Zodiac sign libra and pisces relationship

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zodiac sign libra and pisces relationship

Pisces and Libra compatibility love match. Love and Sexual compatibility between Pisces and Libra zodiac signs. With that said, relationships are complex and the zodiac doesn't hold all the They also get along well with air signs like Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius. Incompatibility: Air evaporates water, so signs like Pisces, Cancer, and. Are your signs compatible? Read your Libra and Pisces love matcher horoscope by The AstroTwins to learn about your signs in love.

Since they touch each other through this sensual, loving planet, they might find true sexual satisfaction together. They can both be selfless lovers, caring more about the satisfaction of their partner than their own.

zodiac sign libra and pisces relationship

Libra partner wants someone strong, passionate and confident, while Pisces partner wants someone gentle, compassionate and aware of their feelings. Libra will want their sexual experiences fast and exciting, and Pisces will want them slow and sensual.


The main issue of speed is usually overcome by the quickly changeable nature of Pisces, except in cases when they are too shy to jump into a sexual relation with someone as openly sexual as Libra. That sparkly, always in love, childish, flirty nature of Pisces will be a huge turn off for Libra, who will not be able to trust someone who openly shows their interest in other people.

zodiac sign libra and pisces relationship

The only way for these partners to remain in a trusting relationship is to approach it casually and build their understanding and trust from zero, as if they have never had any relationships prior to this one. This is some basic disrespect and it could ruin the foundation of their entire relationship.

The main challenge here is to remain in a respectful bond, however crazy Pisces might seem to their Libra partner, or however stiff and boring Libra might seem to Pisces. Pisces partner can be quite direct and spontaneous and this might endanger the image Libra is trying to maintain in the eyes of others.

This is an everlasting love waiting to happen, and the kind that could be born between these partners in case they both overcome their ego.

Pisces and Libra - Compatibility in Sex, Love and Life

It will be a rare occurrence and their rationalities will weigh them down, for Libra does exalt Saturn, and Pisces are ruled by Jupiter. The union of Libra and Pisces brings together many beautiful qualities in a steady and solemn couple.

zodiac sign libra and pisces relationship

Their journey may have a couple of blips along the way though. Let us look at their individual as well as dual traits to understand the zodiac compatibility between Libra and Pisces: Libra and Pisces Personality Traits Libra, like its symbol, is a sign that dwells on striking the perfect balance between anything and everything in life.

Libra man and woman are gentle, even-tempered and harmonious in their manners and personality. Pisces is a sign that does not equate emotion with weakness. In fact, it wears its sensitivity like a badge of honour and believes in the power of love, affection and romance.

zodiac sign libra and pisces relationship

Pisces zodiac sign individuals are all about understanding emotions and empathizing with the feelings of those around them. They love to please everyone and have a sense of warmth about them wherever they go. Libra and Pisces Love Compatibility A romantic relationship between Libra and Pisces will be easygoing, smooth and amiable.

Both the signs avoid conflict as much as possible and thus, are less likely to encourage in fiery altercations. Hence, a relationship compatibility between them will be poignant and will carry great weight in both the lives.