Stannis and davos relationship

[EVERYTHING] My favorite relationship on the show : gameofthrones

stannis and davos relationship

It's Davos and Shireen, it's adorable, one of the few truly healthy Everything[ EVERYTHING] My favorite relationship on the show (corrosion-corrintel.infothrones) Makes me wonder what Stannis would have been like without her. Stannis relies on Davos to tell him the truth when others will not. davos seem to only exist as sort of a working relationship. ned and robert. No doubt, Ser Davos did form a pretty friendly relationship with Shireen, and if Stannis were alive when Ser Davos found out, Ser Davos would.

Stannis and Ser Davos meet with Tycho Nestoris (Iron Bank)

Stannis and Melisandre Melisandre believes Stannis is the savior of her religion and is telling Stannis about how special he is. I believe this does have an impact on him after all Stannis isnt used to people liking him at all and here is the woman constantly building him up. Stannis adopts the Lord Of Light somewhat he generally remains skeptical of religion but more on that later. Melisandre gains Stannis trusts by showing him magic she creates a shadow demon to kill Renly and Courtney Penrose to help Stannis although she doesnt do it anymore because it physically weakens Stannis.

It is very likely Stannis and Mel are having sex as Mel Comments that without Stannis around she has no use for a bed and the likelihood that the shadow babies were created through a sex. Mel is kinda like the evil angel on Stannis shoulder whereas Davos is the good angel.

Mel is ultimately able to convince Stannis to kill his bastard nephew Eldric Storm a child he hates due to him being created by Robert in Stannis bed on his wedding night for his kingsblood. Stannis and Shireen Despite his general cold nature Stannis is loving towards his daughter Shireen. One might say it is the closest relationship he has with anyone. Stannis often defends Shireen and is outraged by Axel Florents secret plans to marry her to Tommen. He names Shireen as his heir in case he dies.

In the Theon Winds chapter Stannis says if he dies the soldiers should continue the war in order to put Shireen on the throne.

stannis and davos relationship

Your Grace, if you are dead? Justin Massey asked " You will avenge my death, and seat my daughter on the Iron Throne.

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Or die in the attempt. On the show of course Stannis encounters a snowstorm and burns Shireen however i cant see this happening in the books at all as Stannis is so far away from Shireen it just doesnt fit. It is more likely shireen gets burned at the wall unfortunately. Stannis and Davos Stannis and Davos relationship began after Davos smuggled in Onions and fish to help Stannis and his soldiers.

Stannis offered Davos a knighthood and gave him land nut said due to Davos past as a smuggler he had to have the four fingers of his hand cut off. Davos agreed on the condition that Stannis would cut the fingers himself which he did.

stannis and davos relationship

Afterwards Davos becomes Stannis most loyal supporter and probally the closest thing he has to a friend. Davos is the only person Stannis confides in. Stannis often listens to Davos advice and is one of the few people Who can influence stannis to make a decision.

Stannis believes Davos is honest and trusts his advice.

stannis and davos relationship

Lord Seaworth is a man of humble birth, but he reminded me of my duty, when all I could think of was my rights Stannis sends Davos to try and gain people for his cause. Everything Davos does he does for Stannis even when he is disobeying Stannis orders.

He of course advises against killing Eldric Storm for his kingsblood and eventually helps him escape.

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He also advises against various other plans that would be foolish for Stannis to pursue like attacking Claw Isle to punish Lord Celtigar for bending the knee to Joffrey after the battle of the Blackwater. Davos is currently heading to or already arrived at Skagos to get Rickon Stark and bring him back to the North so that Stannis can declare him Lord Of Winterfell and get the North to back him. Stannis and Religion Now while the show portrays Stannis as a Zealot of sorts the truth is hes a skeptic.

His wife Selyse has become fanatical about the Lord Of Light and thinks everything that has happened food or bad is Rhilors work.


Fans share his wariness over Melisandre, cried right along with him over the fate of Shireen, and are just as big of fans of Lady Mormont as he is. The oldest five are in service to House Baratheon on Dragonstone alongside their father, and Devan is squire to Stannis Baratheon himself. Instead, writers condensed them all into Matthos.

Davos also has a wife named Marya that the show has largely ignored, but it has referenced her once or twice in earlier seasons. When a fan once asked George R. Not only does it show viewers how much Stannis trusts Davos, but it makes the tension between the two men that much greater when Stannis suffers his harsh loss at the Blackwater.

ASOIAF University: Why does Stannis trust and likes Davos so much?

However, in the books, Stannis gives his brother-in-law Imry Florent the command of his Blackwater fleet. Imry proves to be largely incompetent at the job, with Davos attempting to give him tactical advice that goes ignored. Imry Florent has a brief appearance on the show during the Battle of the Blackwater he can be seen telling Stannis that hundreds of his men will die.

The television version of Davos has this switched: Cunningham has said that Game of Thrones uses a combination of CGI and practical effects a sewn up glove that Cunningham has to hide his bent fingers in to make it appear as though Davos has fingers missing on the show.