Watanuki and yuko relationship quizzes

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watanuki and yuko relationship quizzes

When Yuko disappears and he takes over the shop, his personality takes a . It is revealed by Yūko in chapter of XxxHolic, that both Watanuki's and the. 1 Story; 2 At the Shop; 3 Relationships. Ichihara Yūko; Dōmeki Shizuka; Kunogi Himawari; Zashiki Warashi; Kudakitsune; Maru and Moro. Relationships: Maru and Moro, Mokona, Madoki, Kimihiro Watanuki.:crown: STORY. yuuko owns a shop in Tokyo where she takes in requests for wishes.

Although she keeps a good eye on him and takes care and protects when he is in trouble. We find out that she has powers that allow her to cross dimensions. At one scene she helps the main characters from Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle and helps them get to their own worlds.

She has two assistants named maru and moro. These two can not leave the shop and their duty is to stay and protect it. Yuuko also never allows her to predict her own future. Since if that were to happen, it would cause chaos. She visits a fortune teller friend for fortunes and advice.

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Later in the series yuuko must realize it is her time to go. She knew about it for sometime and kept it a secret. We don't know if anyone else knew about her death coming but if they did, no one did anything. On her final day, yuuko and Watanuki meet in a dream and begin to talk in a picnic like place. She discusses with watanuki about if he is happy or not and about the shop itself.

He says he is very happy and loves it there. But as they are talking, yuuko starts to fade away into butterfly's and starts to disappear. Watanuki tries to chase after her but he cant reach her. Her last words were" The dream will end soon". Watanuki and Doumeki come across and old lady wanting to get rid of three hundred yen coins, as she comes into the temple and tosses them into the offering box.

Watanuki finds out that these were used as a lucky charm, but nevertheless warns Himawari from doing so. They meet the old lady again, who explained them her situation as being too uneasy about it when an injured man forced her to exchange them.

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Watanuki then realizes that it isn't a lucky spell but a curse, and that the curse cannot be broken once someone has involved in it. Then Doumeki asks him how he can know so much, and seemingly losing consciousness he says that he saw too many things with Yuko. He then asks what did he do after those things "happened", and he replies that "he chose".

Afterwards his cellphone rings, he answers but the caller hangs up. Once he's with Yuko, she explains the curse to him and Watanuki realizes that he said the same thing that she said, to Doumeki. He wonders if he's doing something wrong, but Yuko replies that he's not doing something right or wrong. As she tries to explain this to him, he loses consciousness and falls into Yuko's arms, who tells him he "should already know what will return and what will not.

watanuki and yuko relationship quizzes

The main characters are both intrigued and suspicious when first meeting Watanuki. However, one most notes that there is a strong sense of loneliness coming from Watatnuki but can't figure out why. In episode 7, Watanuki, reveals himself to be the shop owner of a wish granting shop in the body of a dog to the main character Saya. Throughout the anime, since episode 1, the dog has appeared many times and is always around Saya.

Even though the dog does not speak, he gives off the feeling that he knows and understands Saya's situation. Following on to episode 7 once again, Watanuki tells Saya everything that he can, admitting that he was sent to stay by her side as a result of a wish from one of his customers.

Watanuki does not reveal who asked this of him but that he must appear as a dog to Saya until the wish is granted. The full specifications of the wish are not clear at this point either. The dog appears to be a proxy that Watanuki uses to speak through, and had appeared on the island in order to give Saya advice.

watanuki and yuko relationship quizzes

He retains his two differently-colored eye appearance, and serious, but mellow composure. Saya receives a new katana from him, having destroyed her previous one, and Watanuki tells her that she can make the payment after she returns, implying that he wants her to return safely.

Talents and Abilities Watanuki's cooking skill is exceptional At the beginning of the series, Watanuki has the power to see spirits and other things that are invisible for everyone else.

watanuki and yuko relationship quizzes

He can also feel other people's emotions when they are talking. If they have a negative feeling, Watanuki starts to feel dizzy. If they have a positive feeling, Watanuki feels a calm and cheerful aura. In xxxHolic Shunmuki Ova, Watanuki follows a path made by Haruka to find five objects that allow him to break the barrier between his world and the Dream World, allowing him to enter when he wants. He can create or break barriers, make a road to find something or someone and travel or send people to other dimensions.

He also mentions that he's more powerful inside Dream World. Watanuki's Magic Circle Later, in the last chapter of the manga, Yuko told him through his dream that his powers had grew up enough and he doesn't need to stay in the shop. Watanuki has an exceptional cooking skill, although he thinks of it as a hobby.

