However when I release the reset button, the sequence of light all the lights in turn happens again. Can you get into it via the USB? So if anyone has a manual that explain how to reset it to factory settings via the reset button, could they post the instructions. Hacking at the BT Voyager adsl router modem This started as a wee collection of miscellaneous telnet cli commands, tweaks, hacks and other fun for the BT Voyager router. The light sequence changes if I do it after powering up the router, but eventually all the lights come back on again. I’ve recently picked up a BT voyager ADSL router, and it worked fine for a couple hours, then seem to lock up with all the lights on solid.

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But I’ve been away for a few days, as often happens, especially in the Summer. Also not running that silly service that XP Uses Using version 2.

You haven’t tweaked its pipelining capabities, have you? If http stops completely, it’ll be about five minutes before it works again. Hopes theres no underlying problem But yeah, Seemingly, you can add as many as you like through telnet.

Secret PopOut Page Selector! If your router isn’t a Voyagergo here. If you are looking for a quick, automatic solution, check out ARSE. Would seem like a good idea to me. It makes a difference to the light sequence if I try it just after I turn it on. As for the link, the router doesn’t have a serial voyaget so that a no go.


I can’t find your mail, but I haven’t done a full scan yet; feel free to reply to that one I just sent you. I thought the reset button on the back might revert it to factory gt. If the problem returns say ten to thirty minutes later, investigations along these lines can continue.

By the way, in your situation, I’d ditch theand use a simple modem. Anyone have any ideas how to fix it?

Whats the trick to hard reset a BT voyager :: DSL Hardware Discussion :: think broadband

I’ve tried three short ads, and hold it for 5s on third. There should be other entries for the BT Port-forward you may want to enable logging on that rule so that you can better watch its activity.

Before you ask a question.

Maybe it’s a hardware component failure inside the router? When I power cycled it, the lights come on one at a time with various delays until they are all on constantly. Check out some of the ARSE game scripts even if its not the game you play ; they have lots of information and notes about this inside them.

The light sequence changes if I do it after powering up the router, but eventually all the lights come back on again. Slam in a heap of rules over telnet and see if the last ones still work.

  6230 DKU 2 DRIVER

Running http and Torrants at the same time just dosen’t work, even email from outlook gets stuck, and the torrant will slow down to a crawl in both directions. When I probe the port I have opening in themu router and my software firewall I just stealthed dasl GRC and probably stelathed on this site’s probe.

Check the useful links section, above. If you b my time, the PayPal button is in the top-right of all pages! Using a Linksys Router. Push Reset button 3 times and then hold it pushed in for 5 seconds?

I can download torrents with a yellow smiley but not a green one. It seems to think I am still behind a firewall. There are things I want to show you!

BT Voyager Router

If something isn’t working, I’m probably improving it, try again in a minute. If you can’t afford the ten bucks, try enabling ICS on the main machine follow the wizards.

I have followed everything on these pages.