Veigar and lulu relationship trust

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veigar and lulu relationship trust

veigar x lulu by RiRi League Of Legends Support, League Of Legends Lulu and Veigar ♥ League Of Legends Support, Lol League Of Legends, Memes Lol. Aug 7, fuck the taric memes trust the deep lore of the video games. permalink; embed Are lulu and veigar actually friends? I always thought that. The two things Lulu cannot resist about Veigar, the truth about what's behind his mask. Was he a human? She had asked Pix that so often that the words drifted.

Lulu, please… I love you. I love you more than words can say, and that will never change. So please… get better. Finally, she spoke, her voice cracking with sobs. They stood in silence for a while until Veigar suggested, "Why don't we look around outside? The fresh air might help you. They stepped outside of Lulu's tree, and for the first time in a while, Lulu felt herself begin to smile at the sight around her. The Edge looked so much healthier than it had in years. The fairies' wings had healed remarkably, and they now flew about through the air with ease.

Every tulip was wide open, with only the delicate fairy babies nestled inside. All the sickly fairies, save for Ariadne, had left their blooms, feeling well at last. Hedgehogs, squirrels, insects, raccoons, songbirds, and many other woodland animals frolicked playfully with the fairies in the warm sunlight or by the lakebed beyond Lulu's house.

The air was filled with music from fairy instruments accompanied by singing of birds and fae, and the scents of a thousand different blossoms scented the atmosphere. All in all, it was a perfect scene.

Veigar was right; she did feel better out here… a little at least. Suddenly, she could have sworn she heard someone sniffling… and quiet sobs. Veigar looked at her in confusion, obviously not having heard anything.

veigar and lulu relationship trust

Within a minute, Lulu had reached the lake, and realized that there was definitely someone crying nearby. She looked around, searching through the reeds until at last she found a body curled away within them. A tiny, orange creature similar to a yordle, but not quite one, lay huddled in a ball, weeping softly.

He hadn't realized Lulu's presence yet, so she decided to announce herself. The furball looked up at her, fear and distrust entering his large, black eyes. He backed away slowly, but Lulu got down on her knees and coaxed, "Shush now, easy. Here, I've got something for you. The fluffy creature looked at the offering then uncertainly back at Lulu. After a few minutes' deliberation, he quickly snatched the cupcake out of her hand and started to sniff it. His eyes wandered to her again, still unsure of her presence, and her gift for that matter.

Lulu just waited, knowing no one could resist her baking forever. Sure enough, after a few more sniffs, the entire cupcake disappeared into his mouth. The creature grinned widely as he tasted it, frosting smeared all over his face from the cupcake.

He looked at Lulu and pounced her to the ground in a hug. Lulu smiled awkwardly as she hugged him back and replied, "I have no idea what you just said, but you're welcome! I found him crying in the reeds. I've never seen him before, but he looks kind of like a yordle, just… not.

He won't hurt you. Veigar pondered for a moment, then placed his staff aside and took off his hat and gauntlets so that he looked less intimidating. This time, when the little creature peaked out, he didn't shy away. He slowly approached Veigar, crawling on all fours. Carefully, he sniffed at Veigar's robes and sneezed, the scent of excessive dark magic evidently not agreeing with him.

Veigar chuckled and carefully patted his head. This seemed to earn the creature's trust, as it leaned into Veigar's hand affectionately. This is way too deep in the woods for someone his age to be unsupervised. Have they lost their minds? Veigar had no answers himself. It was obviously that the little guy was no threat, though Veigar was a bit curious about the bones he wore for decoration and the boomerang he carried with him, so what on earth could've prompted the yordles to banish him from their city?

You don't even understand what's happened, do you? You were branded and thrown out of the only place you could call home without a friend left in the world. He thought he remembered something about a young, yordlesque creature being found and adopted by the citizens of Bandle City.

The boy was actually an ancient ancestor of the yordle race, crystallized in ice millennia ago and only recently released from his frozen casket. He'd been introduced as a League champion after the citizens realized that he had extraordinary talent with his boomerang. But… there were rumors about the boy. Supposedly, if he grew angry… well… the sweet, little cub turned into a ferocious monster. If someone at Bandle City had managed to make the cub angry, and he'd caused a scene… yes, that might prompt banishment, as unfair as that seemed.

