Vincent nightray and echoes relationship quizzes

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vincent nightray and echoes relationship quizzes

Her eyes blinker a couple of times as a shiver came down her spine, “Oswald I apologise I didn't mean to be-“ Next: Vincent Nightray. Gilbert Baskerville. Vincent Baskerville. Xerxes Break (Elliot Nightray. Rufus Barma. Reim Lunettes. Oswald Baskerville. Anime/cartoon Characters Quiz. Pick 10 Echo (PH). 6. Vincent Nightray. 7. I' ve heard Echo-chan is a really good cook from Gil. Echo: It's just Fai is an excellent cook, but I do not want Vincent near my food. 7 and 9 . Even if you and your beloved are a canon couple, by the end, you still won't have kissed. Even in.

Except for the part where he's an agent.

vincent nightray and echoes relationship quizzes

But, I can tell the journey that is about to begin concerns you as well," The witch told her. Jack, Crow, and Yusei share an apartment in the city and are doing well. Jack and Crow even have girlfriends. They also think it's time Yusei stepped out of the garage and found one too.

To grant her wish of returning home, she must cross dimensions with Syaoran, Sakura, and the rest. But every wish comes with a price Will he chase after the girl who has haunted his dreams?

Or will he ignore her completely?

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The Ree Zephyron Chronicles by Twilight Angel of Moon reviews In an alternative parallel universe where endings can alter and destinies change, there enters new characters and new friendships forged, foes met and chaos of a different sort Kaiba Anything But Simple by TrueDespair reviews Yuui may be new at the school but he knows something about helping others. Obvious pairings and introducing a new pairing in later chapters. Shiritsu Horitsuba Gakuen - Rated: Destined for greatness she thought she had the Academy wrapped round her finger Ars Moriendi by marie ant reviews A painfully incompetent shinigami searching for a way to live in the present looks to the Undertaker for help.

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This caused her to have an extreme fear for all wepons.

vincent nightray and echoes relationship quizzes

Alice is pretty sure she doesn't want to be part of the undead. Rated T tho rating might change. A girl with dark secrets meets Bakura, but will he be able to break the iron wall that surrounds her? Can she find it in herself to trust him Once she meets Ayato, will she change? Naoi Mercy by viettvnt reviews Damn that little imp to the very depths of hell! He has the nerves to toy with me! Demios has two thick antlers and a tattered cape, which cast a shadow to give it a female appearence, hence the nickname Queen of Hearts.

Vincent Nightray

No matter how far apart we are, we will surely return to the same place. Because that is our fate!

vincent nightray and echoes relationship quizzes

You were nothing like your brothers You were the only one. It was only thanks to you that Gil managed to live in that house without forgetting how to smile. I could never hate you!

An awkward moment between Vincent and Gilbert

It's all so red! That's right, I just wanted to protect. I want to give him a past You've lost almost all of your family, and yet all you can think of is your own interests.

vincent nightray and echoes relationship quizzes

Bernard was of firm belief that Elliot wanted exactly what he wanted, and thus would do anything in order to cleanse the Nightray name of the social stigma that Raymond Nightray was branded with years before Elliot's time. Elliot was meant to become Raven's contractor in order to impress his father through the positive representation of their family, but after Bernard encountered a boy from the Abyss named Vincent, Bernard discovered that no one could form a Legal Contract with Raven successfully, except for Gilbert.

Bernard felt bad about this because it meant that his son would never be given the opportunity to represent the Nightrays as he wanted to. Instead of the contract with Raven, Bernard finally came to the decision to allow Elliot to bear a heavier responsibility.

Bernard gave Elliot his black-bladed rapier in order to represent himself without Raven, Elliot unaware that his father had entrusted him with the Nightray Dukedom's Key to the Abyss. Elliot had grown up learning under Bernard, with Bernard teaching him that the Vessalius Dukedom is a treacherous group of people who were the reason the Nightrays were pushed into the darkness, as Jack Vessalius had spread rumours about Raymond because of his previous connection to Oswald in order to do exactly as Bernard had explained.

Despite this, Elliot eventually went against his father's teachings, having trouble believing that the Vessaliuses were evil after interacting with Oz Vessalius on so many different occasions. As time passed, Bernard saw nothing wrong with using Elliot for his own personal gain, having convinced himself that what he was doing was within Elliot's best interest as well.

Bernard felt fine allowing Elliot to form a Contract with the ChainHumpty Dumpty, seeing it as an opportunity to regain the Nightrays' status, despite the fact that Elliot's Contract with Humpty Dumpty resulted in the deaths of four of his family members.

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Bernard remained numb to the deaths that unfolded around him, being unaware that Elliot was the root of the dilemma. Although Bernard's intentions were in wrong, Bernard had only done so because of his love for Elliot and his misguided attempts to provide Elliot with the kind of life he deserved, and Elliot continued to believe in his father until the very end, never knowing about Bernard's dark history and only ever wanting to please his father.

Vanessa did this out of concern because Bernice Nightray had slowly been losing her mind because of the assassinations of her younger brotherFredClaude and Ernest; meanwhile Bernard acted as though he didn't notice anything was happening with Bernice and was even willing to collude with a foreigner, acts which Vanessa believed made them unfit parents to Elliot.

Gilbert Nightray Gilbert Nightray is Elliot's adopted older brother.

vincent nightray and echoes relationship quizzes

Although Elliot was pissed off for Gilbert "running away" after the Headhunter incident, he actually cares very much about Gilbert.