Switched at birth bay and tank relationship

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switched at birth bay and tank relationship

Bay found out that Mary Beth was dating Tank, Tank told Mary Beth that she was a Switched at Birth - Can We PLEASE Talk About All The Love Drama In S5E3 ? Isn't it sort of funny how the relationship that we THOUGHT would cause the. When Bay Kennish gets a job at Maui, she and Mary Beth become really good friends. Mary Beth admitting that she loves him, Mary Beth felt that their relationship wasn't right for her anymore. Miles "Tank" Conroy Switched at Birth Wiki. Rules: No spamming. Post things ONLY related to the show. Respect others. Have fun! About the Show. "Switched at Birth" tells the story of two.

Toby and Lily got married while they were in the middle of an argument. Lily was annoyed that Toby worked all the time and was never at home. We also found out that Toby was secretly gambling again. And we thought they'd surely postpone the wedding, but that wasn't an option.

The wedding went on and it was hilarious. While Toby softly placed the ring on Lily's finger and gave such a sweet speech, Lily just wanted to get the whole thing over and done with. Thankfully, they managed to talk things through after the ceremony and make up. Toby finally got to kiss his bride and it was beautiful.

switched at birth bay and tank relationship

Regina and Luca are official! Regina was terrified about her family finding out about Luca, but it actually all went pretty smoothly. As Regina said herself, "everybody is handling this much better than I thought they would.

And what a great friend he was! So yeah, that's it: Bay and Travis seem to be doing great, but what about Emmett? Remember how Travis brought the whole of China kind of to Bay's apartment?

switched at birth bay and tank relationship

We're still not over that one. We didn't really know what was going to happen between them after Emmett told Bay that he never should have let her go, but Bay seemed to have chosen Travis and was happy. He then turns around and starts looking over Bay's paintings again, telling Daphne that "your sister is like Michael Phelps of art".

Daphne signs to Bay that "He likes you".

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Bay is in denial, signing back that he likes her "as a friend. Afterwards, they have a discussion about Tank's crush on Bay and Bay says that she likes him only as a friend.

Daphne suggests that Bay tells him how she feels or how she doesn't feel, as it will be much harder later. Bay later finds out that in order to stand out from the other applicants for Pratt, she needs to do field hockey, the team of which she left recently.

She goes to Toby and he suggests taking some practice, so she can successfully do a role of goalie and then he'll let her back on the team. Bay and Tank are together on the field later, Tank teaching her how to be a goalie and how to interact with a ball. He asks her, somewhat hesitantly, whether she want to get a barbeque later and Bay says sure. After Bay kicks the ball, preventing the goal, Tank and one of his friends hoist her up onto their shoulders.

She suggests Toby organizes a party with all the people invited at his place, and he agrees. At the party, Tank is clearly in a good mood, talking to his friends. Bay approaches him, taking a swig of a beer to calm down her nerves. She tells him that she sees him as a friend, and nothing more.

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Tank visibly falters, but tries to smile and says that he can respect her choice and that he should head out. Bay tries to stop him, but she trips over a cable and falls, the bottle in her hand smashing and cutting her hand. Tank immediately rushes to her, taking off his shirt to stop the blood flow. He tells her to "sit tight, I got you". Bay tells him that she's "really happy that you're here. In The ScreamTank comes to see Bay and meets her dad.

They talk about Bay's accident and sports. After John leaves, Tank comments how he likes Bay's dad. John goes inside and expresses his surprise at Bay dating a guy named Tank, to which Kathryn replies that she doesn't think they're dating.

Bay and Daphne talk about Tank, and Bay notes how her feelings toward him are beginning to change. She says that all she wants is "a sweet, uncomplicated guy" and Daphne agrees. Bay talks to Mary Beth as they are looking at college clubs, and says that she never thought she would be dating a fraternity boy. They discuss Tank's frat, and Mary Beth mentions a luau she is going to with one of the guys.

Bay is surprised that Tank has not invited her, and thinks it is because she rejected him the night before. Tank shows up at Bay's house for Kathryn's party celebrating her book deal, and he has a bouquet of flowers for Kathryn.

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He meets Regina, and feels bad he didn't bring a bouquet for her. As he and Bay walk away, Regina mouths to her that he is sweet, and Bay replies "I know!

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The party becomes a murder mystery courtesy of Renzo, and Bay teams up with Tank. As they're talking, she suggests they hang out Saturday night, and he says he has a pledge thing with his fraternity, but suggests Friday or Sunday or both. When they get to Bay's bedroom, Bay closed the door and kisses him. He breaks the kiss and is confused about Bay's mixed signals. She tells him that she is interested, and they kiss again.

switched at birth bay and tank relationship