The critter looked at Veigar attentively. Veigar nodded, convinced now that this cub was indeed the new champion initiated into the League. He pointed to himself and said, "Veigar. Her face started to turn green, and she muttered, "Not again. He looked at Veigar and said, "Duala ega naga ooga Loulauala? She cleaned herself up a little at the pond and turned to look back at them, clearly still a bit unwell. A light appeared in Gnar's eyes as he rushed over to Lulu. Without a word, he pressed an ear to her lower stomach, as though listening for her heartbeat.

Lulu laughed and directed his head higher toward her breastbone. Gnar ignored her and moved his head back down to where it was before. Lulu let him listen for a few minutes, figuring he'd probably eventually hear it down there anyway.

Sure enough after a few seconds, Gnar pulled away and said with a toothy grin, "Loulauala igga neer a dampa! The yordles looked at him in utter confusion, not understanding a word he said. Gnar looked from one to the other and repeated himself, this time taking a bite from one of the roots before offering them to Lulu again.

Lulu smiled at him uncertainly and took the roots. Gnar's eyes lit up and he mimicked the motion of eating again. He wants me to eat some of this… Lulu realized. With an awkward smile, Lulu took a bite from one of the roots.

To her amazement, after she swallowed the bitter-tasting thing, she started to immediately feel relief in her stomach. Gnar smiled and said, "Loulauala hy Veigah igga neer a dampa! Gnar's smile widened as he stood on his hind legs put his arms in front of him with his hands resting near his navel, one atop the other, and open wide, as if he were cradling some imaginary item within his arms.

Casually, he started rocking his arms back and forth, swaying with his whole body as he slowly chanted to the tune of "rock-a-bye baby. Veigar's and Lulu's jaws hung wide open as they slowly turned to look at each other, suddenly seeing all of Lulu's symptoms in a completely new and unexpected light. Yordles had extremely sensitive hearing, so if there was another heartbeat inside Lulu's womb, he knew he'd hear it. Sure enough, after a few seconds of listening, he heard a faint pulse that did not belong to Lulu.

His eyes opened wide with a mixture of shock and fear before he fell to the ground, unconscious. Gnar looked in confusion from Veigar to Lulu. Quickly, he ran up to Lulu's stomach and patted it softly. She sat down, her head whirling. He looked back at Veigar, who was still unconscious, then pointed at him and said, "Veigah heima par dilla igga, hahaha! She looked down at her stomach in wonder and quietly cast a spell to sense if there was indeed another life inside her.

An orb of fairy magic left her hand and circled her womb a few times before forming itself into the shape of a young, yordle cub. Lulu gasped as she looked at the image of what the creature inside her would one day become.

The cub had Veigar's large, golden eyes, ebony hair, and pale skin, but it had her delicate facial shape. Veigar finally started to wake up, to Gnar's slight disappointment he'd been having fun mocking the sleeping yordleand noticed Lulu's spell. He and Gnar looked at the image in awe, for the moment silent. At last, after several minutes staring at the spell, Veigar asked, "L-Lulu… is that…? Gnar pointed at the image, jumping up and down in joy and shouting, "Igga! Gnar leaned into her hand with a smile on his face.

She gave Veigar a pleading look. Veigar knew what was coming and backed away slowly. He has no one left, and nowhere to stay. Couldn't he stay with us, at least for a little while? He needs someone to help look after him; he's only a cub.

Veigar flushed with anger and yelled back, "Of course not! I've heard the rumors of what he can do, but ultimately, so long as people treat him with kindness, he's clearly not a threat. No, it's definitely not him who worries me. He tilted his head gently and looked almost apologetic, wondering if he were somehow to blame for the change. Veigar looked at his pleading eyes and then back at Lulu before speaking again. I'm terrified enough that we're going to have a cub, but Gnar's…" "Veigar… what's really worrying you?

The dark mage sighed and said, "I… I didn't want a cub. It's more that I don't like what I'm afraid they'll bring out in me. Lu, I've told you about my childhood. My mother died before I ever knew her, and my father abused and neglected me until the day he died. I know it's horrible to say, but part of me actually felt jubilant that he was gone, and I was finally free. Lu, what if I'm like my father?

What if the whole time we are raising our cub, I can't help my impatience or temper? Heaven knows I can be cruel and cold; the only one who's ever seemed to break that barrier is you. What if even our cub can't break it? Lu… I don't want any part of recreating the hell I endured as a cub. Yes, you can be evil, but you can also be kind, like you are with me.

