Snape and dumbledore relationship questions

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snape and dumbledore relationship questions

This thread is for analyzing Snape and Dumbledore's relationship. . think it changed a whole lot, except they had fresh conversation topics 8. I didn't really get the father/son vibe from the Dumbledore - Snape relationship. Dumbledore didn't seem to allow people to get that close to him. Professor Snape is dead on Voldemort's orders, and Harry saw it all. In these memories Harry saw Snape's frantic conferences with Dumbledore about the.

Grindelwald wrapped Dumbledore around his little finger and played on his affections to get him to do what he wanted. It was fun to play God with Grindelwald. However, all the fun and games stopped once Dumbledore realized how dark Grindelwald actually was. This event, coupled with the many family tragedies he faced earlier in life, turned Dumbledore into a very cautious, guarded and, ultimately, good person. But he never forgave himself or forgot about what happened with his sister -- and what could have happened if he and Grindelwald had ever found the Deathly Hallows together.

Nothing scared Dumbledore more than himself. Meeting the Dark Side: Dumbledore and Voldemort were revered in their separate communities in very similar ways and those who were loyal to either of them were loyal to a fault. Professor Dumbledore and Professor Snape Snape and Dumbledore had one of the closest and most gut-wrenching relationships in the Harry Potter universe. Snape became a Death Eater to impress her silly boybut wound up inadvertently leading Voldemort to kill Lily when he told the Dark Lord about the prophecy he overheard Professor Trelawney speak.

However, one must question how far Dumbledore went with manipulating Snape -- was it right for Dumbledore to ask Snape to kill him at the end of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince? After all the good Snape had done for Dumbledore, Harry and the Order, was it really better to have Snape ruin his own soul by murdering Dumbledore?

snape and dumbledore relationship questions

Now you tell me you have been raising him like a pig for slaughter. Almost everyone he loved died, including Dumbledore, and he was left mainly on his own.

However, I'm not sure how friendly Snape and Dumbledore were at that time. Dumbledore doesn't seem to have all the information regarding Snape's past.

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Dumbledore compares the Harry-Draco relationship with the Snape-James relationship, which makes me think that he didn't know all the facts. If Dumbledore thought that Snape was still holding some silly harmless pranks or mild taunts against James, then his opinion of Snape would be rather low. After book 5, he seems to have found out the truth, though, with his "some wounds run too deep" speech.

Dumbledore seems surprised that Lily is still motivating Snape. Unfortunately, that is the last scene before Dumbledore dies, so I wonder how that discovery would have changed Dumbledore's view of Snape How do you think Snape felt about spying for Dumbledore?

Did he resent his job? I think he actually was glad that he was doing his part in the fight against Voldemort he looks satisfied when Harry blurts out that his job is to spy on Voldemort.

I think what he resented was having information kept from him-- as he tells Dumbledore in TPT. Did Dumbledore and Snape fully trust one another? That's a tough one I'm sure Dumbledore trusted Snape completely.

Asking Snape to kill him was a very personal request. He was leaving himself at Snape's mercy, trusting in Severus' courage in hopes that he will follow orders.

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That's where it gets tricky. I think it takes a lot for Severus to trust someone, knowing his past. I'm inclined to believe that he did trust Dumbledore in his own way, even after learning that Harry must die.

By following Dumbledore's orders, Snape life was throw pretty much into chaos.

snape and dumbledore relationship questions

He had to continue to be a spy, even though he had no idea how to help the Order or what on earth Harry would be doing. He's basically trusting in the fact that Dumbledore has something up his sleeve.

snape and dumbledore relationship questions

Do you think Severus was jealous in a sibling-type way of Dumbledore's fondness for Harry? I think it's ambiguous.

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Whatever the truth, I think it did baffle Snape as to why Dumbledore would be fond of Harry anyway. Snape and Harry never really knew each others' good side until it was too late. How would you characterize their relationship when Severus was a student?

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I think Dumbledore was aware of the path Severus was going down, and the friends he had who were going there with him, but I'm not sure how much he decided to do about it. This would have distanced Snape even more from Dumbledore and the caused he was leading.