Tales of zestiria sorey and mikleo relationship

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tales of zestiria sorey and mikleo relationship

Sorey and Mikleo having a break up/make up plot in the beginning I'm talking about the way their relationship is painted throughout the entire game. want, nothing is canon in a Tales game anyway, but people who cant see that a letter from the creators of Zestiria to confirm Sormik the way Bryke was. In Tales of Zestiria, the main character Sorey and his best friend Mikleo are heavily implied to be in a relationship. Furthermore, game producer Hideo Baba described Mikleo in an interview with Side B-N (Bandai Namco’s informational/advertising magazine) as Sorey’s one and. Does anyone else get the feeling that Sorey and Mikleo being gay for each other is .. What Tales games had canon sexual relationships with one way of taking.

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The final animation showing Mikleo seeing Sorey again not any of the others. They gave him plenty of opportunity to bond with Rose and Alisha, for instance. However, they made it clear at every turn that their relationships with Sorey were platonic.

tales of zestiria sorey and mikleo relationship

And in the end, Sorey outlives them all. This is so important! The writers made a deliberate choice to write the end in such a way that Rose and Alisha literally can NOT be love interests to Sorey.

His One and Only a title which is, by the way, also absolutely intentional. This It drives me crazy when I see people saying that people are crazy yaoi perverts or projecting their homosexual frustrations both things I have seen said for shipping or even just seeing this pairing.

I am not particularly into yaoi nor are homosexual, but I found these twos relationship to be one of may favourite things about the game. People are entirely allowed to ship or not ship whatever they want, nothing is canon in a Tales game anyway, but people who cant see that SorMik is an intentional pairing cant have been paying enough attention.

Ugh, I definitely feel this frustration. Secondly, if Sorey was asexual, how amazing would that be for the asexual community who have had next to zero representation in the media in general apparently, everyone must be straight or gay or bi in fiction. I think it's wonderfully progressive to have an asexual lead. Anyway, enough serious stuff from me. Oh yeah, Sorey x Gramps, go go! Guys, Gramps gives Sorey his pipe. Something you regularly put in your mouth. I mean, is that a hint or what?

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Only recently, someone on Mary Sue was trying to convince people that Luke Skywalker is asexual. Unless a character is actually stated to be asexual with all its implications, I don't really feel represented. I'm asexual, but I don't feel particularly empowered by people declaring every character without a love interest in a plot that spans like six months as asexual lately.

tales of zestiria sorey and mikleo relationship

Aww, you guys, stop making me go into serious mode! Luke Skywalker is a horrendous example. Someone who revels in a kiss with the opposite gender and who had canonically pre-Disney had children is hardly a good candidate for an asexual character.

tales of zestiria sorey and mikleo relationship

Sorey, on the other hand, show next to zero interest in anything sexual for either gender whatsever throughout the whole game. I'm not telling you how to feel. If you think Sorey is a poor choice for representation, that's your call.

Can we talk about the fact Tales of Zestiria has a gay protagonist

Personally, I think Sorey is great representation and the fact that Sorey can be a fantastic character without a romantic interest does empower me and dispels the myth that every good character must eventually be paired off with someone to be relatable. Your experiences may have been different, but I see a lot of myself in Sorey. I cherish my friends and family, but there's never anything sexual or romantic about it. But then again, I may not be the best example of the community either. After all, I enjoy shipping and fanfics, but just not any written in the first person, since I can never see myself in those situations.

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Oh err, oops, getting way too serious now, for a discussion about a fictional character! What was I shipping again? Video games will get you thru times of no money better than money will get you thru times of no video games.