You have some evil tendencies, yes, but there is so very much more good in you than bad. You're going to be a great father; I know it. Besides, you'll have me to help you every step of the way.

We'll all be just fine; you'll see. I won't leave you, Veigar, not if I can help it, but… if something does go wrong… I know our little one will be in good hands: He was still terrified, of losing her and that he'd somehow hurt their cub, but at least having Lulu at his side seemed to make things more bearable. To his surprise, Veigar felt someone else hugging him too. He looked down to see Gnar looking up at him, eyes wide with worry. Clearly, the cub sensed that something was wrong, and he'd tried to help the only way he knew how.

Veigar managed to force a half-smile and placed a hand on Gnar's head. She felt terrified as well, but she knew Veigar needed her to be strong right now, so she was going to be.

Veigar let go of her for a minute, then lifted Gnar up and let the cub sit on his scarred shoulders. Gnar clung tightly at first, but, after Veigar held his feet with one hand to keep him from slipping off and grabbed Lulu's hand for support with the other, Gnar felt a little more secure in his perch.

The three headed back toward Lulu's house, Gnar's eyes growing wider in wonder by the second as he saw the tulips, fairies, vibrant colors, and animals. Veigar felt him lean to the left to try and touch a songbird and tightened his grip so the cub wouldn't fall. Lulu smiled, "He can see it. The magic isn't blocking him out. When they finally reached the house, Veigar let Gnar off of his shoulders and escorted the cub and Lulu inside.

Pix greeted them warmly, then stopped and stared in awe at Gnar and mentioned, "Wow… it's been a long time since I've seen one of these guys. I personally haven't seen any like Gnar, but I've seen pictures handed down from other fairies who have. Also, she's several years older, so she might actually understand Gnar's language.

Pix caught the cupcake in midair and placed it back on top. When they reached the bedroom, Lulu took Ariadne's flower from its high perch and set it on the ground so that Gnar could look at it.

Gnar looked at the tulip and the fairy girl inside it skeptically, then handed the fairy a small piece of cupcake. Ariadne smiled gratefully and ate it. Gnar grinned and said, "Ru da gnir Veigah hy Loulauava igga neer a dampa? Ariadne finally quit laughing then forced herself to sit up in the flower and took a deep breath.

For the first time since she'd grown ill, she looked at Lulu and spoke, "H-h-he. In fact, Pix was so ecstatic that he completely missed the message on what she was talking about. This time, Pix caught the message. He freefell out of the air in a downward spiral, but this time didn't completely pass out.

However, he still was flying upside down and backwards for a while. She looked down in embarrassment and said, "I just found out. Actually, it was Gnar who informed us. I-I c-c-c-ould h-have t-told you. T-T-he cub… I-I can… bind… t-t-o it… c-c-ompletely… once… it's born. I-it h-h-has a g-g-ood… heart…. She laid back down in her blossom as if to rest, but with a small grin back at Gnar said, "I-I… think… I c-c-can… h-help… you.

Gnar spun around in tiny circles, trying to catch the spots of light, but they extinguished themselves after a few seconds. He frowned in disappointment and asked Lulu, "Where'd they go?

Where are you going? Today has been too much, first Gnar, then you're pregnant, Ariadne can talk, and now Gnar's starting to make sense. I'll be back in a few minutes, but I really need to get out of here for a while.

Finally, he found an old log sitting off to the side of a path and sat down at it like a bench. He rested his head in his hands and exhaled sharply. A thousand different thoughts swirled through his mind, giving him the worst migraine he'd ever felt in his life.

At the forefront of his worries was Lulu. She had enough on her plate right now, without him, their cub, and Gnar to add to her growing list of concerns.

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Kennen had somehow left a scar when he'd confronted her…. She would hardly ever talk to Veigar about it, but he could tell she still held guilt in her heart over it, though why he couldn't imagine. Then there were the Noxians…. Veigar scowled at the thought of Draven and Darius, who almost undoubtedly would attempt to claim revenge against Lulu and him for the events of their last match.

He might as well add the list of all the other Noxian champions who'd happily kill her just because she was associated with him. No doubt that secret was already starting to spread. Another thought came to his mind then, a thought he'd been trying to ignore for a while.