Yuuko will never get bored waiting for Watanuki's food everyday, though. Relationships Why should a choice, in which I had no say, decide Decide anything about a person who is so important to me?! Watanuki has a mentor-student relationship with Yuko, one that evolves in strength and importance over time.

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At the beginning of the manga, Watanuki only respected Yuko because she was older and wiser than Watanuki but he didn't genuinely care for her and often thought of her as treacherous and selfish. As the story progressed, Watanuki started caring for Yuko's well being and helped her with customers.

At this time Watanuki also became more tolerant of Yuko and did not yell at her as much. By the end of xxxHolic, Yuko and Watanuki shared a deep and understanding bond as friends and Yuko even acted as Watanuki's caretaker.

At this point, Watanuki confided with Yuko many of his problems and even talked to Yuko about serious and more complicated topics that could not have been discussed before due to Watanuki's immaturity.

Yuko and Watanuki also show signs of holding a sort of love for each other though the true nature of it is somewhat ambiguous and could vary in degrees between the two. For example, when Watanuki and Yuko found each other in their dreams and Watanuki told her that he would grant any one of her wish no matter what it was as long as it made her happy. They find each other in their dreams several other times, usually being in the shop's yard.

In one of these dreams, Yuko asks Watanuki if he's happy with being and working at the shop and Watanuki says that he is, to which Yuko says that if the shop is "reason enough" for Watanuki to stay, she's happy and Watanuki takes and holds Yuko's hand that was touching his face. Watanuki's caring feelings for Yuko appear once again when she's dying and Watanuki tells her that he will stay in the shop waiting for her and if wishes can come true just by wishing them and wanting them enough, he wishes to meet her again no matter how long it takes her to come back.

Four years after Yuko's death, Watanuki meets Haruka Domeki in one of his dreams and as they are talking, Haruka points out that Watanuki is wearing his glasses even though he does not need them. Watanuki then tells him that he forgets to take them off sometimes and then he starts to tell Haruka that before Yuko died, when all Yuko's past customers said that they didn't remember Yuko, that it was the most frightening thing that he had ever experienced.

He explained that he was also scared that he too might forget Yuko, which is why he had decided to carry on her things wearing her clothes, carrying her pipe, taking ownership of her shop etc. And even if I do forgetI'll come close to remembering.

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Watanuki later admits that his wish to see Yuko has also turned into a form of desire. In the last chapterYuko meets Watanuki in a dream and tells Watanuki that he has waited in the shop long enough for her and that he could now leave the shop and be free. When Watanuki awakes, he explains his dream to Shizuka's great-grandson. When Doumeki asks Watanuki if he is happy that he saw Yuko again, even in a dream, he says yes. He then proceeds to tell Doumeki that even though he is free and has the choice to come and go as he pleases, he will stay in the shop and wait for Yuko.

This shows the desire that Watanuki really feels for Yuko because even though he saw a dream version of her, but not the real one, he will keep waiting for her just for the hope that one day a miracle will happen and he will be able to see her just once again.

Here, the series ends, leaving it that Watanuki will wait for Yuko for as long as it takes. It is also revealed that Watanuki is a descendant of Clow's. Clow also gave him his appearance, purposely. Chibi Kitsune Watanuki and Chibi Kitsune are good friends.

watanuki and yuko relationship quizzes

Watanuki met him for the first time at his and his father's oden stand that cannot usually be seen by humans. The two form a friendly bond but do not see each other often since they live in two different worlds. Once, When Watanuki went to the Monster Processionall the monsters realized that Watanuki and Doumeki were humans and chased them, trying to kill them when Chibi Kitsune interfered and told them all what a good person Watanuki is until the monsters spared him. Later on, to express his thanks, Watanuki send Chibi Kitsune a dream in a balloon from the dream collector which he had traded the broken arrow from one of his dreams for five of the dream collector's dreams.

Kitsune He's Chibi Kitsune's father and he's very kind to Watanuki. He first met Watanuki at night in his oden stand. Watanuki always compliments Kitsune on his cooking, especially his famous oden a type of stew. Kitsune is especially kind to Watanuki because Watanuki and Chibi Kitsune are friends and Watanuki is very generous, giving him a dream balloon and a sacred arrow, to Chibi. Himawari and Watanuki are best friends at school, often eating lunch together and walking home together after school, but there always seems to be something more than friendship between them.

