Shadow cat and colossus relationship quotes

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shadow cat and colossus relationship quotes

In Issue 9, they no longer had a romantic relationship to build off of, and Colossus just suggests that they get married. Kitty's reaction seems to suggest that she. This page contains a listing of all notable quotes by or about Katherine Pryde ( Earth). But the point is, standing there in the shadow of Peter -- under the protection of Colossus -- I just knew I would I'm not Karza -- I'm Kitty Pryde!. 9 quotes have been tagged as shadowcat: Joss Whedon: 'Everything is so fragile . There's so tags: astonishing-x-men, colossus, joss-whedon, shadowcat.

The ploy was successful, but Colossus remained with the Acolytes, even forgiving Kitty for her deception. She herself got into an unlikely relationship with black ops agent Pete Wisdom Pryde and Wisdom — get it?

shadow cat and colossus relationship quotes

The confrontation left both Wisdom and Colossus seriously injured and the rest of Excalibur fuming at Colossus for attacking their teammate in a jealous rage. Kitty herself confronted Colossus, telling him that there chance was over and that she was happy with Wisdom. Instead, upon the return of Claremont to the franchise, the two took very different turns. Kitty dramatically changed her appearance and personality for no definite reason, while Colossus began a kind-of fling by kissing Rogue, her powers suddenly unable to affect his armored body a continuity gaffe.

Katherine Pryde (Earth-616)

The storylines did not move beyond their first appearances as Kitty vanished from the book and Colossus and Rogue were otherwise too occupied to deal with it again. Both were to be plot points to be touched upon later, but Claremont was yanked from the titles and given his own X-Treme X-Men title in which neither appeared.

shadow cat and colossus relationship quotes

Kitty fell into character limbo, which she rather oddly languished for a few years. Colossus, on the other hand, did not meet such a kind fate. Colossus drew the short straw and was used as the final victim of the formerly important story, dying to cure it. Kitty reappeared to scatter his ashes, reestablishing their love for one another, but seemingly too late to do anything about it. She went back behind the scenes, and he was gone. Phoenix comforted the frightened Kitty. Pryde then helped the X-Men in rescuing their captive colleagues.

Afterwards, Kitty's father was furious at Xavier for the danger he believed he had placed his daughter in. Phoenix invasively used her mental powers to calm Carmen Pryde's rage. Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters.

She became the newest member of the X-Men. Kitty spent a great deal of time training.

shadow cat and colossus relationship quotes

During her first training session in the Danger RoomKitty easily walked through a scenario that took Professor Xavier weeks to program. Kitty quickly developed a crush on Colossusbut was uncomfortable around the demon-like Nightcrawler. It was hoped that the adult Kate, in her younger self's body at that earlier time, could warn the X-Men about the assassination attempt on Senator Robert Kelly's life by the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants so they could stop it, thereby preventing the chain of events that led to her dystopian future from occurring.

After the X-Men saved Senator Kelly, Kate Pryde's consciousness left Kitty's body and returned to her own time, only to find her timeline had not changed. She had only created an alternate timeline. These two have spent practically decades at a time apart and when they have reunions, they are often brief and rife with awkward tension between them.

But despite how these two have yet to rekindle the flame that made them fall for one another in the first place, there are moments that give fans hope that will find each other again.

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And this dichotomy between these characters makes their love endearing and one for the ages. For every new and interesting turn the series took with already established characters, there was a choice that felt intrinsically off. One of the biggest transgression being how Ultimate X-Men handled Wolverine. Luckily, over the last decade or so, that has started to change.

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One such relationship that actually straddles the line between the two aforementioned realizations is between X-Force teammates Shatterstar and Rictor. For years, these two have been close. The moment was historical. Fans who saw this coming and who often refer to the relationship as RicStar, because the internet loves portmanteaus like this and RickChone when it comes to couples in pop culture and rightfully vindicated in their assumptions.

Sadly, the couple was casually dismissed for a spell in an issue of the solo Iceman series, which sort of cheapened things despite treating the relationship as the new norm as it should be. But perhaps Rictor hitting on Bobby Drake could present a new love triangle, which is pretty common in X-books. To make matters even more bizarre, the relationship between these two make Raven appear a bit more desperate and weak willed than we would have thought her to be before.

Now, to be fair this relationship certainly helped create the shape-shifting tough cookie we know today, but man, it was not a fun experience. First Class almost cringeworthy. Warren has had a tough go of things since he was firs introduced way back in in The X-Men 1. Betsy helped Warren keep his murderous Archangel personality under control to some degree, letting the razor-winged death machine come out and play when things got hairy for the team.