If the other champions all began to realize that Lulu was indeed bonded to Veigar, she was going to get a lot more enemies than she previously had. Before, most of the yordles carried an apparent indifference to her, the obvious exception being Kennen. But with Veigar at her side… they would either distance themselves from her even more, or worse, try to attack her as they always did Veigar. He sighed again and ran his hands through his hair in frustration.

All this stress could not be good for Lulu, let alone the cub she was currently carrying. He wanted to help her, but had no idea how he could possibly do that when he felt so overwhelmed himself. He worried terribly about her and her safety. It would be nothing short of a miracle with all of the chaos spinning around in their world right now if Lulu managed to get through this pregnancy without at least five mishaps between now and the birth, assuming she even managed to carry it to term.

And once the cub was born… he didn't even want to think about that. How could he possibly hope to raise a healthy, happy cub with his nature and background? He had zero ideas on just how precisely to be a good father or even a decent one. Part of him genuinely wondered if it wouldn't be best for him to just leave after the cub was born, or at least keep a very far distance between him and the cub.

He remembered wishing many times in his own childhood that his father would've done that for him…. But of course, he couldn't and wouldn't do that. He had every part in making this mess, and he wasn't about to leave Lulu alone with it.

Besides, leaving Lulu was never going to be an option in his mind. If she ever decided she wanted to be rid of him… he would probably die of a broken heart. He loved and cared for her too deeply, far more than was healthy.

Of course, all mated yordles cared for their mates at a level that humans would consider "unhealthy.

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Veigar sighed miserably and shook his head. He needed help… and in the worst kind of way. But he had no one to turn to. He wasn't about to put anything more on Lulu's shoulders, and he had no other friends to turn to. After a while, he felt a pair of gentle arms surround him and his head being lowered onto another yordle's lap.

He sighed softly, as gentle hands ran through his hair. It sounded vaguely familiar, though Veigar had no idea when or where he'd heard it before.

It certainly wasn't Lulu's voice. The hands stopped combing for a minute, and Veigar felt the yordle bend down to kiss his temple. You've endured so much…" A crystalline tear landed on his face from above, but gentle hands brushed it away for him. You also helped the fairy, Ariadne. If even once you'd let the darkness they forced on you in Noxus completely overshadow your heart, it would have killed her.

Veigar… you've done so much. With the exception of Lulu, nothing but hurt ever came to anyone for associating with me. You would have saved them if you could, or else protected them from that fate altogether. Your father… he never hated you, dear. He just didn't know what to do. He was just broken-hearted, but he still loved you. The yordle paused again, as if unsure what to say. Veigar finally turned his head so he could see who had come to him. As he'd deduced, she was a female yordle.

Her skin was smooth as silk and peach-complexioned. Her eyes glowed like golden suns, and hair as black as night reached down to her hips.

veigar and lulu relationship trust

It was arranged in a waterfall braid with small, white rosebuds accenting it in various places. She wore a long, blue evening gown with silvery, swirling accents and silver flats. Quite frankly, she was beautiful… and she didn't look a day older than he did. Why are you here? How are you here? You were so exhausted and frustrated that you fell asleep on the log.

What you don't know, is that before I died, I was a fairy mage too, much like your Lulu, just not as powerful. Even though my body is dead, my spirit still lingers. I've been following you your whole life, but unless you're in the Edge, you can't see me. My magic as a spirit isn't strong enough for you to see me once you leave the fairy realm. Maybe you even hate me, but I never meant to hurt you. The whole reason I gave birth to you, even knowing it would kill me to do so… was because I love you.

Why are you only revealing yourself now… Lynessa? I can never apologize enough for the suffering you've endured. If there was any way at all I could have stayed with you, helped you through your trials… I would have done it in a heartbeat. I still don't know what to say, son, but it's obvious you're frightened and confused. I couldn't be there for you before, but I am now.

All I want is to help you, to at least begin to make amends for never being able to help you as only a mother can. He finally did, but he sat beside her, a safe distance away from her. He could tell that hurt her feelings, but he couldn't bring himself to go to her just yet. Lynessa tried to put a brave face on it and forced a smile. Tell me truly, Veigar. Lynessa listened compassionately, and coaxed him on any time he fell silent or seemed unsure.

