chuck to return back to the Upper East Side. Diverging Objectives at Colombia In Goodbye, Columbiaa nasty rumor on campus that Serena might have a sexually transmitted disease is spreading on the GG blasts, however a reassuring Chuck elsewhere plotting a scheme against Blair asks her to either ignore it as there is bound to be other worthy news.

serena and tripp relationship help

During Chuck and Blair mutual hatred for one another, both Nate and Serena create a written cease and desist agreement to cull the loathing. In Serena's case it was to get Ben Donovan out of jail while Chuck's intention was to reclaim ownership and selling rights of Bass industries. The scheme included Serena impersonating her mother with Lily's ring and passport to obtain leverage from Lily's National and Savings Bank.

Amongst the personal possessions, Chuck finds Lily's raunchy artistic pictures, but most importantly the signed affidavit.

Despite some explanations from Lily, both Serena and Chuck are vigilant in confronting Lily with their leverage. Serena stating that Chuck should be happy In Empire of the SonLily prematurely hands herself to the police for the sake of her children, because of a leaked affidavit to Russell Thorpe would provide leverage against Chuck. When confronted with a lie from Russell, he consoles, with compassionate but also confused, Serena that he is ashamed that all he's achievements were for a parental figure that ultimately disappointed him.

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