Since Himawari was first introduced, Watanuki already had a deep crush on her. He often says that he loves Himawari he only says this in his head or to Yuko Ichihara or Watanuki and Himawari on xxxHolic anime Season 4 cover Shizuka Domeki but in reality, this is just a mere infatuation. Whenever Watanuki is asked why he likes Himawari, he answers that it is because she is kind and cute and even though these are good traits in a person, it is not nearly enough reason to be in love with someone and so all of his friends know that this is not real love but just a crush.

Watanuki also reveals in Vol. Later on in the series, Watanuki falls out of the second story window of the school and nearly dies until Shizuka brings him to Yuko's shop where she heals him. This is when Himawari displays care for Watanuki by paying half of the price to Yuko for healing Watanuki which was taking all the scars that Watanuki beared from the fall.

When Watanuki finally wakes up, Himawari talks to him and reveals to him that she is bad luck - literally. Himawari had been born with a bad luck curse at birth which meant that she brought bad luck to those whom she meets, talks to, or touches with the exception of her parents.

Himawari then tells Watanuki that they should not be friends or speak to each other any more because she does not want to hurt him. Watanuki then stops her and tells her that even though she is bad luck, he always felt lucky to have met her and that no matter what she said, he would still try to be with her. He then reveals that he likes her and promises her that he'll never do anything to hurt her or to make her cry.

Later on, Watanuki asks Yuko if there is a way to remove Himawari's curse and Yuko says that she can but the price it will be all her happiness. She asks Watanuki if he is going to pay the price but Watanuki says that if he hurt himself for Himawari's sake then she will be sad and it will hurt her more than him.

Watanuki decides that the only thing he will do for Himawari is continue being her best friend and making her truly smile every time.

watanuki and yuko relationship quizzes

Yuko does agree to help Watanuki with his relationship with Himawari by giving him an egg and telling him to sleep with the egg beside him and whatever he wants to emerge out of the egg, it will appear. In dreams, Watanuki wishes that something will be born that will keep Himawari company so that she will not be alone and so Tanpopo is born, a bird that is immune to Himawari's bad luck. Himawari remains the same but it can be seen that she starts developing feelings for Watanuki after his personality changes a bit.

They spend more time together since Watanuki is being carefully after being with her. The last time Himawari appears is after giving some cookies to Watanuki made by herself. In xxxHolic RO, Watanuki and Himawari grow apart and their relationship ends in a "more than friends, but less than lovers" relationship.

Because her misfortune affliction and the shop cause problems to occur, she promised to never enter the shop except on Watanuki's birthday. Even if they only can see each other once a year, Himawari falls in love with Watanuki, however in Chapterit is stated that Himawari is married with a unknown businessman who knows about Watanuki and accept their friendship.

Watanuki sends Himawari and her husband a chrysanthemum wine to give them fortune and good health. Shizuka Domeki Watanuki and Shizuka's meeting happened before the manga started. They had first seen each other on the school stairway and Watanuki, annoyed with just Shizuka's face, started yelling at him. The first time we see the two together in the manga is after gym class when the two had been playing soccer. Himawari was telling Watanuki what a good soccer player he is and that he almost scored a goal.

At some point, for Watanuki, Yuuko had become someone of great importance. So even after he gained the freedom to leave the shop and move on, he chose to stay and wait for her return. Kimihiro Watanuki and Zashiki Warashi It is not known how Zashiki Warashi, or Vestal Sprite, finds out about Watanuki, but she is introduced as someone who has a crush on him and tries to give him a Valentine's Day gift, but ends up accidentally stealing Doumeki's soul instead. Later on, he saves her from Jorougumo, a spider spirit, which results in her falling even deeper in love with him.

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Even her feelings are one-sided, she is able to mature and evolve a lot due to her love for him. She, Doumeki and Watanuki were friends, but her mother forbade her from playing with them because she was too busy using her daughter and forcing her to attend various supernatural shows and meetings, during which she would show off her medium powers and her mother would get money in exchange. However, her mother treats her so badly that she gets taken away to Oba-chan's home where the two of them visit her all the time.

Kohane and Doumeki become closer when he tells her in secret why he became friends with Watanuki and she calls him very brave and kind. That is the moment when a bond is formed between them, and they become good friends. Ten years after Yuuko's death, they meet again because she is studying folklore at the university at which he is working as a professor. They eventually marry and have children who will go on to become Watanuki's assistants in the shop.

Yuuko and Clow's relationship is quite ambiguous. One thing that is known is that they have known each other for a long time and that they created Black and White Mokona together.