Finally, Veigar had said all he needed to say, and his mother tapped her chin delicately, trying to reason out how best to help her son. At last, she spoke.

veigar and lulu relationship trust

You and Lulu are both strong mages, and the two of you have more allies than you think. They may try to come for you, but it won't be for a while yet, and believe me, help will come if they dare to try. He won't attack you or Lulu for pettiness, though. He understands that sometimes his actions require correction.

He only ever gets angry if he is intentionally wronged. He is also exceedingly loyal, and you and Lulu have bought his trust with cupcakes and a piggyback ride. Count him as a friend, and don't underestimate his value simply because he's young. He comes from an era where even the cubs had to fight to survive, and he is no stranger to battle. It would be wise, not to mention kind, for you and Lulu to keep him close. He is a restless spirit, and I doubt he'll always stay with the two of you in person, but he'll not wander far from any place he perceives as 'home' or people he counts as 'friends.

I think if you and Lulu can convince him that you are mated of your own free wills, then he will respect Lulu's decision. He cares only for her well-being and happiness at heart.

If her happiness is with you, then he will fight for you by extension. Lulu will probably both distrust him and loathe herself for what happened, but that is something she must overcome herself.

All you can do for her is assure her that your love for her is both genuine and endless, no matter what happens. After a long while, she continued, "You are not your father, Veigar.

In fact, to be quite honest, you've very little in common with him. You inherited my looks and wanderlust, but from him… you received a standoff personality and love for fairy sorceresses. Just look at how you've treated Gnar in the few minutes you've known him if you doubt that.

If nothing else, your father taught you what not to do. Have some faith in yourself to be a better yordle than he ever dreamed you could be. I'll always be watching over you, Veigar. I love you very, very much. In the distance, he could hear Lulu calling for him and knew it was time for him to wake up. He just needed to do one last thing first; Lulu would understand. He ran up to his mother and gave her a warm and unexpected hug. Veigar groaned and sat up stiffly.

Veigar frowned and asked, "Why are you staying so far away? And why do you look so frightened? If you aren't ready… then I'll disappear for a while, or forever if you'd prefer. You'll never have to hear from either of us again. In less than a second, he'd leapt to his feet and wrapped Lulu in a warm, tight hug.

I could never, ever, survive without you, Lulu. You are my life. Don't ever think otherwise. I love you with all my heart, and I'm never going to abandon you, or our cubs," he stated, rubbing her womb gently.

I'm feeling much better now. Gnar shuffled his feet awkwardly and looked at the couple. Once they finished kissing, he asked, "Do I have to go away? You're your own yordle, Gnar, and you're free to come or go as you please, but you're always welcome with us. Lulu nodded at him and said, "Absolutely, Gnar.

Veigar stared at them awkwardly and wondered what exactly he'd just agreed to. He wondered even more when exactly 0. Lulu laughed and added, "If it makes you feel any better he calls me 'Mom' too. Even though Ariadne adjusted his language so that we can understand him now, he still can't quite pronounce either of our names.

He asked if he could just call us 'mom and dad' instead, since that was much easier. Teemo wandered around the strange mansion carefully. He'd seen no trace of any life since he'd found the place almost a week ago, but felt certain that this must have been Veigar's residence. He'd tried to go inside the mansion, but after just stepping on the doormat nearly sent him plummeting down the mountain to his death, he'd thought the better of it.

Clearly, the place was well booby-trapped. Furthermore, it radiated black auras. There must have been a lot of black magical tomes and items within that house. Even if it wasn't Veigar's mansion, it clearly belonged to someone up to no good.

The fact that he could not, or rather dared not go inside was a bit of a problem though. If he was going to attack Veigar, than the element of surprise was a must. He needed somewhere he could hide, somewhere he was certain he would cross Veigar's path without having to give away his position, when he noticed it. A large garden in the backyard, and full of mystical plants and trees, most of which he'd never seen or heard of before. It was growing well, but she figured she probably should check in on it.

With that thought in mind, the tiny yordle clambered onto the balcony railing and jumped to the ground below. Making such a jump would not be advisable for most humans, let alone yordles, but fortunately, Lulu was very springy.

She hopped up as she landed, completely unhurt, and wandered toward her garden. With a small smile, she noted that the seeds she'd planted yesterday were still doing well, as were all of the other flowers in the garden. She planted a few more tulips in amongst the foliage, wanting any fairies who wandered this far to have a place to rest if they needed it. She'd just finished planting them when Veigar joined her, holding her staff and satchel in one hand and her hat in the other.

He laughed and replied, "Yes, but if we go to see Pix and Ariadne with you dressed only in that… well, I'm not responsible for what would happen to Pix's mind. You're turning a little more evil every day. He grinned and replied, "Then I'm ready to see the fairies when you are.

The pair appeared outside of Lulu's room, as they had before, and Pix eagerly flew to his companion, hugging her cheek. I slept in a little this morning; that's all. In vivid detail and using every lusty word he could think of, Veigar proceeded to explain to Pix exactly what he and Lulu had done the night before. To Veigar's disappointment, he hadn't even reached the "good" part before Pix fell to the ground, twitching occasionally. That was revenge for each and every time he's pulled my hair, called me names, or otherwise insulted me or threatened my relationship with you.

Lulu laughed and replied, "Alright, well, my fairy is now catatonic, so you go and take Ariadne her soup while I try to help Pix…" Veigar nodded and took the acorn over to the tulip where Ariadne lay, an awkward look on his face.

Veigar wasn't quite sure how to feel about the tiny fairy. Obviously, since she'd been deathly ill for years, Ariadne wasn't usually social, so most of what he knew about her came secondhand from Lulu. As such, he personally didn't know much about her or what he should feel toward her. The only emotion he definitely carried toward her was guilt.

Since Lulu had told him that his and Ariadne's life forces were technically tied together, he couldn't help but wonder if he were somehow… different, less vindictive and more… good… she might feel any better. The fairy smiled weakly at him and managed to force herself to sit up.

She accepted it gratefully, but Veigar frowned, realizing he didn't know how to warm the soup and Lulu had forgotten to do so before she started treating Pix. Ariadne frowned and closed her eyes as she held the acorn in her hands. Her little body started quivering with exertion and finally her tiny hands glowed purple and steam began rising from the acorn.

Veigar stared in awe, realizing that she'd somehow found the strength to cast a bit of her fairy magic. She smiled at him and reached for his palm, so she could communicate.

veigar and lulu relationship trust

He offered it to her, and the girl wrote, "I-k-n-o-w-y-o-u-w-o-r-r-y-a-b-o-u-t-m-e. Pix had finally started to wake up, but he was flying around upside down and backward. Veigar figured that was probably not a good sign. From the tulip beside him, he started to hear a noise. It was faint at first, very faint.

But it began to grow louder… and clearer. Laughter… for the first time in decades, Ariadne found the strength to laugh. Veigar stared at her in shock and Lulu immediately bolted toward her, forgetting temporarily about Pix as the female fairy continued chortling, pointing at her brother as he flew haphazardly around the room, bumping into anything in sight, upside down and backward the entire time.

Lulu gave Veigar a warm smile, which he reciprocated gladly. Finally, it seemed like things in all their troubled lives might be making a turn for the better.

Eventually, Pix's flying straightened out, and he begrudgingly accepted Veigar's new place as Lulu's mate. Once they felt certain Pix would be alright, the yordles sat down to eat their cupcakes. Pix stole one of Veigar's for himself, but Lulu split her last cupcake with him, so there was no permanent harm done.

Lulu also eventually showered and changed into the pink dress she'd worn to impress Veigar on Valentine's Day. After Ariadne finally returned to slumber due to exhaustion, the two yordles plus Pix talked amongst themselves about how they would spend the remainder of the day. Veigar knew Lulu had been getting a serious case of "cabin fever. Really, all three of them were starting to feel cooped up, but Lulu more so than the rest.

She was restless by nature, and asking her to confine herself for months at a time was painful just to witness. So, it was his idea for them all to visit the League, not to fight, just to get out, and for Lulu to possibly visit some of the other champions. Lulu loved the idea, but worried about Veigar, knowing that he usually preferred to keep a bit of distance from her in public, just to keep any Noxians or other enemies from getting ideas about using her against him.

He soothed her worries, promising her that all would be well. There was a matter he needed to discuss with the High Council of Equity anyway. So, after he put her fears to rest, the three teleported to the Institute of War. Lulu noticed Annie, Amumu, and Nunu playing together in the distance and ran to visit with them while Veigar smiled and turned to find the summoners.

It really wasn't hard to figure out where the Councilors resided in the Institute. The council met in the highest room of the tallest, darkest tower in the dead center of the Institute. The only irritating part, especially for a diminuative yordle, was the stairs, allof them.

The stairs did a very good job of dissuading all but the most serious of requests and complaints from reaching the High Council's ears. Well, Veigar's request… ah… actually more of a demand… was pretty damned important to him, so without a second's hesitation, he started climbing. While Veigar climbed the tower toward the Councilors, a different yordle cut Lulu off as she'd left Amumu and the human children to try and find some other friends to talk to.

H-hi, Kennen," Lulu replied awkwardly. She'd tried to talk to the energetic yordle before, but never really got anywhere. He was too secretive about who he was or what he did outside of the league typical ninjaand always seemed to have his mind running at 2, miles an hour typical Kennen. Besides, she hadn't really dared to talk to him at all since he and Veigar had gotten into a fight over her back on Valentine's Day. It was too awkward. Pix hovered near her hat, obviously unsure about what was going on, but decided to keep his mouth shut for the time being.

Frankly, I'm kind of glad. It gave me some time to heal too, and… to figure a few things out. There was no way Kennen would let that go, but at least it was a nice try. Lulu shied away, trying to yank it out, but his grip was firm. Pix now interfered on Lulu's behalf.

Lulu's already in a relationship! His hands were furry; Veigar's were smooth. Kennen felt his heart breaking as he turned back to look at her, "Lulu, I don't know what this Rudin guy has told you, but he's lying. The name's obviously fake, and I doubt his affections are real either. I know it seems sudden, but I really do care about you. You're different from all the other yordles, in a good way. You see past things that fool others, looking into people's hearts.

You're special, Lulu, can't you see that? You deserve more, much more than anyone else can offer you. I know you were banished from Bandle City, but I don't care! I can get you back in, or if not, you could come to Ionia with me.

I won't leave you, Lulu, no matter what. I… I think I might even love you. And nothing in the world ever felt more wrong.

She thought desperately as she tried to shove Kennen away, since all her magic power seemed to have shrank into the toes of her shoes and refused to come out.

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Pix shot a glitterlance at the yordle, forcing him to part from Lulu. Kennen released Lulu's hand in shock, and she immediately started running, fast. It's okay; she can't outrun me.

I am the wind! He tore off after Lulu at the speed of light. Lulu cast whimsy on herself and ran even faster. Pix, desperate, bolted in the direction of the High Council of Equity's tower to find Veigar. Lulu was going to need help with this. Meanwhile, Veigar had finally made it to the top of the seemingly endless staircase and shoved the doors open.

Two hooded heads turned toward him with interest. It wasn't typical for any yordle to venture into their domain. This called for even greater attention. Never before had any champion asked to speak to all of the available Councilors at once. Usually, the champion who came before them only asked to see whoever was available. Maybe they'd ask to speak to the High Councilor if they felt the matter was deeply urgent. But to simply demand to speak to all of them at once… such a thing was not done, even by the most audacious of champions.

She scoffed, but the High Councilor, Vessaria Kolminye, remained silent. But I will no longer battle against her. Clearly, some of the champions who'd come here considered each other good friends or horrid adversaries.

To allow such "favors" of who one would and would not fight would sow the seeds of chaos…. Losing a single champion could cause problems in the delicate political nature that their Institute was built upon.

Losing two champions, and both yordles, could be enough to start a small-scale war. Even if Lulu and Veigar weren't exactly favored by the yordle community, the yordles were well-known to be extremely clannish. If Yordleland perceived that the two had been slighted by the Councilors without good reason, Yordleland might turn against the Institute as a whole, sparking an uproar throughout Valoran.

Mated yordles cannot and will not fight each other. It would be worse than asking human families to kill each other. Such a thing is not and psychologically cannot be done by yordles; it matters not that any death would be temporary.

The Councilors huddled together, discussing the tidings of which Veigar spoke. Yes, some of the human champions had "hooked up" in the past, but none besides Ashe and Tryndamere had married. Besides, Ashe and Tryndamere's marriage was based on little more than political alliance. There was little love there, only deep respect and a sense of duty. What Veigar claimed for himself and Lulu was the yordle equivalent of a marriage for love, meaning that his situation was hereto unprecedented.

They discussed together for the better part of an hour, considering how to address the matter. Finally, they separated and turned to look at Veigar. Veigar stood his ground, waiting to hear their demands. Sure, they were mated, and mates could and did produce offspring, but he hadn't begun to think that far ahead yet. After taking a minute to process that condition, he agreed to it. After all, if Lulu did, against all logic in Veigar's mind, become pregnant, the last thing he wanted was for her to be placed in danger while she was in such a vulnerable state.

Vessaria then issued the second condition, "In the event that you and Lulu do produce offspring, the League reserves the right to offer them a position within the Institute. The decision to accept or decline entrance to the League as a champion will be reserved by the summoners and your child. Neither you nor Lulu will have any say in whether a child will or will not join the League.

Of course the Councilors didn't really care that much about whether or not Lulu would be in danger while she was pregnant. They just hoped that they could get a second generation of champions out of this union. It was dangerous to play games with the High Council, but Veigar agreed to the second condition anyway, despite knowing that one day he might have to break it. He didn't think he'd truly mind if one of his cubs wanted to join as a champion, but only if he thought they'd survive.

He would not allow any of his offspring to be used as fodder just because the High Council of Equity hoped for a new champion.

Satisfied with Veigar's agreement, the Councilors bid him go and resumed discussing their next important matter of business namely, the "What the heck was that purple moon?

Veigar exited the room, feeling greatly irked by the summoners casual usurping of what he felt was part of his parental responsibility, but nonetheless grateful that the Councilors had agreed that he would never again have to fight Lulu on their behalf.

Veigar turned and saw Pix flying toward him at full speed. I need to talk with her," Veigar stated. In an instant, Veigar's mood changed from irritation to full-on fury. Pix held onto Veigar's hat for dear life as the yordle charged down the stairs, Pix calling out directions toward where he'd last seen Lulu in the process.

Lulu didn't really know where she was running; she just knew she needed to get away from Kennen, far, far away. His voice was getting closer, and Lulu was feeling desperate.

I've just never confessed to a girl before. She needed to lose him, and soon. She came upon the Institute's courtyard, a large area filled with blossoming trees and flowers. Utterly exhausted, she clambered up one of the trees and tried to hide there from Kennen's gaze.

Kennen came into view not more than a second after she'd climbed the cherry tree. Unfortunately, the ninja had very good hearing, and Lulu was still panting pretty hard. He looked up and, spotting Lulu, immediately began climbing after her. Lulu climbed higher and higher in the tree, trying to escape. When she'd gone as high as she could, she traveled out, moving further and further from the tree's trunk. Lulu closed her eyes and braced for an impact with the hard ground, but instead found herself saved by a pair of warm, smooth arms.

Utterly spent, she fainted in his arms. Veigar snarled and tightened his grip on her limp body. Your little mad chase completely exhausted her. I'm certainly not going to drop her. Haven't you caused enough damage here? That's more than you can say. Kennen growled back, "It's not like you care one way or another. Just put her down; you have no connection with her.

Kennen finally noticed the glint of fire in his eyes and realized who he was speaking to. You've been lying to Lulu from the start, Veigar. Stop playing with her heart. For once in your life, just do the right thing. She came to me of her own free will, and I don't intend to be without her again. I told you before, and I'll tell you again. We should get her somewhere safe. Pix, don't you realize who he is?

Veigar arrived with the others in his bedroom and quietly carried Lulu over to his bed and tucked her in gently. He kissed her forehead gently, and whispered, "I'm so sorry, Lu. I should've been there… I should have protected you. Kennen is a problem, but he'd never do anything to hurt Lulu just to get at you.

It's better to keep them in the dark as long as you can. He sighed once Veigar was out of earshot and admitted, "I'm sorry too, Lulu. I know I've given Veigar a hard time, but it's only because I want what's best for you. I can see that he really cares about you now, much more than I ever gave him credit for. He's a good yordle, and he'll take good care of you. He carried two small acorns with him as well, one for Pix and one for Ariadne. Pix took them gratefully and said, "I need to go back to be with my sister… Take care of Lulu for me.

If there was one issue they could agree on, it was the lavender-skinned yordle who'd wriggled her way into both of their hearts. After a little while, Lulu stirred. It's nothing extravagant, but you should eat something. She spooned a little out and blew on it carefully before taking a bite and smiling.